Which Is Your DOMINANT Eye? And How Important Is It?? | Pro Shooting Tips #7
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Which Is Your DOMINANT Eye? And How Important Is It?? | Pro Shooting Tips #7

August 9, 2019

hey there this is Kirsten Joy Weiss and
today i wanted to do some Q&A I constantly get questions from you guys so
it was decided that i need to start a series that just answers some shooting
tips and general questions about shooting so today I’m addressing a
question from Todd in Minnesota and he asked me what is the importance of eye
dominance and how the heck do you find it so let me answer your question there’s one really simple way to find eye
dominance and that is to make a triangle with your hands and then hold it up to
an object in the distance look through that triangle and then slowly bring that
triangle back to your eye and now i’m going to do it looking at you so you can
see exactly what I’m talking about now as you can see you’ll see one of my
eyes and that would be my dominant eye I’m going to bring it back and it looks like my
right eye is my dominant eye now here’s the catch I have a problem where my eye dominance
switches from left to right so one day it’ll be the right eye another day it will
be the left eye and a lot of people put importance on eye dominance now if you’re just starting out you want
to figure out which eye is the most dominant and then build your shooting
positions around that so if it’s right eye it would be right-handed left eye, left-handed
but what happens when you switch well you just shoot because guess what
you can still shoot with the wrong eye being dominant the only catch is when you’re shooting
pistol both eyes open rifle both eyes open anything both eyes open even
shotgun a little bit because when I have both eyes open they fight each other and so I really
just have to leave it up to instinct when I have both eyes open but guess what either eye can be the dominant eye when
you’re doing precision because you’re either going to close one eye or you’re
gonna have a blinder over this eye when you’re shooting so you can keep
both eyes open which is ideal but with that blinder right over that
non-dominant eye or even the dominant eye and doesn’t matter instantly the one that’s open becomes
your dominant eye so i hope this helped you Todd in Minnesota and I hope it
helped the rest of you guys if you think this tip could help somebody learning
how to shoot or who’s been shooting for many years but is really concerned about
eye dominance or how to find it or is even curious share this with them please so i’ll see you next time thanks for
joining me aim true and happy shooting here’s Kirsten Joy Weiss with hair in her mouth and
shooting tips sort of thing and cha cha cha i have invisible
mariachis oh, mariachis wait no maracas maracas? I’m not Mexican I’m sorry

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  1. Thank you for bringing this up !
    I'm 62 years old. Right handed, but left eye dominate.
    When I was much younger, this gave me BIG problems with a shotgun, until I figured out what my problem was.
    At my ripe young age, I still tend to shoot handguns left-eyed. Rifles and shotguns right eyed. That's just how I learned to adapt.

  2. I am right handed, but left eye dominant. Instead of closing my left eye so that I can shoot right handed, I squint my left eye to force my right eye to be dominant. Works for me.

  3. I shared with my wife she's right handed left eye dominant, but she does good with pistols. have to get her working on long guns soon lol ..

  4. I found out at an early age that I was cross dominant (left eye, right handed). I grew up my late teenage years shooting high power competition, and I learned first on an AR and shot lefty. Having to switch between that mode and vintage bolt guns, I picked up the ability to shoot rifle ambidextrously. Handguns are much harder to shoot right handed, so I stick to left.

    One trick the guys shooting those matches would do to address eye dominance issues is they would put a line of tape over their shooting glasses on the non-focus eye when shooting to force the eye they were using on the iron sight to do the work.

  5. Good idea for a string of videos. I am left eye and left handed and was forced to do everything right handed growing up so ended up right handed writing, throwing and shooting. Being a retired investigator and body guard it created a minor problem qualifying shotgun and rifle but just did not feel compelled to shoot left handed although all the instructors I had over the years urged me to.

  6. I'm a converted right handed, so when I fly fish or use hand tools I could use both hands. My eyes can't decide which is dominant, so in archery I force my right to dominate.

  7. I am left eye dominant and fiercely right handed. I have been trying to retrain myself. is that possible? I just can't coordinate a left handed position

  8. Thank you!!! None of the guys I train with believe me when I tell them my eye dominance flips. Maybe they'll listen to you.

  9. keep up the good work!!!!

    Your vids are very refreshing, it's nice to watch a gun video that's not all about gear and tactical stuff.

  10. Wow this video was great. My wife cannot close her left eye without closing both eyes do you have a solution other than a blinder (which is what we made with her shooting safety glasses)that would help her with her issue.thanks

  11. Love your channel, Kirsten! Ready for a little vocabulary lesson?

    Your test is basically a manoptoscope. It's more like a "poor man's manoptoscope" but, it's a manoptoscope nevertheless.

    "Ambiocular" is the term for people who are dominant in both eyes (just like "ambidextrous" is being both right-and-left-handed). I'm just like you – I'm ambiocular too. Apparently, being ambiocular is rare, but it's more common among females and young boys. I have a very difficult time shooting both eyes open, because I always see a ghost-image of the sights or the target, depending upon which I focus upon.

    Anyway, hope you found the terminology interesting!

  12. Hi Kristen, love your videos! Could you make a video showing us your shooting stance with heavy rifles. Tell us the secret of how to get the most stability for our rifle. Thanks for your vdeos…

  13. I know which eye is dominant, because my right eye sucks so bad that I can actually tell the difference in vision between the two when it's dark.

  14. Hey Kirsten, didn't know it could switch! This question reminds me of a movie I saw at Harvard Film Archive, about Roma (Gypsies) and this little boy who is being raised by his grandmother, who makes him wear eyeglasses with no lens in one eye, and the other lens with scotch tape on it. Then after a while they are all separated, and he has a dream, where he's flying over a river, and floating on the water are candles covered with paper bags, hundreds of them, and he's able to see where his little sister is, and so he was able to find her. Kind of a weird, poetic look at vision and adversity. (puns intended).

  15. Nice video! I learned some other techniques for determining eye dominance, but your method works fine.

    I am right handled with left eye dominant. Also, since my cataract surgery, my right eye is more far sighted while my left eye is more near sighted.Not enough to correct with glasses, but enough to make a difference shooting. So I shoot a pistol left eye, right hand (LERH) which helps me focus on the sight instead of the target. I shoot a rifle right eye and right hand (RERH) because shooting LERH with a rifle is kinda hard.

  16. I used to shut my left eye when I sighted with my right. Now I keep both eyes open and I'm more relaxed as I use my right eye to take aim. You shoot extremely well with pistol or rifle.

  17. I'm just a hunter so eye dominace is no problem here. I have the left eye dominant but shoot with a right rifle. Just take my time and palce a good shot 🙂 Might get a .22lr soon for some target shooting. It's so fun,

  18. I'm confused…..I've watched this video nine times with my right eye and nine times with my left and I can't tell which is more dominant !

  19. I am going to input something that some will be able to understand but some won't . There is a zone in front of your eyes called "the circle of confusion" were the binocular advantage of having two eyes can be impeeded by having your eyes "crossed". The whole "dominant eye" thing only applies when one of your sights (the rear sight) is inside the circle of confusion.

    You can determine the circle of confusion for your eyes by placing the tips of your two index fingers pointed toward each other in front of you with a space between them of about a half an inch at a distance where there appears to be a cocktail sausage suspended in the air between them (a false image of your two finger tips created by your eyes being crossed)

    The boundry of the circle of confusion is the point where your finger tips will appear normal when you move them in tandem forward and away from you. People who shoot a pistol with the back sight inside the circle of confusion always have problems with dominant eye conflict.

    When s.hooting a rifle the back sight is always inside the circle of confusion. The place to position an eye blinder on the non dominant eye is not on the eye like an eye patch, but instead with both eyes open on the point where if you were moving three fingers back and forth in front of the non dominant eye with both eyes open the fingers seem to become transparent.

    "Ghost ring" sights are aperture sights which give an optical illusion of a ghost ring when looking at a target with both eyes open and neither eye shaded.

  20. My 9 year old has this problem when shooting. I have to put a blinder on him to force him to use one eye or the other when shooting.

  21. I have a question I need shooting tips for AR 15 not a good shot with it especially for long range 300 meter wht would u suggest

  22. Ut oh. I've always used both eyes without any thought. Now I can't see with both eyes open. This is a trick like asking a golfer if they inhale or exhale when they put…Todd In Minnesota may be a saboteur, communist or gray alien.

  23. i din't know that. i tried it and it looks like im right eyed. i do the eye switching business too. sometimes one eye gets fatigued from shooting for hours, so i switch. i also switch handedness to make sure i can shoot well with both hands. -and since you know about the hand injury, you know sometimes ol lefty gets tired of carrying the barrel around all day, so i switch hands, and switch eyes. i've always been a bit ambidextrous, so i try not to invest everything into one eye or one hand, because you never know what might come up, and you'll get stuck shooting lefties with no previous training.

  24. Kirsten…I am so glad you did this video …especially the part where you said "just shoot" I have a shotgun clay shooting channel and I say just focus on the clay and let your instincts do the rest… don't worry about eye dominance…and it's great to get confirmation of that from a top shooter like yourself…stay well…Roger

  25. i'll be honest… I clicked on one of your vids well.. cuz yoga. (yeh its embarrassing but oh well) I subbed because you have a way of explaining shooting tips that is intelligent/precise but most important.. understandable. It's an important distinction. When I get a new shooter at the range I am a member with questions I've started whipping out my phone and bringing up your youtube vids. Don't know if that was your "aim" when you started doing these vids but I think it's pretty awesome. Thanks from Wisconsin.

  26. I'm (Faith) left eye dominant but right handed. So, I shoot pistol right handed but rifle left handed. Great video! Subed!

  27. Is it possible to be neither eye dominant I can shoot completely ambidextrous either eye and either hand

  28. Eye Masochist:….."Eye Dominatrix…Eye have been a bad shot

    Eye Dominatrix…."Eye will teach you discipline….stop flinching when the bullet cracks and the muzzle whips up you pathetic wimp"

    Eye Masochist…."Yes Eye Dominatrix"

    Eye Dominatrix…"Now put that blinding patch on your side of the rear sight and learn submission"

    Eye Masochist…"Yes eye dominatrix"


  29. I find that eye dominance depends on quality of vision. People who get their eyes "fixed" properly (Lasik/glasses/contacts) tend to lose a lot of eye dominance. It's just your brain picking which of your 2 eyes has the best vision.

  30. I am left handed, I shoot rifles left handed left eye and I am right eye dominant.
    I shoot pistols left handed and right eye. Will I die of gun AIDS if i do this or something?

  31. Yes – I am jacked up as well with dominate eye issues. I am right handed, but left eye dominate. I have trained myself to shoot and draw left handed. I can shoot right handed, but tend to close my left eye when shooting right handed. My EDC is a Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm – full size with a reversed mag release. Thanks for sharing!

  32. Being ambidextrous was fun. Changing master eye was just wearing a eye patch for awhile till the body adapts.

  33. Hey,
    Can't get the triangle thing to work. One's hands come back to where one brings them whether it be right or left.

  34. So, what do you do if you don't have a dominant eye? I don't mean my eyes switch dominance like yours do; I really mean that I don't have a dominant one, ever. My vision is great, but shooting with both eyes open has always been exceptionally difficult for me.

  35. totally in agree with you! i am left eye dominant and i shoot with the right without problems.. (after a bit of train) switching fron "stright shooting" to shooting claypigeons i had some trubles.. by the way it tooks a litlle of train and i do it as well! shoot 4 fun, shoot safe!

  36. Shoot right and left. Changing the sights (iron) not necessary as groups are very close to each other out too 500. Holding the weapon correctly will make a huge difference in shot outcome. Great video, Ooh Rah..

  37. Using an eye patch is a good idea. Closing one eye puts tension on your face. You don't want tension. You can actually get tired eyesight or even head aches squinting with one eye closed all the time. (I learned this with astronomy, where I'm looking through a telescope eyepiece often for hours on end.) But be careful: the bright sun can hurt your eye when you take the patch off. Remove it slowly to let your eye adjust back to daylight.

  38. One thing to add here with regards to eye dominance is rather than make a triangle w/ hands… use hands to make a 'diamond shape' then in the distance (doesn't have to be too far – like even 5-10 feet away) center position a 'vertical line' 12 Oclock to 6 Oclock orientation and superimpose touching index-fingers plus thumbs (trigger fingers @ 12 while thumbs together @ 6)… one at a time (a few times) open and close both eyes (individually. — one open at a time… never move hands)… the dominant eye will nearly always center the vertical line @ 12 & 6 while the non-dominant will shift in the 'diamonds' field of view.

  39. I am right handed but strong left eye dominant. I used to shoot small bore pistols right handed but using my left eye with the help of shooting glasses so I could keep my right eye open. I have recently taken up air rifle field target shooting and wondering wether I should try to shoot left handed? I also used to do archery, which I did left handed, but it felt quite natural. Anyone any advice on this, I would appreciate it!!!

  40. Kirsten! you have a very strong resemblance to Gal Gadot ( Wonder Woman) she is almost as cool and suave as you 🙂

  41. Great topic. What do you think about having for example a 'left dom. eye' but still shoulder on the right (as a right hand person). I always shot left shouldered (dom. left eye, right handed) due a clear line of sight.

  42. My Right Eye always dominates my Left Eye so I have to separate the two, that’s why I look like an Ostrich sometimes. 😢

  43. Should I block out my non dominate eye so that I shoot with both eyes open, I struggle with eye open/eye closed????

  44. I take a short stick at arms length and 'snap aim' down it. Holding it in place, then close each eye in turn to see which one is in line. I've since learned how to switch eye focus and shoot both eyes open with a scope – a skill which came in especially handy as an action photographer. Left eye scans wide-angle and the right telephoto.

  45. I'm left eye dominant. I shoot pistol right handed and using my left eye for it. And now i'm considered to buy a rifle for fun… So… Which one is better for me… Looks like left handed gun is better. But right handed guns much easier to buy and sell…

  46. Funny..I knew this going into the US Army. One private couldn't qualify, immediately I knew he was cross dominate. The drill sgts sent him twice to eye doctors. I suggested he shoot cross..TO THE DRILL SERGEANTS. That was near suicide on my part in basic training. But it WORKED. I had 6+ years of NRA smallbore so I knew.

  47. I was a right hand right eye dominant and shot very well. I had an eye injury and now have to shoot left hand. What is interesting is I shot bow for years instinctively (no sights) rt hand and now I can shoot both rt and lh with the left eye. Pistols, I shoot rt hand with lh eye dominant and rifles / shotguns are LH with LH dominant. It took time, and I still feel a little weird at times, but that's how I do it. Thanks for the videos. They are great and make me want to go take some special shots now. We used to use a red ryder and do trick shots in the back yard. Thanks again

  48. hey @ Kirsten Joy Weiss……so I have a question: I can aim paintball markers with both eyes, but when it comes to regular firearms, I'm righty only….plus I can write with both hands as well.

  49. i started shooting when i was 23. i'm right hand right eye. i lost sight in my right i because of chemo. it damaged the optic nerve. i still shoot pistol good but i cannot seem to get use to shouldering rifles and shotguns on my left. any tips would be great. i'm 55 years old now.

  50. Another way to find eye dominance that is even more natural is to literally "put your finger (tip)" on something in the far distance and then pull the finger up close to your face keeping the finger tip covering the object. Then close one eye and then the other to find out which eye you pulled the finger to. It is faster and more accurate than the triangle method. I have the same mixed eye dominance issue you mentioned. Though I am right handed and right eyed, I had a right eye issue and learned to shoot a pistol left eyed. Now that my right eyes is fixed, I still find it more natural to use my left eye with both eyes open. It is so much more effecient to have both eyes open to see the big picture but concentrate with the dominant eye to use the scope or sights to zero on the target. Especially when you are shooting at a moving object. Having an eye open to see the whole field if view is so much better. Not to mention that squinting for hours is a hassle. But you can get used to anything. Your brain eventually accommodates your will.

  51. Great info! A lot of folks put so much emphasis on things like eye dominance in such a way that new – particularly young – shooters think they have to stress about it. Nice to get some advice out there that stresses…non stress😂
    I'm left eye dominant and somewhat ambidextrous, but i shoot with my right eye and my hands follow suit because it's what feels right to me and that's what i train for. But i can shoot left handed if i feel like it and the trouble with that is in my hands and training them to their new roles. My eyes – as you say, the open one is the dominant one.😊

  52. We can just try to look at our nose and we just see one side of it, like I just see right part, soo my right eye is dominant. Isn't it true??

  53. Question!!!
    Why does a shooter closes his one eye while shooting??? Can u tell me the answer according to science? I mean how is parallax effect related with it exactly?? I don't understand🙁

  54. First great video as always.
    I'm legally blind in one eye so I can't use either eye😎!
    I grew up using rifles and shotguns and always shot left handed even tho' i'm right handed.
    When I started shooting pistols I naturally just shot right handed, and didn't do bad.
    It was suggested that I try to shoot handguns lefty and it was very Awkward!!!
    But I pushed through and became a better shooter.
    Now when I go to a local
    shooting course and switch hands. after the range is clear and the timer stops the RO usually makes a comment about me having switched hands, and they don't see that very often.

    I have tried to show people your method of finding dominant eye and quite often they overthink it and just pull their hands straight back?
    So I tell them to hold up their index finger and focus on a distant object with both eyes then cover one at a time when the object moves from the point of focus with both eyes that's the non dominant eye.

    Again great videos!

  55. I can shoot with my right and left eye, because i always try, and hope i can shoot ini every chance i can get

  56. This also helps in training your eyes for details. I have that thing to where I can use both hands (I can’t spell it) but I have it. What I meant that it helps with being detailed is that it gives your eyes a good work out and helps the focus of the pupils. I do this on a daily. Sometimes both eyes are the same way.

  57. It looks like you do not close your less dominant eye when shooting. Do you shoot with both eyes open?

  58. My eyes are like 55% left and 45% right eye dominant. I trained myself to shoot with both equally, with both hands equally too. Sometimes my eyesight don't switch, if i transfer pistol to the other hand – in that case i wink and my dominance is transferred to the other eye.
    This is very helpful with shooting from behind obstacles and corners, or if you 'piece by piece' (space chopping) spot area behind corners during CQB where you really want to show or expose as little as possible from your body. In those cases, you basically need to use any hand/shoulder/eye that exposes only the smaller part of your head etc..

  59. I like the idea of covering one eye. Like a pirate. On a side note, an old lady gave me the evil eye when I was playing in her yard as a child. Great video.

  60. in my opinion the closing of one eye has been portrayed by Hollywood, as how snipers shoot there rifles, When I was 13 I read Jack O'Connor's "Complete book of rifles and shotguns" cover to cover, and in that book there was a "Seven lesson shooting course", and he advised to keep both eyes open, rifle shotgun and pistol, but also mentioned how long-range shooters (Wimbledon Cup 1000 yard) would wear an eye patch or a blinder, he also mentioned how starring through those high power scopes(36 x) for extended times, would affect your eye vision.

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