‘What’s the point of that?’: Lorraine Kelly lashes out during Jennifer Arcuri interview
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‘What’s the point of that?’: Lorraine Kelly lashes out during Jennifer Arcuri interview

November 19, 2019

Lorraine. – Yeah. God, that was crazy,
wasn’t it? That was … What’s the point? Coming on,
not answering any questions. What’s the point in that?
Anyway. – Jennifer, do you want to respond
to Lorraine? – I mean, it doesn’t make any sense. What’s the point in you coming on
and then not saying anything? – I’m sorry? – What is the point of you
coming on the TV to clear the air, and then you don’t say anything? – Why, I believe I said a few things. What is it that you’re looking for
that I say? – Well, you didn’t answer any of the
questions that were put to you and I just don’t see the point of you
coming on, to be honest. Anyway, let me tell you what’s coming
on after half past.

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  1. Lorraine Kelly is a number 1 bxxxx and was soo upset with the demise of David Cameron like he was her relative please who cares wat she thinks apart from the government who she works for ! Peace

  2. Why is this something to celebrate? The way people, and I'm sure that I'm guilty of it too, get vindictive glee from seeing other people put in unpleasant situations is something that isn't a virtue. This was just an example of bullying as far as I can see, but it's against someone we're meant to dislike and so bullying is now acceptable, until it's against someone we side with, then suddenly it's not acceptable again.

    "Get in", "Well done", "people’s champion", etc., you'd think that this woman had personally wronged the lot of you. She's just some random woman who might have had an affair with Johnson, yet you're treating her like some sort of terrorist who has been apprehended by Kelly.

  3. boris johnson wanted a menage a' trois with ms symonds & jennifer; a threesome involving our prime minister with carrie & arcuri.

  4. If you can’t take the heat why bother come on tv? Not bullying from Lorraine. Obviously this is to raise her own silly profile

  5. What has the world come too. All these people wanting to be made famous for what. ? what about the real things in this world like starvation and no water. And our children’s futures. I’m an English man get me out of here.

  6. Dear "The Guardian" angel ?
    Thank you for posting,
    That's awesome!
    Let's have a song for Miss Kelly shall we?
    "Have You Ever Seen Lorraine?"
    Original song made famous by:
    Creedence Clearwater Revival
    No worries.
    I like cheese too. ?
    The plot thickens.. ??
    Love from ?
    Mish Again
    *USA L.L.C.
    (copyright pending)

  7. There is only one point to why she has suddenly turned up in London and it's not to talk about their relationship which supposedly started in as long ago as 2014 and didn't last that long.

    It is to disrupt Boris Johnson and the upcoming election, the question just remains, who has put her up to this paid her to do? there are a handful of suspects aren't there?

    Just hope all the UK public can see straight through it!!

  8. That woman is deplorable, full of B.S………….. she used that old lying trick, not saying to much, throwing up assumptions, (ooohhh i thought we had something) boycott her business. horrible horrible individual, i also believe that she is left leaning, which explains a lot.

  9. Lorraine speaking what we're all thinking.well done for calling her out.even our scottish women have balls.lorraine used to say hello to me when she came into tesco to shop.always nice to see her.piers morgan yeurchhhh why hasnt spaceX funded to blast him into venus yet to see if its breathable.hes perfect guinea piggy.

  10. ? Classic gold!! This joker Arcuri got called out for milking this story for all it’s worth, nice one Lorraine..

  11. Aye well done Lorraine Doll! Next time just say OY!! Arcuri yav goata choice Hen, either…gonny no day that….OR square go ya bam!

  12. Johnson-Arcuri investigation to review affair with another woman ► https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/nov/18/boris-johnson-jennifer-arcuri-investigation-to-review-affair-with-another-woman

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