WHICH KID TAKES THE BEST INSTAGRAM PHOTO? *Celebrity Judges* Challenge w/ The Norris Nuts
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WHICH KID TAKES THE BEST INSTAGRAM PHOTO? *Celebrity Judges* Challenge w/ The Norris Nuts

August 22, 2019

(Music: We the #Legends) Sockie: And we ain’t talking about any old boring Instagram modelling photo Nazzy: Coz we ain’t models Mama: I haven’t told the Norris Nuts this yet but there is going to be a mystery celebrity judge Mama: And when they find out who it is, Mama: They’re gonna freak Biggy: As you can see, there is a lot of techniques in taking the perfect Instagram photo Sabre: Like the props, Sockie: The face, Sabre: The outfit Nazzy: And today we’re gonna be tested in all those techniques Sockie: And seeing which one took the best photo Sockie: And this one, if I take the same one again, is guaranteed the winner Sabre: This is another Norris Nut original idea Mama: So what you have to do is pull an item out of the container Mama: And whatever item you pull out Mama: That has to be your inspiration for your Instagram outfit Sockie: Are there good ones in there? Mama: All of them are amazing Sockie, they’re amazing (Gasping) Sabre: Flower Mama: Sab got a flower Mama: Sockie, oh (Laughing) Mama: Sockie’s gotta be a princess Sockie: No Mama: That was meant to be for Naz Mama: Biggy’s turn Mama: Biggy oh- Biggy: Exercise? Mama: Exercise Mama: And Naz… has got- strawberries must influence her Instagram Mama: Okay now grab a vlogging camera Mama: You have 10 minutes to choose your Instagram outfits (Screaming) Biggy: So I’m just going to go into my wardrobe because I’m pretty sure I have a pretty good exercise outfit Sabre: I don’t think I’ve got anything in my wardrobe that is inspired by a flower Sockie: Look how itchy this poor girl looks and I hate wearing stuff that’s itchy Sockie: I’m not gonna survive Biggy: Here are some exercise clothes that I just- Nazzy: Strawberries mean I’m a farmer…I need to look for a farmer outfit Mama: Sorry, yours was more sporty, not just like exercise, it’s more like a sport Biggy: Maybe my wetsuit (Laughing) Sockie: No No Sabre: I have a lot of fancy stuff, just not much floral stuff Biggy: Legends, look at this man Nazzy: Sab, flowers Sabre: Naz, it’s too small Biggy: I’m sick of it legends, I’m can’t find anything. I’m just gonna sleep in the wardrobe Sockie: Hey Sabre, I have flowers Sabre: Anything in Sockie’s wardrobe is like not my style Sockie: That is so nice, so comfortable, you’re gonna look like the flower comfy girl Sockie: There you go Sabre: That’s so your style Sockie: And I’ve got matching pants, it’s gonna be like pajama wear Sockie: And the best bit is the pants are tights. They’re not jeans that scratch you Sockie: Bye Sockie: Glad to help out because no one is helping me with this girl (Screaming) Biggy: ASMR with Biggy Nazzy: Mama will be so proud of me, I’m eating strawberries Sabre: THere has got to be something better than Sockie’s pajamas Sockie: They’re not pajamas Sab, they just look like pajamas Sabre: If they look like pajamas, they are pajamas Sockie Nazzy: Strawberries? Which of you guys look like a strawberry? Biggy: Naz, this looks like a strawberry but it has pineapples on it Nazzy: Sockie, you haven’t even picked something Sockie: You haven’t either (Biggy rapping) Sabre: It’s a good rap but I think you’re gonna lose Biggs All right

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