‘When will black lives matter again?’: David Lammy demands answers on deportation flights
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‘When will black lives matter again?’: David Lammy demands answers on deportation flights

February 13, 2020

This is a generation of people,
thousands of them, who came to this country
after the second world war and gave so much
but took so little. Let me just remind the minister:
164 people were detained and deported, which the government says
it got wrong. On the back of that, 5,000 people
were denied access to public services, healthcare, pensions and education –
all that they were entitled to. Against that backdrop, he’s right to say
that the government rightly set up the independent learning review
led by Wendy Williams. In the wake of that, they suspended
flights to Jamaica. So the question today is
why have they resumed those flights? In light of the scandal of people
who arrived in this country as children, how can he guarantee the House
that there are not people on those flights who are actually British nationals? And in the wake of the leak,
where Wendy Williams herself says that you should not be deporting people
under the age of 13, can he confirm that there are people
on that flight who arrived in this country aged two, aged three, aged five, aged 11? And when he relies and says to the House
that all of them are … Or gives the impression that they are
murderers and rapists, he knows that there are many
who are there for non-violent offences. We cannot, at the same time in this House,
condemn county lines and those who would pimp young
black children in this country and send those same children back
to Jamaica for such drug offences. So I say to him: when will we see
this lessons learned review? It was promised in March last year. It was then delayed until September. We are almost now two years on,
and people watching see the way that this government holds
in such disrespect the contribution of West Indian, Caribbean
and black people in this country. When, when will black lives matter
once again?

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  1. After Windrush: Paulette Wilson's visit to Jamaica, 50 years on ► https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/video/2019/oct/07/after-windrush-paulette-wilsons-visit-to-jamaica-50-years-on

  2. My Mate was almost deported under the Windrush Scandal. He lost his job and his place to live and was days away from being deported back to the USA. He's 55 now and was only 3 when he came here. By the way he is white.

  3. So, err, are we allowed to hear the response or is the spectacle of a shouty man jabbing his finger in the air for five minutes the entire story ?

  4. This is the guy who said we should not have Red Nose Day and stop giving Africa hand outs … I for one took his advice … after all he is a very privileged black mp … no need to worry about the rest of Africa

  5. What a silly assertion. You should know by now that no lives matter. The government doesn't care, but why should they? Time for you all to realise that you aren't that amazing and no one cares.

  6. Political correctness gone mad. The reason we have violence and drugs on our streets is because these criminals were not deported sooner.

    Human rights are for ….. humans. Stop using the "I'm black" and a "victim of slavery" as a get out of jail card. If all you can contribute to this society is violence and drug dealing and you haven't taken the opportunity to work hard and better yourself then you deserve to be on that plane out.

  7. There was a law in England, an old law that seems to have been conveniently forgotten that stated every man was entitled to his own piece of land and so too were foreigners once they had spent at least 5 years living and working here.
    I think under the English land law, “Right to Property” laws developed by John Locke (1632-1704) and Second Treatise on Civil Government (1689).

  8. David Lammy is correct – the Government is only putting these stupid decisions up to be knocked back in the courts and lose the taxpayer a shedload of cash…just to look like they are doing something to satisfy the racists.

  9. Lammy seems quite happy to compare all of the black people with the criminal element which exists in every society. His contempt for the majority is execrable. When will Lammy and his ilk begin to believe that we are judged by The Law of this country, irrespective of the colour of our skin ? Everything this man says is a nod to racist ideology. We are just people and justice is what we shoud be dealing out to criminals, whatever their skin colour. Lammy seems never to have learned that our social problems are not with skin colour but with cultural expectations which are poles apart. Lammy uses every incident like this to claim racism. If he wishes to see racism at work he should consider the hatreds between the Hutta and Tsutsis in Rwanda. Still, David, only about a million dead and not a white person involved.

  10. Wow this video is exposing some serious racist people. Such a shame MOST of you are cowards and can't even put out your real name. Lmao 😂

  11. Look at it this way Dave, at least they get to escape the systematically racist, white privileged UK and back to a country of homogeneous people the same as themselves. Its more than I can say about my home. Thanks

  12. Lammy is pure poisen…he knows it's mostly black Jamaican yardy gangs making our streets dangerous with drug gangs. And stabbings….one of the criminals being deported was a Jamaican who murdered a women with a hammer in front of her daughter.. but he's always out to defend these criminals… never the victims….he's also a Rabbid racist against white people ….he wants to see Britain on its knees ….

  13. A speach by David Lammy goes like this " moan moan moan moan moan moan moan moan moan moan moan moan moan moan moan"…. Shut up you Lammy you blatant rascist!!

  14. Shame David Lammy doesn’t demonstrate the same passion for knife crime in London often in his own constituency . Probably because he knows he can’t put the blame on white people

  15. What about white lives matter concentrate your efforts say something about poor farmers in South Africa who are getting slaughtered daily talk to Ramaphosa and get Peter Hain involved too he Is conspicuous by his silencer for many years.

  16. At some point as they were growing up, did their parents not explain that they were in the privileged position to have been able to come to Britain, and should therefore keep their noses clean if they wish to stay?

  17. If you commit serious crimes, your life doesn't matter and it certainly doesn't matter 'who' you are. Madness that leftists are defending these murders, rapists, drug pushers etc. Dethrone this madman, even pulled the 'black card' (how racist), absolutely disgusting.

  18. Right Mr Lamy. Do you really want to make this about race? Ok then, one of the people deported was Lloyd Byfield, a black man, who murdered Leighann Duffy, a white woman. He used a claw hammer and kitchen knife to murder her in the presence of six year old child.
    So Mr Lamy. When will white lives matter again?

  19. It says on YouTube to keep comments respectful and to the community guidelines… I guess it's within the community guidelines to be racist?!? Shame on you YouTube and guardian newspaper!!

  20. Let me show you a magic trick. Look over here not over there. Let me appeal to your core values over commonsense, regardless how irresponsible. This is your quintessential Global ballbag.

    As for Lammy he has no credibility when hes only about equality for one group and is the definition of identity politics.

  21. How hypocritical – Labour obviously never intended to use this law

    David Lammy is spending a great deal of his time on twitter and in the House of Commons ranting against the deportation of convicted criminals to Jamaica.

    They include murderers and rapists. 😔😔

    When the bill was introduced by Labour in 2007

    The law says that the uk can automatic deport foreign nationals in two circumstances:

    they have to be imprisoned for specific offences or they are imprisoned for more than one year

    We all know that to actually be sent to jail – it’s a serious offence

    These people who are being deported fit this specific criteria

    They are therefore legally bound to be deported- that’s the law

    David Lammy voted for this law – so why did he vote for a law then moan when the government are abiding by the law ?

  22. Equality, fairness, and everyone being treated the same. No he wants special treatment because of people's colour that's racism. Defending criminals because of race just proves what he is.

  23. David, so who’s fault is it then David, who got these people into this situation ? And please stop trying to sound white.

  24. I’m unsure if it’s morally right to “backdate” its implementation but I’m guessing that a large majority of the population would agree with the deportations. Bet there’s a rush in citizenship applications now.

  25. Typical Leftie Lammy, everything is a race issue, and here he is defending criminals that should not be here and pose a threat to the british public.

  26. He's actually foaming at the mouth because rapists and murderers 'of color' are being removed. If any of those criminals remain, and when they reoffend, as they inevitably will, Lammy should be held jointly responsible, and sued by the victims for every ill-gotten penny he has.

  27. Why is he making it about colour when the lives and safety of UK citizens should be paramount. Now I know some of those cases need to be judged on their individual merit but some of these were rapists and murderers for godsake. Shouldn't this country be pulling together not fanning the flames of a non existent fire.

  28. whether if you are a Jamaican a German or a Korean if you brake the law will find you and send you back to were you came from

  29. Lammy the liar is at it again. It was the last Labour Government that caused the wind rush s Andre and then blamed it on the Tories, they still are!

  30. When will black lives matter to black people is the real question. Instead of lecturing the white man he should take a stroll around London and lecture the black youths who murder there own daily…

  31. He can demand what he likes. Non-citizens reside here with our consent, and they lose that consent the second they become a net detriment to the UK.

  32. Right when are black people going to take responsibility for the own illegal actions. Might as well rob that lady I have now job or kids I want to take. Care of

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