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Which Prop Is He? | Prop Hunt IRL!!

December 10, 2019

Wait… There’s somebody in there?? Oh my gosh What’s up you guys and welcome to team edge, today we are joined by get good gaming and you. You’re not on gg too. No i’m not i have team edge shirt No I identify with the channel that gets more views There’s gonna be one seeker the rest of us will be hiders hiding inside of boxes Boored. Yeah i literally fell asleep. This is how we’re gonna determine who the seeker is It’s just piece of paper. It’s not even hitting it My thights are the one Give me your helmet. what… but I just put it on now my hair. Well who cares. I won’t wear a Oh God!! Ohhh! Your hair is so sad. Give him a hat. What the heck?? Here we go Paul. Why are you so tall? Put your hands down. It’s not helping me. You’re lucky I’m tall.. And handsome What’s going on over there? Well this is wicked unconfortable. My pants are falling down. Hey if I was a dog I’d be a boxer. Hey Paul Yes How are you sitting in your box? Are you sitting or are you on your knees? I’m kneeling. Me too dude it hurts These don’t work in my ears. Just let you know. what? What? I’m just kidding see how good I am at this? Alright, Matt is coming in I’m gonna have to drop my Lacroix Wait I can hear you This thing is too heavy, I’m gonna go stealthily That was so scary Okay I’m dead you got me dude. Relax No stop Where are you. Is that a creeper right here IG:sirumariaa 😉 Hiiii When he fell on it top i was like I tried shuffling with it it so i didn’t like trip over I did it! No you missed one. Well who’s gonna top that Yayyy, joyf. Joey. wait wait wait where’s my Lacroix? Here put that on Good bye Oh no Watch your hand Let’s not do it over here I need something like a cardboard box. You know what I’m saying? Yeah yeah that’s what I’m talking about. he’s in like a cardboard box. You know what I’m saying? Yeah yeah that’s what I’m talking about. That’s casual Tape this like that The show. Must. Go Onnn Come to Papa Oh what Alright Joey close your eyes. Turn around, boxes move Joey Joey Joey Joey Joey Oh I didn’t mean, was that the no no spot? Yeahh My eyes were closed, I just Ahhh I was on wrong count Tanner’s out For decay will do it down. Props win! Paul reveal yourself Wait, look where Matt is Where is he? What? I bet he just left No he’s here. He’s here. He’s definitely here. He’s in the field. No he’s in the field promise Stop messing with me! Joey you’re so hot! Red hot No, you just touched him guaranteed. You did You’ve already touched him once. You’re lying! No you’re so hot What? Cheers! Was it? Now for the next round the seeker will be… I’m ready guys. I’m good at this Ok bye. Matt, don’t break me. I won’t. All right. We’re gonna have to start this quick. He’s just like in it? How does he fit in there? Matthias is just in this box right now and on top of Paul. Connor’s in this one and his legs are in here Hey, Brian, what if we what if I got in it with you? Get outta here How does he take longer than me? I’m a little lightheaded Hey, Brian. What? What’s going on? Where are you? In a box Where are you? In a box Your round is the toss round, so every 20 seconds every player has to make a taunt Alright if you’re not a prop, say I Alright, they’re all props apparently. Like let me see Joey can’t be in one that’s like small He’s gonna be in like a big one They’re all in the same area? Alright. Well that’s just life, I guess you know Where are they? Are they behind? I’m on to you Joey! I can hear Joey’s pitch. Oh there’s somebody in one of these boxes. This is way too well planned out Is that you? Get over here I think we were supposed to keep the box What do you… How could he be in that box? Rekt sucks. Check your phone I was like, wait there is no way What happen to him? What happen? The trick is to get the props to hurt themselves I tried to jump and I landed on a corner of a box Thank you The mikes place was okay. Paul called me. I’m gonna talk to Paul on searching. Let’s see if I hear him Answer your phone Paul! You’ll never find me Wait did he just say that? I didn’t hear, what?? Where’s he at? I couldn’t even hear in the box – dude he’s got… Oh my gosh. It’s difficult. Here we go… No this one Are you in here No He says no This is creepy, I’m gonna hang up dude Yeah that’s him I couldn’t hear Paul when he was talking. -I couldn’t really hear at all anyways Get out of here, ugly. Dude it’s hot in there. Oh my gosh. I’m looking for cornhole and Matt now, right There’s somebody in there?? Oh my gosh The box like morphed, it’s like, crushing every box This is like (something) crumbling How did one person fit in a box like that? Wait find Connor! *Bobby says 20 secound left* Oh he got it! That wasn’t me. That wasn’t me. That was him If he didn’t have a concussion before he’s got one now We’re all gonna get in a box or a little box contraption, the last man standing Is the winner. We’re gonna try and knock each other down Last box standing Got word the last box standing… You see that everyones gonna get in one. I just got word that everybody’s gonna get in one wait Matt? Yeah I was like wait. I was about to knock it.. push it out of the way Look at this Bobby this really gets some air moving in here. (well that’s wonderful Jfred..) I’m not even kidding. I’m feeling gusts of wind These are some hot boxes here you know what I’m saying I can’t breathe. It’s so hot in here welcome to the palace That was so scary Spin move! Look at Brian go, he’s just tanking Connor Matt’s still up This thing almost got me on the neck *Bobby says Connors out, Matthias wins* You cheated Did I hit you? You hit my hand What happen? I dodged it I wifted at the last second He tried dive bombing me Alright guys make sure you go watch our Black Friday rage challenge right over here where we built a Giant box pyramid had to climb all the way to the top and go check out Get good game use video right here Where i was playing with the crew from get good Prop hunt. Go watch it and go subscribe to get a good gaming and Merch right over here and that over there and that over there peace

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  1. Hey guys! What is your favorite part of the Prop Hunt Challenge? Could you tell where the guys were? Let us know down below! Check out the Fruit Mayhem DEMOLITION Contest! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rjt16dQhm0&t=25s

  2. “Hey Bryan”


    “Where are you?”

    “In a box”


    “Where are You”

    “Eh in a box”

  3. Can you please give me a sums up I'm trying to get to 200 and I want to know which one you like the best I don't know Brian and Joey

  4. A random person's berthday everything is fine thin BAM! A guy pops up out of A box????????hahahaha I can't breathe ???? lol

  5. Matthias: my thighs are the ones hiding.

    Me: so is he gonna rip out his thighs and die or is he gonna hide ???.

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