Whitetail Buck Hunting The Rut 2018 Pa Bowhunting Archery Deer Season – John’s Rut Report
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Whitetail Buck Hunting The Rut 2018 Pa Bowhunting Archery Deer Season – John’s Rut Report

August 13, 2019

all right this morning was pretty much
bust we saw small little spike but I was up in John Nugent’s property trying to
get him film him shoot at a buck but it stands usually a morning stand and you
don’t usually see that many doe so we decided to come up here to my food plot
yeah we’re gonna try to get John of doe like I did haven’t been back here since
I shot my daughter in the season do have some scrapes I didn’t bring my bow just
strictly in a PD film and jaunt you to shoot a doe tonight so hopefully it it
all comes together tonight I’ve seen John sawed off our other videos and you
still you probably have seen him if you watch to steal her games he’s catching
the football in the back of the endzone raising the Nets catching the football
after it goes through the field goal but anyways it was really windy this morning
so we didn’t see that much so it seemed to calm down it’s getting colder it
should be a good night me before point back up here John’s
property trying to shoot a buck we saw two bucks on the way and then what it
rained it was just born so we just now got in it’s about eight o’clock and it
just started to taper off in the rain but the tears still moving the rut the
weather doesn’t affect the rut uh it may affect their movement but the deer are
still in rut right now last night the reason why we left that
buck goes John on his property has a lot of nice bucks on this property and
probably some bigger ones than that so we were out actually to take a dough and
probably would have shot the smaller dough because Jax had been talking about
getting a small dough just for the tenderness of the meat and so we do a
lot of dough management on my property so I was really trying to get some dough
and so this morning it was raining we ended up seeing a two buck on the way
into the stand and so the standard like eight o’clock it was just plain and all
but we did see what one doe one thing we think it was a diploma distance and it
ran through but no bucks chasing it so not really sure what’s going on I don’t
know I mean the the Bucks are definitely chasing those around or they’re moving
but this weather really hasn’t by holding tight
we saw some scrapes on the way out that were hit harder than what they were
yesterday so they could have been they’re still coming out at night and
being real active at night not that much during the day when it’s really windy
and rainy so alright it’s evening hunt Saturday night and we decided to come
back up to John’s property and not go to my food plot only because we pulled all
his trail cameras the other day we checked him today and usually
historically in the evening this isn’t a good spot but when we pulled the trail
cameras there was all kinds of game now yeah there was some stuff coming through
at night but he had a lot of nice bucks on camera and OH
coming right through here so we decided to come here so he could shoot buck or
doe and but anyways when we pulled the trail camera it was
amazing the game that we saw we saw gray fox
we saw Fisher’s we saw all kinds of bucks really nice bucks
day and night picture we also saw a bobcat which is really
cool because you really don’t see those in Clarion County that often but bearded
hen I mean there’s there’s a lot of game here they’ve got a lot of coyotes and
bear around too didn’t get any pictures in the past month of those but we’re
hoping that a doe or a nice buck comes through and jaunts that he’s gonna take
a buck if it if it presents up a pretty good shot so there’s several different
eight pointers a big 9 point a big 11 point around but some of those didn’t
show up on a trail cameras but they were two months ago all over the place here
so right you never know they can go away we could see another big bucket they may
not have ever had on trophy more so that’s the greatest thing about the rut
you never know what’s gonna come by pick my big buck pickpocket that’s different oh man yeah it seemed like it was gonna
be a good night but I don’t know maybe how no we’re talking just the weather
and you know we were looking at drunk as soon as the ruts started there was a
little bit of a different pattern to what the duo were doing but I don’t know
we’re just reason to believe just hear me out okay
during the before the road starts yeah it’s such a bachelor pad down there
yeah seriously there’s just endless box that maybe when the rut starts they
don’t hang out with each other you’re off trying though yeah so they move out
because as soon as the rut ends during rifle season it’s the same thing they
come right back to it yeah and they don’t they all hang out
down there like all together but even though if we did see a couple bucks
during daytime and evening but was definitely uh you know a pattern shift a
little bit and that’s the way it goes but John will be hunting down around
home and I’ll make it out this week sometime and maybe next see what we get
see if I can get anything down well we weren’t able to close the deal with John
up on his property the weather was just completely it was so windy that just
didn’t seem like the deer one to move but now in the middle of the week it’s
Wednesday I’m actually able to get out with the boat myself first time I’ve
been out since I shot my doe up in my boot plot but what’s funny is is I got
done with some work today it’s around 2 o’clock now so about an
hour ago I went up to check my trail camera from in my food plot and there
was a nice about two-year-old eight-point right underneath probably 10
yards from the stand making a scrape there I believe there was a doe down
below and but yeah I mean I got quite a few different bucks my trail camera up
there in the food plot half of them have been at night but the deer moving
all during a day or all times of the day from 10:30 noon 1:00 o’clock so it can
happen at any time the rut is on just that hopefully a hot dog comes by or we
find about cruising looking for a doe I am up in the pine stand it’s been so
long since I’ve been up in in these pines but one of the things is the tree
that I used on out of with Danielle and I also in the rifle season well those
were white ash and if you look right here you can see that white ash is dead
it’s so dead so the problem is is the nicest biggest straightest trees and the
whole section of this pine stand or all white ash they’re all dead I don’t feel
safe strapping myself to one of those trees and so I’m in a big cherry tree
Shane Reid killed a doe out of this food out of this tree right here one time in
an earlier video down here’s the logging road I actually have a I actually have
our double ladder stand from up on top of the hill set right there so that way
if Danielle and I wanted to come and hunt this pine stand instead of being up
in here looking down at the road because a lot of deer like to walk the road we’d
be down below the road looking up the only problem is is now we can’t see way
way way up in there because it is so thick and you have all these autumn
olive and jagger bushes and all the flora Rose growing and but this is the type of place where
bucks like to go the dough’s like this try to stay hidden from the Bucks and I
always see a lot of good rut activity where you are in dark thick remote
places or the deer usually just don’t get disturbed and you’re not gonna see
them driving down the logging road they’re gonna be up in here Lane and
this thick stuff so about 50 60 yards off the road and it’s starting to open
up because now a lot of these pine trees have fallen down and a lot of the birch
had made for coming up and that’s shaded out a lot of this brush and open it up a
little bit more in the middle what’s interesting this is really interesting I
have killed let’s see I have to kill last two Pope and young bucks out of
here in 2006-2007 and that was in a big white white ash
tree right up here maybe Oh probably 75 yards
I killed my very first buck with my bow and arrow I believe it was in that tree
right there yeah it’s only about ten feet and it’s dead and broken off what
that was is one of these little scotch or red pine here and that’s what used to
be all through here and they’ve slowly started to die fallen off and now that’s
what left white ash and the birch to come up through and not really any oak
because the oak anything that you do see smoke is getting choked out huh this
doesn’t sort of need timbered a little bit take some of that there’s junk trees
like the birch and the dead white ash out of there but hopefully some of those
oak come up through and getting some oak coming up through then the acorns will
be in here then you’ll really see a lot of deer activity I just now put my trail
cameras out I put another one up here in the pines I just it’s nice to be have a
little sanctuary place where you’re not going in even early in the season and
just leaving a be you don’t really need to go in there and see what’s going on
all the time but now that it’s rut I feel safe going in on the trail camera
we’re going into the deers bedroom you want to make sure your going into
where they’re bedding air is in their hiding places when they’re not using
their senses for smell to smell for survival such as trying to smell human
trying to see people they just get all dumb and they’re mainly focused on
looking for dose so I brought my rattle in antlers grunt tube and I do see
something I can make a few grunts and maybe throw a snore where he’s out there
if I think the buck is a little bit older and will respond to that we’ll
just see how it goes yeah yeah yeah well I spotted a dough coming up out of
the bottom that ain’t point there was something but
they bought with John he’s right on her tail
now I snore tweezed and grunted and he got into a very defensive position that
he was added this way well I quit callin because I heard something behind me and
here there was a doe and a fawn coming in behind me and I completely forgot about that
button because I didn’t know who’s that Owen thorne until you should come out up
above me here and um I think that buck just kept going with that doe
I think he was expecting if I was the button to come to him to fight but he
stayed right on that dough and it’s getting pretty dark now but that’s pretty cold day two of my rut
hunt back in the stand really cold really
windy Saturday evening Monday’s the last day I
don’t know farhat Monday or not but I just hate this wind but we’ll see what
happens I just saw a nice buck I didn’t even
have time to even get a good look at him it’s so windy I can’t hear anything
to my right the winds blow from my right to my left and he was 50 yards crossing
up out of the bottom it looked like it looked like a nice buck I don’t think
I’ve seen that one before and I threw everything I had
grunts snort waist rattle and he paid no attention to me and he just kept walking
straight and that’s the thing what a nice buck yes already passed your line to come to your
stand he’s already passed that it’s very very difficult turn to run to get that
deer to turn around he’s hard he used to census is his sense of smell his sight
is sad hearing to find a toe we’re all bad for all I know you was Danna down
there for the past thirty Seconds and didn’t see anything up here it’s strange
because you know he heard the call but he would not come in and he just
disappeared right into those pines not by my joke camera sorta in the direction
that he went inside it’d be really great to get a good picture of him on my trail
camera I don’t think I have him on my food plot it’s all about two hundred two hundred yards from my
dream from my third block down into the behind so they’re moving I just I wish I
were to see him a lot earlier dick get that call on them and then bring them up
this way possibly possibly assured I don’t know well that was pretty cool huh to come
out and I could hear him grunt back in the pine so I get grunt I had to start
wheeze when he had smart ways he come out J’s that doe off at the same time
another doe down here next to me she was coming in but obviously the motto was up
where he was and he just kept going I stopped him he was walking down here the
problem is my scent is gone straight up to him it didn’t seem to bother much but
he was probably like you know what if you want to fight me come up to me
because I’m on a hot now so if he was by himself maybe I would have been able to
bring him down but he was right on the tail that dough and might might have
been an 11 point and I think I got him on my trail camera but I’ll have to
replay the footage to look but it looked like he added an extra pointer to there
and uh maybe a care of the bike base but I have to rewatch the footage it’s
really hard to film but it’s really windy and stuff and I can’t feel my feet
and I’m just about thinking I’m not gonna be able to sit here till dark
I guess I can’t feel my feet and my fingers are they’re getting hard work
but ah that just goes to show you you saw that doe that was right below me
I’m snoring wheezing grunting really loud and they don’t pay any attention
because they’re used to that that bugged my bed I earned him from probably 15
times before he actually showed himself so that just goes to show that doing
some blind calling and calling it never really hurts but I try to do it
before this way but that hunt oh he wasn’t
leaving her so I don’t know if I’m gonna stand it much longer because I am
freezing all right it’s the last day there’s
probably two and a half hours of hunting left and it’s perfect conditions wind is
still it’s dry it’s cloudy perfect conditions so there’s just cold front
coming in possibly snow tomorrow and it should have been in the stand all day
today but it’s busy with work and other things so we’ll see hopefully a spooky
anything going in but it’s rut that’s when they get numb and you can kill some
nice bucks but he’s gotta hopefully they come by my stand so usually I get to get
a chance at least pass one leave a buck up yet and I haven’t had one actually
come within bow range so we’ll see what happens yeah that’s more than like my season do puck three dou unless something
happens right here last light just didn’t see any big once today so
off to rifle season you

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  1. Hey Leatherwood great video! if your feet are getting that cold, have you ever tried putting hand warmers in your boots? that's what I do when it gets bitter cold out in the treestand. Keep up the videos and I hope you get one this season!!

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  5. From MA, was down in clearfield for the first week in NOV we have a camp down there, PA is becoming an up and comein state for monsters, even thou the weather was bad with lots of rain still great time keep up the good work guys

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  11. Love all your vids, but here’s my objection to antler restrictions. I agree and disagree in the same argument. I live in southwestern PA, westmorland county and I see the negative effects of RESTRICTIONS.
    We don’t have the youth or seniors to take these smaller bucks.
    ALL IS WRONG, this years spike is next years bigger spike and ETC
    On Private you can control the herd, on PUBLIC this is what your left with. Now I know you will see legal bucks on public land but you’ll see more non illegal then legal.
    These smaller bucks that will never grow beyond what they are now have to be taken care of if you want to grow bigger antlers

  12. When I was 6 me and my dad build a hunuting cabin there was bucks everywhere non typical everything left right there was a buck now I’m 13 whole season haven’t saw one buck or killed a doe or saw one I believe it’s the blue tongue who agrees

  13. Oh there’s lots of deer and look so fun hunting deer. I like watching your videos, but one thing is that you guys do more talking then shooting make the video kind of boring to watch. We like to see more action hunt. Thanks

  14. Oh there’s lots of deer and look so fun hunting deer. I like watching your videos, but one thing is that you guys do more talking then shooting make the video kind of boring to watch. We like to see more action hunt. Thanks

  15. I have to worry about the 3 points rule, and that's only in the area I hunt in. I hunt in 2B in Pennsylvania, you have to make sure the buck has at least 3 points on one side. We can shoot a spike if the antlers are 3 inches and under then it's considered a doe
    Pennsylvania is weird and sometimes annoying when it comes to laws and regulations.

  16. Well done John! You Got to love Summit Tree Stands! I love my Open Shot! 64 Years Young still climbing with my Recurves and Longbows!

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  18. I got lucky and had 2 big bucks fighting at day break, at about 60 yards away, I let them push back, and forth for awhile, until I popped a shot, he ran a big loop back to me, we looked at each other for a sec, and he turned and ran up the hill, I trailed his blood trail to find a 10 point buck. PA has some nice buck out there, The huge ones are really smart.

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