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When Christian Louboutin Dressed Cuba at the Olympics | Fashion Behind The Games

August 18, 2019

Great designers like Armani, Ralph Lauren
and Christian Louboutin have had the opportunity
to show their designs in the Parade of Nations
of the Olympic Games. On today’s Fashion Icon – Christian Louboutin. Well, this is something new
for everybody. On one hand, you have the
legendary French shoe maker, Christian Louboutin,
and on the other, Henri Tai, a former
handball player and fashion entrepreneur. Together, they re-interpreted
a country that was not much into fashion,
until now. Two years ago, I went to do a photo shoot with Christian,
and he joined us. And we had this idea –
dress the Cuban Olympic team. Textured, vibrant and cool, the uniform celebrates
the rich heritage of an island full of magic. That’s the thing of Cuba. It’s a country which is
very much under the sun who definitely are prone
to have really strong colours. It’s actually very beautiful. Colour was a big issue for me. Sharp military jackets
in red or khaki, inspired by the guayabera look. The female athletes
in patriotic kitten heels, and the sportsmen
in cool sneakers. More than ever,
Louboutin and Tai wanted to ensure
that their athletes looked strong and modern
in front of the world. I’m definitely combining
the technique, the tissues, the fabric, which are really
dedicated to sport, but to put it in, definitely,
a very strong visual way. This time, the Cuba team was
wearing more than a uniform. They were carrying
in body and soul a new hope for the future
of Cuba. The thing, I would say, is that we have separation between
sport and style, and sports have great style. Once again, the biggest stage
in the world makes it possible.

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