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September 10, 2019

Metal Jesus: Metal Jesus here, and I’m back
again with another video, this time talking about, what is on my phone? Now, this is an
iPhone here. However, each one of these apps and games is also available on Android. Let’s
take a look. To start off with, we’re going to talk about
an app called OfferUp. This is a Craigslist competitor. But what’s really cool about it
is that it is completely designed for mobile phones. Now, what I mean by that is that this
app is not some website that they’re trying to shoehorn into a small screen. No, it’s
designed to be used anywhere you are at any moment. Snap a photo, and you’re ready to
rock and roll. You’re ready to sell something or potentially buy something or communicate
with a buyer or seller. It’s all right built into your phone, and it’s awesome. As you see here, depending on what you’re
interested in, you can browse a bunch of different categories. So you can go into music or beauty
and health or even video games, lots and lots of video games. One of the really cool things
about this is that you can set the area that you want to search. And so it can be a living
thing. So for instance, if you go on vacation or perhaps you travel a lot and you go to
a different city, you can literally just dial in as much or as little of the surrounding
area that you want to search. So why don’t we try it. What can I sell? Well,
I got to be honest. I don’t really need a razor anymore, growing out the facial hair.
So here, let’s take a quick photo of my used razor here. And then let’s see here, okay,
yeah. So it’s a used razor. And, yes, my loss is somebody else’s gain. And let’s put it
at a dollar. All right, it’s live. Now, let’s see if anybody bites. So this app is definitely starting to catch
fire, especially around my area. Lots of people are starting to talk about it. Lots of people
are using it. I would say almost as many people are using this now as Craigslist. So depending
on your area, you may get different results. But the good news is it’s completely free
for the time being. So definitely check it out. Many of you come to my channel looking for
game recommendations. Well, I have been playing Inferno and Inferno 2. These are really fun
twin stick shooters that I guess mix up a little bit of maybe Smash TV feel with geometry
wars and a full-blown RPG. This is awesome. Now, the thing about gaming on a mobile phone
is all about the controls. And thankfully, this game controls really well. There’s not
a lot of frustration here. And there’s also some serious precision. The controls feel
just right. And it’s a good thing too, because this game gets hectic quick. But like I mentioned earlier, one of my favorite
aspects of this is that there is full-blown RPG in here. You can upgrade a ton of stuff
based on the XP that you gather while you’re blowing all this stuff up. So you can upgrade
your missiles, your shields, your power. There’s just a ton of optimization here. And just look at those visuals. I love that
vector-based graphics style. It just got this really cool old school vibe to it. But the
game feels new and fresh. As a matter a fact, I love it so much, I actually beat the first
one, and then I went on and bought the second, and I’m working my way through that one. So lots of challenge here if you’re looking
for it, but you can also dial it back if you’re more of a casual player. Definitely, check
out the Inferno series. Here’s an app. I’m not even sure how I lived
without it before because I’m such a big music fan. And I love seeing bands play live. But
often, I don’t hear about who’s coming. Or even like tonight, it’s like, who’s playing
tonight? I have no idea. I’m so out of touch. Well, Bandsintown is the app for me and you
if you like live music. The first thing that the app does is scans
your phone for all the albums and songs that you’ve been listening to recently and then
builds a profile based on that. And it does this because it wants to give you recommendations.
Now, you have total control over that. So for instance, you can say, “No, I only want
to track these particular artists.” Or you can get recommendations, which is what I really
like. And you can really dial that in because sometimes you get more pop or you might get
country. But for the most part, I get a lot of rock and metal. And it’s pretty smart.
It seems to do a really good job. But there’s other times where I just want
to know, who’s playing tonight in Seattle? And it’s really cool to hit that button and
just scroll through. And honestly, I’m often amazed. I’m like I see all these bands that
I haven’t thought about in years and be like “Oh yeah! They’re still touring.” Or “They’re
going to be playing this Thursday” or something like that. It’s definitely really cool if
you’re into live music. Here’s a pretty unique game that is unlike
anything I’ve ever played before called Dark Echo. Basically, this is a survival horror game
where literally you can’t see anything but the audio that’s around you. And it’s represented
graphically in a really interesting kind of way. For instance, you can stomp your feet
and the audio waves will echo around the room to give you a sense of just how big it is
and also maybe where some doors or corridors are. But this is a survival horror game and something
wants to hurt you badly. And it’s cool because it’s represented with red. And you don’t know
exactly what it is. It just sounds terrifying. There’s other ambient noises as well that
really feed into this atmosphere of dread and just fear. This is a weird scary game.
You’ll quietly hear like a drop of water somewhere down a corridor or maybe you’ll hear another
person walking. But again, you’re not sure what they’re doing, whether they’re good or
bad. You’ll hear maybe people getting hurt or all this other weird stuff. It’s definitely
an awesome game you want to play with headphones and just get lost in it. Well, should we see if anyone is interested
in my razor? Okay, let’s see here. Ooh, okay, two responses. Tiffany wrote a message. All
right, let’s check out what Tiffany says: “You should throw that away and not waist,
waste, people’s time on OfferUp with a used razor. That is a hygiene product and not healthy
to be shared. Furthermore, if health conditions are passed from one person to another, it
could be a criminal offense. This is not a funny post.” I’ll agree with her there. It’s not really
that funny. Kind of is, but oh well. Sorry, Tiffany, that I offended you. Let’s see what
Jacob has to say here. So Jacob, “Is it autographed?” Ah, a fan. Lately, I have been obsessed with a 2D platformer
called Magic Rampage. And I know there’s a lot of these in the app stores that are out
there for these smartphones. But honestly, this is one of the best ones. So first off, it’s free. So just download
it and try it if you are into these kind of games. But what makes it really special is
the graphics. The graphics are really great, very crisp. And then also the controls. Again,
this is a 2D platformer, and the controls really matter, and they nailed it. The other thing I like is that it’s also part
RPG as many of these games are. But this one does it really smartly because you’re going
to be doing a lot of loot-collecting here. Get all sorts of equipment and rings to wear
and then also weapons. But those weapons and that armor and those rings have an elemental
aspect to them. And unlike other games, you’re going to be swapping out quite a bit here. For instance, in some levels, you can play
through them and maybe complete the level, but it’ll tell you that you haven’t unlocked
or found everything. And that’s because you didn’t put on the suit that allows you to
jump really high and get to areas of the level that you couldn’t otherwise reach. Also, you’ll
meet certain enemies that might be taken down quicker if you had the right weapon. There are some in-app purchases that are available
to you. But honestly, you don’t need to do that because I found that, one, the game gives
you a lot of gold. But if you find yourself wanting that little extra piece of equipment
or something like that, you might be tempted like I was to spend a buck or two and be able
to do that quickly. Either way, it’s a fantastic game, and I highly recommend it. I’m an old school guy. I like my physical
vinyl records. I also have a bunch of CDs. And for many years, I resisted this digital
online revolution that was happening with streaming over the Internet, streaming music
and stuff. And so I actually came to Spotify fairly late. But I’m so glad I did because
the service rocks. The big thing for me is that I can listen
to whatever I want at the exact moment that I want to. Unlike services like Pandora where
you’ll type in a song and maybe it’ll play that one but usually it’s going to play something
similar because of licensing or whatever, Spotify allows you to listen to the exact
song or album right there. It’s just all available to you. Also, their catalog of music is really impressive.
The majority of albums and artists that you are into are probably already on Spotify but,
more than that, even their new albums. So when an album comes out on a Tuesday, it’s
usually available here. So again, you don’t actually have to buy albums anymore. It’s
right on Spotify. Also, if you upgrade your account, you don’t
have to listen to ads. And as a little bonus, you can download the music straight to your
smartphone. That is perfect if you are in an area that doesn’t have great cell phone
service. So that is just some of the apps and games
I’ve been using lately on my phone. But I’d love to know what you guys are using on your
phones because it seems to change every week. So much comes out and it’s so easy to miss
stuff. So please post a comment down below. As always, I want to thank you for watching
my channel, and thanks for subscribing. Take care. Mrs. Metal Jesus: Hey, it’s Mrs. Metal Jesus
here. If you want to see even more videos, go to It’s got his entire
catalog, swag, Facebook and Twitter links. Plus, we got live footage of our band playing,
including me on drums. So check it out, bitches.

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