Which Office Chair?  – A Quick Buyer’s Guide
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Which Office Chair? – A Quick Buyer’s Guide

August 27, 2019

Hey Guys, David Here and I’ve been asked
a lot about my chair and whether I still use the Ikea Markus. And the quick answer is yes but it’s not
perfect. You can check out my full review of the chair
in my other video. I also have this other generic office chair
that was a freebie but it also has its issues. Why? Well that’s what I want to cover in the
video, so you know exactly what I look for in the perfect task chair for the office. So let’s start with probably the most overlooked
but actually one of the more important feature, the seat pan depth. When you sit with your back flush against
the chair your legs should hang over the edge leaving roughly around 2-3 inches of space
between the seat edge and the back of your knees. If the seat pan is too short your legs don’t
get the proper support and if it’s too deep the seat will pinch the back of your legs
cutting off circulation. Some cheaper chairs will have limited seat
pan adjustment like this knob here to move the chair back and forth, higher end chairs
will usually have more adjustments for this but the ikea markus doesn’t have any so
it’s not great for everybody. Next let’s look at seat height and this
pretty standard on most chairs from cheap to expensive. You’ll want to set your chair low enough
so that your feet are firmly supported by the floor. And also so that your arms are high enough
so your forearms are roughly parallel or slightly downward with the table, while keeping your
elbow close to your body. This does sometimes mean you may need a footrest
if your table is too high. Or an adjustable desk like my Ikea bekant
so I can adjust it down to proper levels. Arm rests are another thing I find pretty
important especially if you’re sitting for long periods of time. While not necessary for everyone, at least
for me I like to lean on something once in a while to take the weight off my back. The arm rests on the Ikea Markus don’t move
and are little too low for me too lean on sometimes. Most other office chairs like my generic one
have at least height adjustable arm rests but I still have a problem with these. I like bring my chair really far forward so
my forearms over the table and I can keep my elbows close to my body so I’m not reaching
or hunching over. The issue with typical armrest is even at
the lowest setting they can get in way when I try to tuck in my chair in. High end chairs will sometimes have more adjustments
so you can move them to the back or to the side so you can avoid this problem or if you
don’t need them you can usually just remove the arm rests entirely like I did for both
my Ikea Markus and Generic chair. Everything else I look for in a chair is pretty
standard. Is the seat firm but comfortable? Check. Does the chair allow for the back to lean
and lock in place when I want a change of position? Check. Is the lumbar support in the right position
for my comfort? Pretty good (terrible on my generic chair)
Do I need a high back and head rest? I really like the options. Will it last for years to come? Only time will tell but so far so good. So in the end what is the perfect chair? Is the Ikea Markus perfect for me? Not really but it’s decent for the price. If you can afford to spend $800 plus on a
chair you can look at the Steelcase or Herman Miller chairs that are super customizable
and are built to last with long warranties. And they’re definitely worth it especially
if you’re sitting for hours but if you can’t afford them. Well there are some cheaper options like buying
used, or considering models like the Alera Elusion or Office Master OM5. These look interesting but you often make
some sacrifices on adjustability, build quality and warranty as you move down the price ladder. Or if you’re lucky the Ikea Markus or some
other cheap generic office chair could be perfect for you right out of the box. But in the end you’re going to need test
them out in person and check for all the things that I mentioned like seat pan depth, height,
and arm adjustments to know what’s best for you. Hopefully that helps you find your perfect
office chair. You know what to do. And I’ll see you in the next video.

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  1. I can't remember the last time a seat cushion didn't flatten, making it feel like a folding metal chair (that's what I'm using). ;-(

  2. today we are visiting back the old method how the horse or elephat toy used or cycling used in seating comfort for those working professional have almost white scholar job u should exercise designed still have not come with cycling or hand pedalling that would allow to expeirment the movement of all joints which circulated and stimulate all ends

  3. That seat pan has a horrific angle and seems designed to slip the user forward off the chair instead of comfortably holding one in.

  4. Tried sitting on this for a good few hours in Ikea. Read that again. HOURS.
    The seat is WAYYYY too hard. I am an average guy. 175cm and 68kg.
    Do not get this crappy hard chair. Try out some soft chairs either herman miller or steelcase or just go for disposable cheapo ones that are soft.

    I literally watched your video on this and the other chair starting with a V while in Ikea as the latter chair has a weird knob or lever that know one knows what its for and I forgot. Plus there was other info you gave that made it easier for me to use the chair and test it in Ikea (they have free wifi here in the UK in Ikea).


  5. Hey man, I've used a Markus chair for almost 2 years now. Not sure, but I feel like the cushion is flattening out now and I believe it's causing some numbness after extended use now. I use the chair 2-4 hours every day outside of work, and sometimes work from home, but wondering if you have the same issue? Also curious if it's worth it to buy a mesh based chair like the Herman Miller Aeron to avoid cushions flattening out again…

  6. my IKEA Markus lasted me about a decade and its still good.. Its a solid chair. However i got back issues after a while using it and replaced with a refurb Aeron.. Glad i did.

  7. Is a saddle chair (like the Bambach) any good? Right now using an Arozzi chair, but it's not tall or wide enough. I'm 6'2" for the record. Any other recommendations?

  8. This chair is horrible imo… I've tried many chairs, since I want to buy myself a new one and this one was just really uncomfortable to me.
    But not only to me, as other friends which used it (we actually have one in our flat) said their back hurts after some time when we were hanging out… also my sister (who owns the chair) also said she hates the chair, but doesn't want to buy a new one.

    Im honest, no one I know in real life likes the chair and yes, I have asked some for their opinion about it, lol. Just had to say it.

  9. Herman miller aeron is so damn good. Have one at thr office and it feels so good with a wide range of adjustments

  10. This video and "5 Ways You're Sitting Wrong at Your Desk" made my adjustable table and my office chair just perfect. I also have to different foot rests. One for working and a taller one for leaning back for netflix & chill. Thank you so much, short and well done videoes. Keep it up David Zhang!

  11. one quick tip for anyone interested in the Markus chair, don't base your purchase based on testing the demo chairs at Ikea , they are most likely sat on thousands of times and the cushion and lumbar support is completely wiped out . I bought one last week I am 6.2 and it destroyed my lower back in 2 hours, I first thought I am not used to the chair , so I gave it another chance and now my lower back is in even more pain. I returned the chair back . in conclusion it depends on your body and hight .

  12. I have under budget office chair from Zenith and so far I am really happy with my purchase. I enjoyed your video. Thumbs up!!!

  13. I bought the Markus chair, and it felt so good in the store, but after 2 or 3 hours, my legs went numb, and my butt felt like I was sitting on a wood panel without any padding.
    I'm almost the twice David's size, so I wouldn't recommend it for bigger people. 181cm/120kg.
    I'm now deciding between the Steelcase Leap(Gesture didn't have enough lumbar support for me, but I like the headrest on that one) and HM Aeron.
    In my country, Leap costs 900-1000e, and Aeron goes for 1100-1200e, without extras. Embody is too expensive, around 2000e.

  14. I actually got an Ikea Markus because I sat on it and it felt great. After seeing your video, I realized that I am lucky that it all just fits perfectly on me, so the chair is awesome for me. 1,80m high.

  15. Kool vid!! I need this chair


  16. Shopholic Bazar Modern Vista office chairs typically use a single, distinctive load-bearing leg (often called a gas lift), which is positioned underneath the chair seat. Near the floor this ..
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  17. can you review akracing?
    its a more well known brand, they support high weight and have super low cost…
    im just curious

  18. guys that first point about seat being too short is a real deal breaker. the chair was really nice and i was stupidly surprised how great everything felt. But just 5 minutes of setting and my legs started hurting….alot. It's so short the seat length is and its tilted up and u can't change the tilt. it hurts a ridiculous amount. and it hurts that the chair is otherwise a done deal except for this one stupid point.

  19. The Markus is terrible once it gets older. The back with its "net" design becomes really really soft and it stops supporting your body.

  20. The chair I have is under 1K_- it has a pullout footrest adjustable height, you can repose your seat and bend it back whenever sat on…spins…and comes with a attachble mini coushin .armrests and its 20% plank 15% ironpeice and nylon


  21. My problem is my desk has a center drawer, so it's kinda too short for my legs, and also causes the surface to be too tall for my arms. My chair is also really old and cheap, so the seat cushion is now basically flat, the back is short and wobbly due to old age, and likes to slide down and back, too, and it has no arm rests at all.

    And I'm also still $3000 in debt due to blowing an engine in my car and crashing my rental car that I used to get home. But FUCK do I really need a new chair and desk…. :/

  22. I've been using the Markus since 2009, and have owned two in that time. The current one was purchased in 2017, and the tilt lock lever malfunctioned on me recently. I called them for warranty service, and expected to get just the under carriage mechanism, but yesterday I received an entirely new Markus from them.

    So to any IKEA chair owners out there… just give their customer service a call if you ever have issues with it while it's under warranty. The Markus has a 10 year warranty that cover all the functional and moving parts of the chair, but not cosmetic damage. I can tell you from experience that they will have your back on any functional issue. So now I have a whole new Markus for $0 extra, and the old one for parts. Works for me!

    Also, the first one I bought in 2009 lasted till 2017, and was still perfectly functional, but it just had too much cosmetic damage. It was the black leather model, but only the seat and arms are leather. The headrest and back are fake leather, and start to fall apart after a few years. The current one I have is the dark grey cloth model, and the cloth seems a lot more durable than the fake leather was. It's like car seat cloth sort of.

    It's a great chair, and I can spend a whole day it it without being sore anywhere. Even Markiplier has one! 🙂

  23. its not a good Idea to place a book under our feet, we should respect books as books are the source of knowledge and wisdom

  24. my old office used those HM Aeron chairs and they're amazing. You can sit on them all day and its goooood. But I aint about to fork out that much money. T.T Wish there were budget friendly ones

  25. Excellent volume, very good presentation. If only all Youtube video creators would get mic'd up
    the way you have done, I wouldn't have to keep casting videos from my old laptop to our TV's,
    in order to hear them.
    I just wanted to warn people * NOTTT * to buy those cheap plastic covered, faux leather, desk chairs
    from Staples. They only last about 2 years before the plastic covering begins to flake off in tiny pieces
    and from that point on, you will have a part time job of vacuuming that crap off your rug about 3 times
    a week if you have solid rugs that will show black plastic flakes easily. I bought 3 of these chairs from
    Staples and all of them have had this exact same problem. And there is no way to repair a chair
    with this problem. I have placed a black shirt around the back of the chair, to try and deter some
    of these flakes from falling on the rug but that is only marginally useful.
    The chair you are reviewing is a completely different chair than the chairs we bought for approx $60.
    Delaware County, PA

  26. Good office chair. it's very comfortable for work time. view more about office furniture: https://lotussystems.in/

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