Whitetail Deer Hunting Rifle Season Pennsylvania Opening Day 2018 + Coyote – John
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Whitetail Deer Hunting Rifle Season Pennsylvania Opening Day 2018 + Coyote – John

August 18, 2019

we’re at camp and it’s worn down rain
time to eat breakfast well you say Ron hey good morning everybody we’re back a
real like rings but we’re gonna be okay order it night all right there’s a
hunter’s breakfast egg for good food our slight opening day and we just have
a mess out here rain and set up the blind yeah we’re set up on this pine
around watching the pines so if anything comes through we got a short window you
can kind of look out here and catch them before they get to us but not here
hardly any shooting this morning and so we’ll see there are some deer on the
roads on the way in but might be moving but not as much let’s see what happens we just got back from camp
we just come in for a quick warm-up it stopped raining and Ron what’d you see
this morning well I saw a ton of deer probably 15 deer one spike and one thing
I learned you got to gut it out we sat in the rain
like maniacs today for about eight and a half hours now it’s stopped we’re
supposed to get some snow so the truly crazy are back out here again
it will be frozen by the time we get in and then tomorrow we’re gonna get a
whole bunch of snow but hey that’s what the heart of the hunter is yeah you
either have it or you’re done yeah yeah we saw a lot of doe this morning and we
saw a really big six point but that buck is illegal for us to shoot it has to
have three points on top so it has you cannot count the brown time and so it
has to have that G to the main beam in a G three or more so three or more points
up is the basis of the restrictions where we’re at the game is about three o’clock we got a
two-and-a-half hour hunt yeah evening hunt we go in in the dark we come on in
the dark yeah that’s the way to hunt all right good luck you’re gonna head up to
the hill off to the food plot know where her brother was at this morning you go
and my brother’s kind of downward Broughton was that said I kind of
switched spots and for the evening hunt all right we are in the stand and so
first time ever hunted this stand we can see the deer if they come up from
the bottom up onto this road a lot of the deer come out walk over here right
there well through the brush is the blind there we were sitting up this
morning so we were watching that Sixpoint right up there behind my
archery stand and that’s where I filmed my rut hunt so we don’t really have any
shooting lanes out through there but Danielle is on the left side so this
tree right here might be a pain for us trying to film past there but we can
also see down through here and so we have a lot of cover behind us so you
know we’re not sky lined as you can see and if they come up right up underneath
the tree stand you know it’s really hard for them to see us up here so
really really windy guys were seen a couple bucks here and there nothing big
we heard a lot yeah we actually heard a decent amount of shooting this morning
but I haven’t heard any word of actually anybody that I know personally haven’t
got a buck so far so you never know they’re up there’s always nice buck
still out there so we’re just gonna sit tighten tomorrow’s gonna get real cold
so maybe the deer move more white boy well last light and we gotta
see a little eight-point and I mean just I mean super small weight point before
you were gonna shoot him let him go and hopefully we can see some bigger ones
tomorrow and we’ve seen a couple DOE and that’s pretty much it
buuuut just a couple shots this evening and I haven’t heard wrong shoot so we’re
gonna go pick him up and we’ll be out tomorrow all right
it’s day two and we are back in the blind and we’ve got the buddy heater
going outside lots of snow Ron my brother and my cousin they’re all
out up on top of the hill and going down through the property so we’ll see if get
some deer moving today a little bit easier to spot but still would need them
deer to move order to see himself all right well we’re all back it’s a
11:30 and we all decided to meet back at the vehicle see how everybody did and
well Ron thought a coyote hola si
oh you’re gay what I thought Oh for Yunnan spanish-speaking people that
means hello friends dead coyote today the roadrunner
won one and beat Wiley coyote about ten o’clock it was trudging through and he
was at the wrong place at the wrong time I want you to take a look at some of his
chompers look at those canines I would not want
that Trump in me that’s it’s serious teeth er yeah but where’d you hit him
shoulder I think right there behind he was coming at me right there somewhere
and I think it came up yeah he dropped and saw a lot of deer today so a six
point four point sourdough with kale walking in and three or four more down
so there was a lot of stuff moving but they got that three three on the side
and you know that makes it tougher yeah Robbie would you see Danielle would we
see bunch of dough so back to Wiley he better write to Acme and get some new
products cuz you didn’t fool the roadrunner today yeah nice high on it
too I don’t see any manger on it get a good look at him hold him like that now
what do you think you feel how heavy do you think he feels like that we were
figuring high 30s not 38 right maybe maybe a 40 at best yeah
he’s 40 is probably right on the money huh yeah that’s a good one to take out
yeah I mean if we go out anymore is he hardly hearing any shooting and the deer
really hurt moving they get pushed so I mean we’ll see what
happens for us today if not then I might just take the rifle all through the week
if I get any time and but there there’s the opening two days of rifle season
2018 you

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  1. Is your antler restriction your own rule? I'm in central PA and we have 3 pts on a side restriction but brow tines count. I know around pittsburgh they have 4 pts on a side restrictions.

  2. Those hunting regulations are strict where you are I guess it's wildlife management Tennessee you see a buck any buck you can hit it I know there are deer everywhere here nice size ones you can pretty much choose what kind of deer you want there all sizes but I usually shoot the one with jacked up looking racks and leave the bigger bucks I let them breed the doe good luck hope you have a good deer season be safe

  3. you dirty bastards are all nestled in some dry looking blind cover. sadly i was 30 ft. up in the air with a shitty overhead umbrella and soaked and freezing by noontime and bailed.

  4. Over here in 2f it’s 3 up including a brow tine. Which is nice. And yeah you gotta put in the hours in order to see and get a deer. Some people don’t understand that lol

  5. Those deer looked fat and healthy!
    Wish we had deer on our deer lease pigs ran them out and they only deer left are nocturnal
    Deer lease should be call a lease l😂😭😂.

  6. Gotta Love Pennsylvania.. The Really Meaty Bucks Haven’t Been Coming Out Lately. During Archery I Saw Nothing But 4-6 Pointers That Were Small. Hopefully Tomorrow Treats Me Right And Something Good Pops Up

  7. Hey I just subscribed. I'm a PA native and hunter. I ended a super long dry spell on Monday with a 7 point buck. I live just southwest of the Pittsburgh airport. We hunt mostly public land. Really nice video. I'll tune in to all of your videos now. Best wishes to your whole group.

  8. Lmao, "we go out while it's dark, we come in when it's dark" Oh yeah, and we take a 5 or 6 hour nap back at our cabin in between. Smh

  9. Pennsylvania deer hunting is ridiculous! I went once. No challenge at all. I went bow hunting behind my buddy's house who has been taking deer every year with no problems. 8 to 12 deer came out of the woods about 4:PM and literally attacked me! I'm not kidding! They spotted me in camo and grease paint and attacked me. I couldn't get a shot off. As soon as I raised my bow they came at me. All of them!

  10. I live in Ireland now but I grew up in Chester Co. I bowhunted the woods and farmland there for years. In those days a spike was fair game, now it has to be a six point? Anyway, I miss PA and I miss my bow (Bowhunting is illegal here) so I enjoy watching your vids. Keep up the good work!

  11. Great video as always. Your crew got to see some deer moving even though the weather wasn’t ideal the opening day.. Best of luck to you all this season.

  12. I took the first 3 weeks of November to hunt central Alberta at our farm. First day saw s big buck in the trees that didn't offer a shot. 3 weeks later after seeing a lot of deer I was getting ready to go home and spotted a big 5×5 in our field. Had to unpack my gun, find my bullets and get my gear. Go out and he never moved. 80 yard shot and done deal. Very happy. 155. You will never shoot a big buck if you take small bucks.

  13. Leaving for lunch is the dumbest move. Stay in your stand and let the other wimps go to lunch. They will kick you some deer.

  14. Good video, nice coyote. Nice to see some snow. I sure do miss PA. hunting, one of these days I'm going to have to move back home.

  15. A hunter can be hunting deer. Elk. Moose. Grouse. Rabbits or anything else, but as soon as you see a coyote, it becomes a coyote hunt 🙂

  16. I cant believe u are actually doing this! Not sure f u are aware but…. you are killing life. Like, how about if u went up to u and pointed a gun at you huh… how would u feel? reply to my comment so i can know hoe u would feel if someone killed u. And my spirt animal is a deer, so you don't know how hurtful it is to me and the deer. THINK BEFORE YOU ACT!

  17. Nice yote! I shot one this year black bear hunting at 5 yards with my 30-06. It literally blew his shoulder off. It blew a basketball size hole out of his body. I have his tail in my room. It was about 35 pounds.

  18. Here is a group for hunters download the app (WhatsApp) here is the link of the group https://chat.whatsapp.com/IwCa4w9zyku6EmvI7BzTUL

  19. I hunt in Warren County and I loved reliving the rainy Monday and snowy Tuesday. Love the videos thanks for sharing

  20. I had the same thing happen to me in mifflin county had a huge fork horn biggest forky iv ever seen come through but not legal

  21. Great video. I'm looking forward to watching more of your videos. I'm interested in doing a sub for if you're interested ?
    Mike F.

  22. Can you start having ron film and posting that instead of yours cause at this point I’ve watched 20 videos and have yet to see you shoot at anything let alone actually kill one the highlight of all your videos seems to be when you get back to the truck or camp because ron always has one there and like the one video that a deer was killed while you were there was while hunting with ron and he shot it….

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