Whats the Best Lens and Peep Combo for 3D Archery?
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Whats the Best Lens and Peep Combo for 3D Archery?

August 14, 2019

Hi, I’m Chuck Cooley I’m the founder of Feather Visions and this week we’re going to talk about the best lens and peep combination for 3d You’re watching On The Line With your host – Chuck Cooley The best lens and peep combo for 3d varies quite a bit for most archers, and it really depends on what kind of game you’re going to shoot. Whether you’re at the top tier of the game, you may want a glass lens in a three or a four power so that you can keep a moderate to large size peep. If you’re shooting from the shorter stakes a lot of times you can get away with a composite material in a four or maybe a six power lens, but it all depends on the skill of the shooter. Really when you get into higher powers. It’s easier to get lost on the target and occasionally you need to go to a small peep or a clarifier. Small peeps when you get into the woods can make it difficult to see a great distance. You generally want to stay with a little bit less power and a little bit bigger peep. So I’ll generally recommend the Feather Vision Acies Plus, which is our top-of-the-line composite material or our Verde Plus which is our glass lens. That has great clarity all the way out past 50 yards It’ll be a great choice for you out on the 3d range. I want to thank you in advance for tuning into the Feather Vision series if you need to contact us for sales please call 1-866-FVI-LENS or visit our website for more information at FeatherVision.com Feather Vision, the archery industry’s lens authority.. Are you Seeing What the Pros See?

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