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Where Extreme Sports Meets Archery!

August 9, 2019

That was sweet! That was great! Hey, how do you like Archery Tag? That is a *sick* game!
Hahahaha! So how do you guys like Archery Tag? YEEEEEEAAAAH!
It’s a heck of a time! It’s a little wet out here; does that bother ya?
NOOOO! You think that makes it more fun?
YEEAAAAH! Absolutely! Gimme a bow! Gimme a bow! Those are my arrows! You got… You can get as many as you want! Arrows, as many as you want! You are a sick man!
There it is!

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  1. Nate, we will look into getting it there as soon as possible. Please share this video as much as you can. The more student support we have, the easier it is to get it approved. Thanks.

  2. Lol the guy just took the arrow and threw it at him like here take it. Haha why isn’t this part of belegarth for the archers.

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