What’s inside the BEST Gaming Chair?
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What’s inside the BEST Gaming Chair?

August 23, 2019

– [Daniel] What you got there, buddy? – Chocolate bar. – [Daniel] That’s a giant chocolate. Why are we bringing it to the office? – Oh, ’cause Mom said that we had to, even though I was just
like, “I want to eat it.” But she said I couldn’t, so. – [Daniel] Did she say
you couldn’t eat it, or did she say bring it to the office? – Said bring it to the office and then I asked if I could eat it, then she’s like, “No, don’t eat
it, bring it to the office.” (soft rock music) – Okay, well, if it’s at the office, I think we eat this thing. Welcome to a video, today
we are gonna show you a part of the office,
not the full-on tour, but we just got a new sign
and we got some new chairs in the mail from a company that we want to unbox and check out. – Yeah.
(rock music) – So, first, Lincoln has
not seen the new sign. Neither have you guys. But, Lincoln, are you ready? Are you not gonna look? – Oh, I see it in the reflection. Okay, that’s bright. Wooooow! Okay, that’s super bright. That’s brighter than I expected. – [Daniel] Did you ever
think when we first paid 40 dollars to get this logo done that someday we would spend a
thousand dollars to make a sign? – Not really. (Daniel laughing) – Leslie did this. She put this stuff, it’s like wallpaper, and put this on the wall. And then this beautiful, metal sign. (fingers softly brushing)
Look at that. It’s all lit up from the back, like, there’s a switch
over here we can push. – [Lincoln] Oh, that’s good, (switch clicks)
because I can’t tell– Whoa. That looks cool, too. – [Daniel] You like it better like this? – Yeaaaah.
– [Daniel] Let’s see. Let us know in the comments: What do you like? Do you like it with it black like this? – [Lincoln] Black looks really good. – [Daniel] Or white? That’s cool! I didn’t that it could be black or white. – [Lincoln] Yeah! – [Daniel] Is it black or white? – It’s white, it’s gray,
it’s gray right now. (switch clicks)
(hard rock music) – [Lincoln] Now it’s black. – [Daniel] Wow, that’s cool. Let’s put this chocolate down, maybe we’ll eat a little bit of it, and then get ready for
the coolest office chairs that you have ever seen in your life! – So happy you got this done.
– [Daniel] What? – It looks amazing.
– [Daniel] What? What? – The stuff up there. – Oh! The stuff up there. Yeah, we put this on here. This is our main channel
on YouTube, 510,000. This is our Instagram, 244,000. – [Lincoln] 510,000? – [Daniel] Five hundred– – Dad. – [Daniel] 5.1 million. – Yes.
– [Daniel] Wait. – Yeah!
– [Daniel] Yes. – I was a little off. I’m not good with numbers, okay? – I’m sorry. – [Daniel] Why are you apologizing that I’m not good with numbers? – Because that’s your fault. – That doesn’t make any sense. This is Facebook, 316,000. Twitter, hundred and twenty [Thousand]. Main family channel, which is what you’re watching this on, 593,000. We’re almost at 600,000 on there. – [Lincoln] That’s amazing! – So, for all of you
guys that are watching that’s subscribed to our channel, why aren’t you following us
on the other social platforms? We post stuff on there that’s fun. And that’s where we, a lot of
times, connect with you guys. Like, send you messages and talk to you. – Wait a second! I have a question. Where’s my Instagram? (Daniel laughs) – [Daniel] That is a good question. – Uh-huh.
– Alright! We are gonna buy one more
of these for Mr. Linkpie. If you’re not following Lincoln– – Whootwhoot! Its name is called Linkpie. – Linkpie. Because he likes pie–
– I love pie. – And Link is his name, kinda. (Lincoln grunts) Onto the coolest chairs
you’ve ever seen in your life! Ready, go. So this is the chair I currently have. It’s nice, it’s leather. But I have to put this pillow here because when I sit on
it, it helps my back. And it’s really squeaky
and it leans way back, which is okay if I wanna like, put my feet up on a desk, like this. But after hours of editing, my back just hurts when I’m using it. So, we needed some new
chairs, so we looked online, we’re like, “What are the best
gaming chairs that you have?” ‘Cause gamers, you gotta think about it, they just sit there and
play video games for days. (energetic electronic music) – I feel… Hoooooooorribbbbbbbblllllllllllle. Literally for days. I’ve heard of people that
have played video games for so long without
even sleeping or eating that they’ve actually died
from playing video games. We went online, we found this
company called Ergodirect that makes these beautiful chairs. Look at all the options
that you get to choose. The frame size, the arm
type, PolyFlex back, back upholstery, fabric
color, seat height. That’s a lot of options that
you get to choose from a chair. You know it’s gonna be
legit if it does that. And the cool thing that
we sorta read about this is that it adjusts based
off of your weight. So, they sent us three of them. For freeeeeee. – For freeeeeee? – For free. Let us know if you know
what movie that’s from. Here’s a little clip, maybe
if we can find right here. – For freeeeeee. – Eeeeeeee. – Eeeeee.
– Eeeeeeeeeeee. – I bet we can. – [Daniel] Yeah, probably can. (electronic music) I can’t believe how easy that was. – Boing! Boing! Boing! Boing! Boing! I think it’s good. (chair back clicks into place) (plastic thuds) (mechanical slide noise) – Wow!
– Whooooaaa. That’s all we had to do? – I’m high. I am high. – You are so high right now. How’s it feel to be so high, Lincoln? – Yes, I’m so high. Wheeee. (Daniel laughs) Okay, this is fun. – ‘Kay, I need one, too. Awww, that’s actually really cozy. Alright! (Lincoln yells) Seriously, though, this is super cozy, I can feel like where you’re sitting, the back support, it’s like
ergonomical with your arms. Do you know what ergonomical means? – No. – We’ll look it up later. (upbeat music) Lincoln just feels so high in that. (Lincoln sighs) – Now I feel so low. (upbeat electronic music) – [Daniel] Overall
impressions of the chair? – Awesome. – Get outta here. Oooooohh. (Lincoln yells) (Daniel grunts)
(glass breaks) (dramatic classical music) (plastic rips) (foil crinkles) – It smells like chocolate. – Wow. Cool. – Whoa. (Lincoln breathes) – Break your teeth off. (Lincoln slurps) Oh, you got a piece! (Daniel grunts) (Daniel laughs) I got a big piece. (Daniel chewing) That’s really good. It’s just a corner, I just need
a small piece of chocolate. C’mon, don’t give me a hard time, Mom. (Lincoln slurping) I don’t like you eating it
that way ’cause then it… (Lincoln laughs) Just slurping all over it, like, getting your yucky juices all over it. (Lincoln laughs) (dramatic music) (mouth chewing) This is what ergonomics means. Means hang loose. Mhm. That’s it. Yep. Here and now we’re all smarter.

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