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August 14, 2019

Hi, guys, and welcome back to my channel.
Today I’m going to do an up to date what’s in my bag video, because I haven’t done one
of these since I started YouTube about 20 months ago, and I have a new bag now and my
children are a bit older so I’m taking out different things with me. So Caleb is in the
other room as well. That’s my youngest. He has decided that he is no longer napping so
he may run in and out. I don’t know. Also wanted to show you my new bag. Is a Coco
Bow bag and it is called Aalin. Really, really love the shape of it. It is like a light gray
leather. It is beautiful. It’s got loads and loads of pockets inside it, so you can put
loads of different things. Although it is like a luxury handbag, it is a baby bag, so
it came with the changing mat in it. It also comes with two little straps to go on either
side of the bag so that you can hang it onto your pram really easily. Also came with another big strap so that you
can wear it across your body like a satchel. It’s really, really beautiful quality. It’s
not like your typical mummy bag. This bag is perfect for working moms as well, like
myself, because I work for three days and then I am off for four days with the kids.
In the past I had been swapping my purse and keys and everything from one bag, my work
bag, into the baby bag and sometimes I get to work and I’d be like, “Oh, I’ve left my
purse in the other bag,” and just doing silly things like that. But this I can use for both. I can easily
take this to work and it looks like a professional bag, but then I can also keep all of the things
in it for the kids. It’s the perfect size. So yes, I’m just really loving it. There’s
lots of hidden pockets and on the inside as well. So yes, I’m just going to now show you
what is inside it. Just to start, this is in no particular order
or anything like that. A Molton Brown hand cream, hands have been getting really dry
in the winter. I’ve got this really cute hairbrush and it opens up, it’s got a mirror and a brush
on it, so it’s ideal for having in your handbag. I’ve got a drink for Caleb in the Tommee Tippee
cup. I still find that this is the only cup that does not leak if you throw it inside
a bag. A pen. I have lipstick. This is quite a dark color, but it is winter time and it
is called Dahlia and it is [Albon. 00:02:11]. My friend Albon, so I like to support her
and the makeup is really, really good. It reminds me a lot of Mac. Little baby Jo Malone sample of Pomegranate
Noir. Germolene for my kids if they hurt themselves. Tiny bit left of Anbesol in this little jar
in case my youngest is teething, which he only has a few of his back ones left to get.
Salt and vinegar Pom Bears. A hand sanitizer. My friend actually brought this back from
New York for me. It’s from the Bath and Body Works and it smells so good. Really nice smelling
hand sanitizer that one. Massive bunch of keys. I’ve got a little Tupperware full of popcorn
because last night we had a movie night and they didn’t eat all of the popcorn and it’s
a really good snack. They love it and it’s not that bad for you. I’ve got an apple. I’ve
got Caleb’s sandwich today, which is Philadelphia cream cheese and a little bit of jam as well.
My Michael Kors purse. I’ve used this for about three years. My friends actually got
me this for my birthday and it’s a really good size. Nice quality and stuff. Yeah, I’ve
got four Pampers nappies. I’ve just always used Pampers and I always take four out with
me. I’ve got a gigantic pack of wipes. These are the ones that we get from Costco’s and
although they’re quite heavy, I just love these wipes. They’re really big and they’re
like the perfect wetness, if that makes sense. I’ve got one baby inside it. Just kidding.
Say hello. I have my phone. You have got the phone out of it now. Will
you say hello? My little tiny GoPro camera. It is so cute and it’s ideal for like if you
go to a soft play and I’m filming Caleb or if you go to a park, it just fits in my pocket
so easily and I can film on it really well. A pack of Oreos for bribery. Really cute little
baby tripod in there? I forgot I even had that in there. Got one little outfit in there
for Caleb because he’s still at the stage where he could like jump in and muddy puddle
and fall over in it or spill his drink on himself. Got a little tee shirt from H&M,
and some little jeans, these are from Zara Kids. Pair of socks. Paracetamol for when
they give me a headache. Receipt for my Sainsbury’s shopping, which I spend a fortune on every
week. I’ve got this really cute little mirror in
here, it is by Sue Moxley, who is a beauty journalist that I actually got to meet doing
a video for with Channel Mum, and she gave me this mirror and it’s so cool. It opens
up. It’s got two massive mirrors on both sides, but it also has a little switch there, and
if you go… Then you get the light, and you can like see it and do your makeup, actually
with good light. It is so cool. And you can pick up her beauty stuff in Tesco Express.
She has some really good stuff. I use that a lot. I’ve got a nursery fees bill, I must pay that.
I’ve got a spoon and a truck that was from a Kinder Egg Surprise. That’s everything that
is in my hand bag currently. It is my handbag and it’s also my changing bag. I’m using it
for everything at the moment. I’ll link down below where I got it from. So thank you so
much for watching. I hope you liked this video. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if
you haven’t already. I basically do mummy, foodie, beauty videos, and I will see you
all soon. Bye. Different ways that you can make pancakes
for your children.

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  1. I love your accent!! Miss seeing little vlogs of the boys they me make laugh lol! Youngest reminds me of my son lol xx

  2. Haven't finished watching your video yet but had to say that I love the bag!!!! And your sweater!!!! Where is it from?

  3. Emily, just wanted to add that I love your videos, all of them!!!!! You inspire me to be a better mom every single time. Thank you so much for being always so nice and responding to all comments. I hope you never change!

  4. thats was great i loved how many things you could fit in there and how you could fit in a spare change of clothes for your youngest! very good

  5. wow that bag super cute one I just got me a bag like that but not same brand and I love it best bag ever so convent and like a diaper bag just way cuter ; ) I think that they should do away with diaper bags and only make purse diaper bags so cute

  6. I really love these videos, I think they are my favourite kind, I have an obsession for handbags so I love finding out what people have in theirs! x

  7. Just came across your channel today, enjoying your past videos and have subscribed 🙂 my children (and I!) are older than your family but it's been nice watching and reminiscing about when mine were this age. Would love to see some grwm and fashion stuff alongside the mum stuff too! You're a natural 🙂

  8. Just found your channel, am now obsessed with your videos and just binge watched a whole load! Love this bag, would definitely purchase it even with it being a 'mummy' bag, it's gorgeous xxx

  9. Hi Emily! I know this is an old vlog but was wondering if you're still using this bag with Jackson? Has it lasted well? Absolutely love your vlogs! Xx

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