What’s Up My Sleeve? ft. Game Grumps (GAME) #2
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What’s Up My Sleeve? ft. Game Grumps (GAME) #2

August 29, 2019

– Can you tell what’s up our sleeves?
– Just by looking at ’em? (both) Let’s talk about that! ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Gooood Mythical Morning!
– Welcome to the show, Danny and Arin, – the Game Grumps!
– Hey! – Hello!
– Thanks for coming in, guys! – Thank you.
– Lots of Mythical Beasts have been – requesting a collaboration,
– Yes. and this is it. Game Grumps are famous
for their gameplay and their sleeves. – That’s true.
– You guys like games and sleeves, right? – That’s actually true. Check this out.
– Look at that. – Moreso the sleeve situation.
– That’s zippable, if you wanna go down. – Leather sleeves.
– Yeah. – Wool sleeves!
– Yeah, what do you think? – Or is that cotton?
– Just let it breathe. Therefore, we need to play… (Link) What’s Up My Sleeve?
Supe Dupes Double Trouble Edition. Okay, the guys are off stuffing their
sleeves, and you’ve seen us do this before so you know how it works.
We stuff stuff up our sleeves. – We stuff stuff!
– Then the other team guesses. And it’s a little different this time,
because there are twice as many sleeves. – That’s true.
– So each person will have something up one of their sleeves, and those two items
will be somehow related to one another. So if you get one right, you might have
some insight into the other item. – They’ll be related in some way.
– And then we’ll be switching it up. – And we will have the help of life lines.
– Yes, we have four life lines this time: Poke it, stroke it, smell it, and shake it.
They are exactly what they sound like, and each team can only use… each one
of those can only be used one time. – Once by either team.
– So if we use “poke it,” they can’t poke – it, but they might be able to stroke it.
– Smell it or shake it. – Right. Ah, we ready for Round One?
– Totally ready. – (bell dings)
– (Rhett and Link) Round One! – All right, guys, let’s see the sleeves!
– (Arin) You got it! So… – (Rhett) Oh…
– How do you like them apples? – (Rhett and Link laugh)
– Oh my goodness! I don’t wanna give away any spoilers,
but this is the arm with the thing in it. – (both laugh)
– And there’s your arm there. – (Arin) Oh yeah, it’s humble.
– Your shirt’s on, like, kids who are – doing a kindergarten art thing.
– Yeah, it’s straight backwards. – I’m gonna sassy-stand, if that’s cool.
– But I will point out a couple of things. – (Rhett) He’s leaking.
– That could just be something his arm does. – You don’t know if that’s the object.
– (Link laughs) – I’m thinking it’s the object.
– I’m saying let’s just poke. – Just a little poke?
– (Link) Yeah, so I get to poke Arin – and Rhett gets to poke you.
– Got it. All right, so lean in, Arin. – (Arin) You want a little poke?
– (Danny) Poke! Ooh, nice poke. (Arin) I can feel that
poke through the object. – (Link) And I will say that…
– Did you feel the wetness? It felt like something was in a bag in
there. I thought it was gonna be, like, piece-y, but it all moved as a unit like
it was in a wet paper bag. Poke the Grump. Lemme slide in here. (Arin) He’s getting an up-close
look at that, come on. – (Link) Smooshy.
– Ow, my bicep, bro! All right, so… did it feel like a pillow?
‘Cause I’m thinking that’s a pillow. – (laughs)
– (Rhett) It felt like a pillow would feel, but a pillow can’t get that
small on the end, can it? – Sure it can.
– You can stuff a pillow like that? (Link) You could definitely do
that with one my pillows. – With one of your– is it one of yours?
– Yeah, RhettandLink.com/store, – The Link Pillow.
– (Danny and Arin laugh) I’d like to put my head on
his shoulder. I’ll say that much. I’m just gonna guess
straight muscle, honestly. – Which shoulder?
– (Rhett) You know what? You could just take that on a flight, and the person
would automatically fall asleep on you. – Oh yeah.
– (Rhett) Just like, “I guess this is what – I’m supposed to do!”
– (Danny and crew laugh) Maybe it’s a blanket. Did it feel like a
pillow? Because this one’s difficult. – We gotta use that to get at what this is.
– (Rhett) It’s meat. But what goes with pillows?
I mean, we gotta… – Maybe it’s asparagus.
– (Stevie) All right, guys, we’re gonna – need an official answer.
– (Link) So what goes with pillow? – Pillow… sleep…
– Well, you do sleep on a pillow. – Sleep with the fishes.
– (Arin laughs) That’s right! Final answer:
Sleeping with the fishes. Pillow… that’s a pillow
and that’s fishes. I said it was meat, yes! (Stevie) All right, guys, why don’t you
reveal what’s in your sleeves? – Just reveal, don’t tell us, just…
– You go first. – It’s very hard.
– You can help. – (Arin) You want some help with that?
– (Danny) Yeah… (Arin) With all your strength,
you can’t even undo a button. Keep your stank arm away from me,
though. It’s really… – Oh, if I would’ve smelled that…
– (Arin) You can’t reveal…! – It’s very pungent. Okay.
– It’s out. – Yes.
– It was a pillow, so we got one point. – (Danny) Mmhm!
– Go ahead and yank ‘er out. – (laughs) Would if he could!
– (Danny) This took some time. – (Arin) I’ll spot you. Okay.
– (Danny sighs in relief) – Aw yeah! Pillow!
– Is that one of yours? – Nope.
– (Crew laughs) – (Link) What you got there? Is it fishes?
– (Arin) What does that look like to you? – (Arin) Can I get it out?
– Dump it on the pillow. – (Arin) Here we go, right on the pillow.
– (Danny) Oh, that’s not gonna work. – That’s not gonna work.
– Oh, wait, wait… – (Danny) Ah! (laughs)
– It’s breakfast. – Oh ho! Breakfast in bed!
– Breakfast in bed! – It’s “Bed and Breakfast.”
– (Rhett) Bed and Breakfast. – Bed and Breakfast.
– Bed and Breakfast! – Yes.
– (Link) So we– okay! Well, we got pillow right. We were right
about pillow, we were wrong about – breakfast.
– Yep. – So we get one point.
– (bell dings) – Boom.
– Now it’s time for us to get sleeved. – (bell dings)
– (Rhett and Link) Round Two! – Hey, come on out.
– Join us for Round Two! – Oh, lookin’ snazzy! Ooh, wow.
– Yeah, wow! Oh! – Nice strut!
– Wow, Rhett! – That’s, ah, also nice.
– Rhett, I’m not gonna lie… Magnifique! – Yeah. I gotta say…
– (crew laughs) – (Rhett) You like it?
– I can’t even… I can’t even tell… – You like this?
– You know what? I gotta say, – I’m digging it a little bit.
– I don’t suppose you could… I’m gettin’ a little confused,
you know what I’m saying? (all laugh) I know I’m supposed to be
looking at the sleeves, but… (Arin) There’s nothing but
beautiful man in front of us. – That’s right.
– Everything looks blocky and chunky – and weird.
– Yeah. – (Danny) I got nothing, Arin.
– (Arin) That’s bizarre. I’m starting to – get some vibes right now.
– (Danny) Are you? (Arin) For some reason this looks
like an Imperial Star Destroyer. – (all laugh)
– (Arin) From Star Wars. – Okay.
– Yeah it does, doesn’t it. – And that… I don’t know.
– Yeah. – Ah… Uncle Owen after the fact?
– (laughs) – I don’t know if that’s…
– That’s pretty harsh. – Yeah.
– That man died. Uh… I guess… – (crew laughs)
– (Danny) Oh wait, was that a drip? – That was definitely a drip.
– Something’s dripping! – You didn’t see anything.
– Okay. – (Link) You might wanna look at my face.
– (Danny) Oh is that…? Okay. – (laughs)
– Oh, are those ice cubes, perhaps? ‘Cause… I’m not answering your question, but…
the look on my face has to do with being – this close to that guy wearing that.
– Yeah, that’s right. (Danny) Oh! All right, fair enough.
Yeah, you could cut the tension in here – with a knife!
– (Arin) Oh, man. You wanna use a life line? – Yeah, let’s stroke it.
– (crew laughs) (Arin) Stroke it? All right. Which one do
I get? ‘Cause I’m excited about either, – honestly.
– I don’t know, I don’t know. – (crew laughs)
– Let’s just line up. – (Link) We’ll come to you.
– (Arin) Okay. (Danny) Oh yeah, those are ice
cubes. Those are ice cubes. – (Arin) Mm.
– (Rhett) Oh, that’s two strokes! – Two strokes!
– (all) Ohh! – (all laugh)
– What’d it feel like? – (Link) All right.
– (Arin) It felt like… there was some tubage. Can we just,
like, do this for another thirty minutes? – (laughs)
– You think you know what this one is, right? Yeah, it certainly feels like ice cubes.
And judging by the increasing level of discomfort on your face, I would
assume you’re catching hypothermia. – (Arin) I don’t even know…
– Where does that take you? It seems like there’s so many random
details on this object, device, I don’t – really know what to call it, honestly.
– (Danny) Yeah, so Link, you’ve got ice – cubes. Rhett… God, you look good!
– (all laugh) Thanks, thanks. I do what I can.
I’ve been working out. – What kind of phrase? Ice and…
– Ice Ice Baby… it could be a baby – mashed up in there.
– (all laugh) – (Arin) No, no, no. Song of Ice and Fire?
– Oh, that’d be awesome. – (Arin) What if that’s, like, an extinguisher?
– (Danny) Or a bunch of matches? – Oh, no.
– No… It’s got that weird tube on the end!
That’s what’s throwing me off. – Like, frozen dinner? I don’t know…
– (Stevie) All right, guys, we’re gonna – need an official answer.
– Okay. I’m going with George R. R. Martin’s
“A Song of Ice and Fire.” – Do we have to agree on that?
– Nope! – (crew laughs)
– I don’t know! – I’m gonna go ahead and agree with you.
– Okay, great! (Stevie) All right, let’s reveal
what’s in the sleeves! – Ice and fire!
– All right, so first of all… you’re – totally right there.
– (Arin) Oh man. Oh, lemme get all that outta there.
Ohoho, (high pitched) I can’t feel my arm – when I’m with you!
– (laughs) That must’ve been terrible. – (Arin) Yes.
– (Danny) Way to take one for the team. – And…
– Woo! – (Arin) What the– it is!
– It is fire! – Oh my God!
– (Danny, Rhett, and Link) Fire and Ice! – We were right! Sort of!
– We had it! – We’re gonna give you both points.
– Yeah! Even though you didn’t say “lighters,”
you said “Fire and Ice” and that does it. – Woo!
– Cool! – Thanks, guys!
– So you take the early lead! – (bell dings)
– (Rhett and Link) Round Three! – (both) Oh, wow!
– (all laugh) – Oh wow, this is…
– Ohh… kay. – more than I bargained for!
– What you guys think? – (all laugh)
– I’m just looking at the sleeves. (Rhett) You guys doing the halftime show
at the Lakers game? (laughs) – You guys jump through stuff and dunk?
– (all laugh) Uh… wow, it is difficult to decide
where to look. (laughs) (Link) It’s difficult to figure out what’s
in your sleeve when I’m not looking – at you at all.
– (crew laughs) – Do you have, like, a–
– So Rhett, why don’t you just – describe it?
– (Rhett) Oh. I can totally see it right now. (Arin) Yeah? See what
we got going on here? – Dan has a foot.
– (Arin) There’s the sleeve. Give you a – little closer look right there.
– (Link) Oh. That looks like a chicken leg. Look. That’s a foot, dude.
That’s a foot. He has a leg. – (Link) Oh my gosh!
– It was so difficult to see and then all of a sudden it was unavoidable.
It was like, “that’s a foot.” – (Link) Like a toenail?
– (Rhett) That’s an upside-down foot. – (Link) Eugh.
– Leg, foot… leg! I really don’t like being
objectified like this, guys. – (Rhett laughs)
– It just makes me feel weird. – And, ah, what in the world is that?
– (Arin) You’re thinkin’ about my – situation here.
– As much as I hate to ask, I’d like for – you both to shake it. The arm!
– Okay! – (laughs) You’re disappointed!
– Yeah, I was like… – (Rhett) Oh gosh.
– There you go, look at that. – Wow, lookin’ good.
– (crew laughs) Bring it over. Arin, bring
that action over here. That’s rotating. You gotta, like, shake
it like a Polaroid picture. There you go. – (crew laughs)
– It’s not making any noise, it’s… No, see, this is actually just my arm.
The object is down here, actually. – I don’t know what you guys are looking at.
– (all laugh) – That’s the birthmark we didn’t notice.
– Yeah. – (Danny) This is a thing.
– (Link) It looks like an inhaler. Hold on. It’s got
some sort of, like, joint… (Link) It’s a baby arm and a foot!
I think. I think that’s a baby arm! – Hey, you know what? An arm and a leg.
– (Stevie) All right, guys, we’re gonna – need your official answers.
– It’s an arm and a leg. – (Stevie) All right, let’s see it.
– Yeah, the zip… (Arin) Oh God, you’re
gonna have to help us. – Yeah, can you…
– You’re gonna have to help me out – real quick, yeah. There we go.
– You can do that one. I’d like to. I would
like to, I would like to. (Danny) Thank you, everybody.
Oh, yeah, oh God. – Here we go.
– Yeah ha ha! Boom! That was amazing!
The fact that you saw that! – (Danny) That was really good.
– Arm and a leg! Yes! – Well done. Congratulations. (laughs)
– So now it’s 3 to 2 going into the final – round.
– Yeah! – (gasps)
– We gotta sleeve up. – (bell dings)
– (Rhett and Link) Round Four! All right, we are here for the final round.
We are sitting here in these morph – suits feeling good about our bodies.
– Yes, super good. Super awesomely confident about how I look, at least. I
don’t know where you’re at, but I’m so… – Yeah, no, I feel pretty!
– Let’s bring out our friends! Let’s bring out Rhett and Link!
Hello! Oh, yeah! – Oh, here we go! Yeah!
– We got ’em too, guys! You guys are much better.
You’re wearing it much better. – Yeah, you guys are fit! Um…
– Oh my goodness. – Wow, what is happening right now?
– Uh… – (Danny) Okay, um… (giggles)
– That’s a lotta… looks like staples! (Danny) Okay, yeah.
That looks wildly uncomfortable. (Arin) It kinda looks painful!
Like a little painful. (Danny) Yeah, yeah. I don’t know what’s
going on. That looks like a banana or – some kind of seasonal gourd.
– (all laugh) That looks like– Dude, dude.
That’s a fish. – (Danny) Is it a fish?
– That looks like a straight-up fish, dude. – (Rhett laughs)
– Oh! Oh! Hold on, there’s only one way
to find out. You got a life line. Oh yeah, we have to smell it. There is a
board literally that just says in capital – letters, “SMELL IT!” So we gotta.
– That’s the only one left, guys. – Do we smell both?
– (Danny) Lemme smell this first. (Danny) This one doesn’t
quite smell like anything. That doesn’t really smell much either,
I think, because it was probably a frozen fish. I’m sticking to
my guns on the fish thing. – Doesn’t smell like a fish, though?
– You know what I’m thinking this is? – Do you have a guess?
– The texture looks like the thing, but the color is the Incredible Hulk,
so I’m all confused. I can’t… – I’m gonna go out on a limb here.
– (Danny) Yeah… – A limb!
– First of all, before you go out on a limb… – A limb!
– (Link, Arin, and Danny laugh) – Come on now! Come on! Yeah!
– That’s another life line. (Rhett) Before you guess, can we just
make an agreement that we’ll do – something at a kid’s birthday party.
– Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. – The four of us.
– For sure. – Or the world’s sexiest barbershop quartet.
– (all laugh) – (Arin) All right, all right, all right.
– Wait, I think I do have an idea. ‘Cause if these are chips,
would that be Fish and Chips? (Arin) These are like computer
chips or something! – Could that be?
– Fish and Chips! – That’s what we’re going for.
– (both) That’s our final answer. (Stevie) All right, let’s reveal! – Unzip me.
– (Danny and Arin) Oh yeah. – (Danny) Sensual!
– (Arin) Here we go, all right. – (Danny) You’re good.
– Oh, I’m good? (Danny) Yep, lookin’ good. – (Danny) What…
– (Arin) Oh, they’re wood chips! – (Danny) Oh, they’re wood chips! Yeah!
– But we were sort of there! – (all) Wooo!
– (Danny) It’s a disgusting fish! – Oh wow, it’s real.
– It did not smell, I gotta say. – (Rhett) Smell it now.
– And you know what? You guys win that fish! – (Danny and Arin cheer)
– Congratulations! – Pre-gutted? Pre-gutted?!
– (Link) Yeah! – Aw, you guys shouldn’t have!
– (all laugh) – Woo!
– Oh, it’s so much floppier. – You beat us!
– Congratulations, guys. Thanks for liking, commenting,
subscribing, and sharing this sleeve video. (Rhett whispers) You guys say,
“You know what time it is.” – Oh.
– (Both) You know what time it is! (laughs) – Hi, I’m Anna.
– And I’m Antonio. And we’re from Mexico City. (both) And it’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality! For more Danny and Arin, check ’em out
on the Game Grumps YouTube channel. And click through to Good Mythical More.
Can we play some games with you guys? – Can we grump it up?
– Of course you can! We’d be honored. – Octodad, all four of us playing in unison.
– Yes. – Controlling one octopus dad.
– Oh my God. – Okay!
– That sounds amazing. – Very nice.
– (Rhett) Link becomes President. – Oh, mazel tov!
– (dramatically) Thank you, thank you. – I am now your President.
– Which one? – Of the– of the– of this desk location.
– (laughs) – Okay. How do we serve you?
– Well, first of all, don’t wear any more – of these suits. I edict that.
– That’s a problem. I don’t– – But you’ve got one on.
– Yeah. – I want to be special.
– Mr. President, we don’t have anything – on under this.
– Yeah, I mean, it’s gonna be a problem – for everybody, really.
– Yeah. – I hereby issue a reversal of my edict.
– (laughs) – So now you have to remove yours.
– Oh! – If you’re reversing it.
– Yeah. I’m fine with that. I have
a bunch of wood chips. – You’d like to see them, wouldn’t you?
– (laughs) [Captioned by Caitrin:
GMM Captioning Team]

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