Whatever Happened To Dog The Bounty Hunter
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Whatever Happened To Dog The Bounty Hunter

December 16, 2019

Though he’s been inexplicably absent from
basic cable in recent years, don’t go thinking Dog has been resting on his laurels. So where is Dog the Bounty Hunter now? Much like the man himself, we’ve searched
far and wide to hunt down all the answers and we’ve got them all right here. “She’s hotter than M-80 on the fourth of
July. Boom.” After eight seasons of blond hair and bringing
back bail-jumpers, A&E canceled the once hugely popular Dog the Bounty Hunter in 2012. Undaunted, star Duane Lee Chapman simply jumped
networks and started another TV series; Dog and Beth: On the Hunt – on CMT in 2013. Over the course of three seasons, Dog and
his bounty-hunting crew traveled from their home base in Hawaii to various parts of the
U.S. in order to catch criminals. “Who’s the greatest bounty hunter in the world?” “Me. Thank you dear.” “Yeah whatever.” Before he became the second most famous bounty
hunter ever – after beloved Star Wars character Boba Fett, of course – Chapman learned firsthand
about criminal behavior… by being involved with a grisly crime and getting locked behind
bars for it. “The radio alarm went off for my work and
it said Dog disciple is being sought for the shotgun slaying massacre of Jerry Oliver last
night in Pampa, Texas.” “He died.” Back in 1976, a 23-year-old Chapman waited
in the car outside a house in Texas, while his friend ran in to buy marijuana. But when the friend and the drug dealer got
into fight, Dog’s buddy shot the drug dealer dead. Chapman told the AP in 2012, “In Texas in the ’70s, if you were present,
you were just as guilty.” Chapman got a five-year prison sentence, ultimately
serving 18 months. This news first came to light when Chapman
was denied entry into the U.K. to appear on Celebrity Big Brother because of his criminal
past. In one of the more bizarre celebrity news
stories in recent memory, the Dog once stepped in to help out actor Nicolas Cage. According to ABC News, New Orleans police
arrested Cage in 2011, after a domestic dispute with his wife Alice Kim got a little out of
hand. Once he got tired of arguing with his wife,
Cage reportedly started hitting cars, and when the police arrived, he was said to ask,
quote, “Why don’t you just arrest me?” A dedicated fan of Cage’s, Dog later bailed
him out of jail. Charges against Cage were dropped later that
year, but we’re still waiting for someone to make a TV series about this budding friendship. Ever the public crusader, Chapman ended Dog
and Beth: On the Hunt on his own accord after three seasons in 2015. The reason? According to Fox News, he wanted to use his
status as the world’s most famous bounty hunter to combat bounty hunter law reform efforts
taking place across the U.S. “The bail bond industry here is causing a
tsunami across the nation. Of crime.” Dog felt that the energy he spent actively
bounty hunting would be better spent working behind the scenes on behalf of other bounty
hunters, such as trying to stop proposed laws that included minimum-age limits for bounty
hunters and preventing people who are themselves fugitives from becoming bounty hunters. But according to Deadline in January 2019,
Dog just couldn’t sit on the sidelines forever. His new series Dog’s Most Wanted, is slated
for WGN America, and will feature Dog and the team hunting down fugitives from the “FBI,
US Marshals and state lists across the country.” Recently, Duane and Beth have made headlines
in a big way for the first time since their shows went off the air. Unfortunately, it’s because of Beth’s prolonged
illness. In the fall of 2017, Chapman was diagnosed
with stage II throat cancer. Just a few weeks later, she endured a 12-hour
surgery to remove a tumor that a family friend told The Blast was the size of a plum. Two months later, Dog reported that Beth was
cancer-free. “I may have had a 50/50 chance you know, through
the surgery and what not, but I feel like we have a 50/50 chance every time we leave
the office.” Sadly, a little over a year later, the cancer
returned. Once more, Chapman had an emergency operation
on her throat to remove a large blockage. Around that time, photographers spotted Dog
leaving an L.A. restaurant, and they asked how Beth was doing. Chapman replied, “I appreciate the question and say a prayer. She’s not doing good.” Here’s hoping Beth makes a full recovery soon.

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  2. Who the fuck cares about that mental incest ridden family pretending to be bounty hunter :,D i hope they die, i hope the cancer works.

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    wow, its 2019 I can run 5 mins down the street with a card and purchase a pre roll for 5 dollars
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  8. Is the show fake? Because i saw how a guys handcuffs changed from front to behind his back in a second

  9. "Dog" was just an immature, 88-90 I.Q. semi-dufus (statistically same I.Q. as the average cop). Unfortunately, he's still shown in reruns by some low budget, over-the-air TV broadcasters.
    My grandfather is in better physical shape. Look at the vid again. The dude has biceps like pipe cleaners.
    40+ years ago there were guys who looked good w/that hair. BUT — they didn't have it bleached at a salon like Dufus Doggie turd. Nor did they have obese girlfriends/wives who didn't bathe.
    If it wasn't for his $325/mo. residuals, "Dog" would have still been doing the fries at a McDonald's, or cleaning offices at night.
    After seeing it a couple of times, HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY KEEP WATCHING THIS CRAP?

  10. Dwayne Chapman i need your help to find my stepson a bonds man called my husband today they want my stepson to come in if not they will put a bounty on him his name is johnny Eugene Hinson if you hear any thing i want to know he stays in Georgia

  11. Dwayne Chapman i need your help to find my stepson a bonds man called my husband today they want my stepson to come in if not they will put a bounty on him his name is johnny Eugene Hinson if you hear any thing i want to know he stays in Georgia

  12. Delete this right fkn now ur a fake arse i commented a few months ago stating his wife beth has cancer so the reason he stopped filming was to take care of beth beth has now passed away ur vid is full of lives remove this…..

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