Who Dares Swims | Ross Edgley’s Great British Swim: E10
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Who Dares Swims | Ross Edgley’s Great British Swim: E10

February 18, 2020

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  1. Much love from Edinburgh bro! The jellyfish and weather are one obstacle, but you are yet to run into a wild Glaswegian! Stay safe out there.

  2. Love it! Naive and stubborn. That's my new mantra. Keep going Ross. You've so got this. Looking forward to the next episode x

  3. I’ve watched this series every episode. Now on the 10th and I’m still amazed this is well inspiring! Nice one Ross

  4. If you need people to motivate you then look at david goggins, guy is a complete beast! He will make you want to do the rest non stop

  5. How do you deal with fear of jellyfish and sharks? Not the actual jellyfish sting but the fear in the water?

  6. Ross keep up the great work. I love watching your weekly update it’s filled with 10+ minutes of banter, learning and more importantly your 120% positive attitude.
    Wishing you good tides and warm water for the rest of your swim.
    Go 🦏 Neck

  7. My Guy! How much do you let yourself enjoy what you’ve already achieved (almost halfway!) without losing motivation to keep at it?


  8. This swim is so amazing that I seriously consider it to be faked, each episode that I watch! Like, it's so far away from what normal people achieve… Even miles beyond what extreme athletes can do! You're such an inspiration, Ross. Keep it up and you'll be around Britain in no time. Cheers from a Swedish neighbor! 😀 <3

  9. Ross you are such a bloody legend! can't believe how quickly you've made it to Scotland so quickly!

    Glad everything is going swimmingly

  10. Hey Ross, what an inspiration you are to all the people you have big goals and want to accomplish them. Keep on swimming, we back you !

  11. Well done, Ross! Your smile and enthusiasm not only keep you going, but I think they are why we all have so much fun and draw so much inspiration in watching you. Also, there are plastics you can heat up in hot water and mold to any shape…get yourself a jellyfish mask…..that’s brutal…

  12. Swam 10 miles in one swim yesterday, you motivated to achieve my goal Ross, thanks so much! Really enjoy the videos, PS you’re a machine for swimming these distances everyday

  13. Been watching this throughout and find your tips amazing for everyday life. Over in Gran Canaria but getting back to the UK next week. Ongoing battle with the jellyfish will continue 😄 Keep it up and by the way, love the trim!

  14. Cant agree more. If you kept an "angry" attitude the whole swim, you'd have a hard time. Plus it wouldn't be as fun to watch!

  15. Ross! Just took the test to be a commercial pilot and used your motivational words the whole time! Cheers from FL, USA.

  16. Thank you just motivated me to cross my mothers lake 450m and back uppen water.
    Thats the first time in 4 year im appel to go on a swim like that. And first time after my surgery for compartments syndrome in both legs.
    Thank you motivas my to go do sports again.
    And also this spring I ran my first 10km run i like five year.

  17. Ross mate , this is the only thing on you tube that i get excited when i see the next episode.your doing great mate, ive followed you from the first video and cant wait to see you do this, as they say in ireland keep it lit mate keep it lit!

  18. The only sport I was allowed to do as a kid was swimming. And with 15-19 I swam 4-6km a day. And it totally influenced my body – I have more (arm) muscle than 90% of my peers, including my back muscles. I do not lose muscle mass as quickly in times without training. I am tiny but that only helped with long-distance swimming, because it is saving energy. And very odd for a woman I store fat quite evenly all over, which is your body adapting to being cold all the time. So you are right and it makes sense that you are a damn great ultra long-distance swimmer by nature and do not trust anyone that says otherwise, because they usually compare you to swimmers with an entirely different training goal. I am rooting for you – keep strong!

  19. Been watching every episode of your swims. You motivated me to get out for swim again. Keep attacking those jelly fishes!

  20. Hey Ross, amazing adventure, probably a question you've answered… "How is your body changing after 59+ days of swimming ineffect 'the Channel' everyday?" Cheers Neill

  21. Your "Worlds fittest Book" arived today and watching this after a day of work is just sooo nice!!!! Keep going mate, we believe in you 🙂

  22. The entire time whilst watching this series you can't help but think if Ross can keep performing even with the pain of constantly being stung by jellyfish in the face then what pain could I overcome. The Greeks had Hercules, the Brits have Rhino-neck!

  23. Watching in awe from South Africa! You're a beast! There were no videos of pre-swim training; did you just dive straight in? Or were there some grueling preparation weeks prior? Nonetheless, you're a legend, keep pushing!

  24. I was wondering what are you thinking about when you are swimming? What goes through your mind when you are alone in the water 8h a day and what keeps you motivated ?

  25. Yesterday I got my new deadlift PR 😀
    I am really happy. Stay focused buddy!
    Goals don't come easy, they come with hard work and dedication. I can see this all the time in your eyes. Get it bro! (:
    Greetings from Germany. I love your mindset!

  26. Amazing and so inspirational!!! Just finished reading the world's fittest book and it was fantastic! Just one question. Where were you on March 11th 2008? Because in the book it says you were both in Ecuador and Japan. Haha. Anyway amazing job. You're such an inspiration 🙏

  27. Ross you’re an absolute legend. I don’t know how you’re swimming for that many hours each day but keep up the hard work. My whole family and everyone I know keep checking your progress, it’s how I start my morning. You’re an inspiration and we’re all cheering you on!

  28. Found this last night, watched one after the other. Ross, I have nothing but admiration for you, you are super human. How you keep going and smiling I will never know. Well done 👍

  29. Eddie hall I herd plans to swim round the world on his weekend off. Might no get to the starting line because he's relieing on brian shaw for a lift.

  30. Awesome! you are the light to us all Ross, so inspiring to see an earth human living extraordinary adventures life! RESPECT!!!

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