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What Sort Of Bike Would You Buy? | Ask GMBN Anything About Mountain Biking

October 10, 2019

– Welcome to this week’s
Ask GMBN where we’re going to get stuck into all of your questions about mountain biking
that you’ve given us in the comments down below and
through our hashtag Ask GMBN and, of course on email: [email protected] Thanks for getting involved. That’s a precursor to the
questions we’re about to get to. – Yeah. – Neil, are you ready? I’ve specifically chosen
questions this week that are going to test you out. – Are they all about fat bikes? (laughs) – No, Damn it! I’ve failed already. – Well E-bikes. – E-bikes, right, here we go. First question is from Bike MTB. This is a good one for you actually. I’m interested in the answer. If you could buy one bike
and one bike only, Neil, which one would it be? In terms of the discipline. – The oldest question in mountain biking. – It’s great, though, isn’t it? It’s great. – For me personally I would
have a, sort of, traily Enduro bike, 140, 150 mil travel. – Yeah, yeah. – Something I’ve got
recently, a Scott Genius, I love it. It does all the stuff I
want to do, like ride miles, but also be really good down hill, obviously, it’s super light as well. But it’s not gonna be as good downhill as an Enduro bike or a downhill bike. But for me, that is the perfect bike. – Nice, nice, and could
do myself, sort of like, a pre-accident and post. – Yeah. – Pre-accident would be a
really cool, aggressive, geometry hard tail with front suspension, because I could just,
that suited my riding. – Two brakes. – Aw yeah, aw yeah I’ve
got to have two brakes. And then, maybe single speed, no not
single speed, scrub that. And then now I just need
as much boing as I can get, travel, it’s all about travel. – Big bike. – Basically, it’s the
best for me at the moment. Good question, I enjoyed answering that. I liked that thanks. Jeff C: coming to your channel from GCN, that’s alright that’s fine. And I’ve been mountain
biking a few months, I’m looking to buy a full suspension bike, what are your thoughts
on piggyback shocks? So we probably should explain
what a piggyback shock it. – It’s a rear suspension
and it’s got an extra damping bit with more oil in there. It really comes down
to what you’re going to ride, I would think you’re
probably riding more miles more cross country stuff,
then I would say no. It’s probably going to
be heavier than you need and it’s not going to get very hot, so you don’t need all that
extra fluid and stuff. So I would say probably not,
you’re probably better off with a, just normal airshock. – It is quite a common question though, is that that extra little
reservoir on top of the shock or below it, can sometimes
ask the question, well what’s that doing
if you don’t need it. – Bigger downhill rides,
more aggressive riding, then it’s going to help,
but other than that no. – Good answer. Right next question is from CO2R. GMBN, is there any
future in mountain biking like we can make a living from it? Well that’s interesting question. – That’s a tough question to answer. You can do it. – I don’t think, really,
that’s the way to look at it. Even if that’s what you
want to get out of it. If you’re coming in to
mountain biking and you’re thinking can I make this a career, can I make a career in the
industry, answer is yes. There is lots of different
things you can do in mountain biking, but
the way you’re going to get to all of them, I think,
is just by enjoying it. All the people I know love the sport and are working in the
industry either as a rider, or promoting events,
or working with brands, marketing, all that stuff,
there’s so many things in the sport you can do these days. Youtube channels, there’s so many options. They’re all doing it just
because they really love it. – I definitely stumbled in
to it because I loved racing, and it brought from there. I got better sponsorship and then that, the more of that you
get the more it builds. And that was the start of it all, and I’ve ended up here
doing this, which is quite a lot different than that, however, I started it because I loved riding bikes. – I think we’ve stumbled
on a dream job dude, I don’t know how we’ve done it. Shhh keep quite, keep quite. But yes, there are roles to do and we need you guys involved. So get on with it. Ryan JH. Is it possible to cripple carbon rims? Cripple carbon rims, my
friend has carbon rims on his bike and his rear
wheel appears crippled. – I’m assuming you mean buckled, that’s what we call it. No I would see, I’ve never
seen a buckled carbon rim. They’re so straight,
they’re either straight or they’re broken. And if they break they tend
to delaminate or something. So… no. – No. I’ve never seen one buckled myself. Kyle. Who says, do you recommend
buying a dirt jump bike for skatepark and some
light trials riding? – Well a dirt jump bike’s
probably going to have single speed and potentially one brake, so it’s not really that
great at trails is it? – No, dirt jump in a skate
park, brilliant, great fun. Trial it’s going to be very frustrating. Because you’re not going
to have a front brake, and for trials you really need two brakes. To really, you know, really
do all the manoeuvres and all the different skills,
you do need those two brakes. It could be done, but a lot harder. – Foot jamming I think. – And the gearing would not be. – Wrong. – Yeah you want a really light gear. So not ideal for trials. Axel Gref says, I’m a cross country racer and they’ve started
adding jumps in the races, good make it more fun to watch, I want to learn how to
jump properly on a bike and maybe learn to do tricks. In brackets, (whip it like Nino Schurte). I’m going to come to that in a second. So should I buy a dirt jump bike or a race BMX to learn jumps. – I would say probably a dirt jump bike. Raxe BMX are great, but
they’re super twitchy. It’s not going to feel much like your, well it’s not going to feel anything like your cross country bike. Whereas a dirt jump bike
is still a mountain bike, it’s bigger, feels a lot more
like a cross country bike with the low saddle I suppose. – I would stick with
the cross country bike and continue to jump with that. The bike’s going to be able to
take it, they can take a lot. – Stick your seat down a bit. – But I want to just touch on the whip bit with Nino Schurte, Nino
Schurte can’t whip. Well if he can whip, he ain’t doing them. – It’s a bit of a tweak. – He does a tweak tabletop. – He looks pretty good. – It’s pretty cool, I think he does it too much, just saying,
putting it out here. You know, don’t want to come
across as a one trick pony when you’re the greatest
mountain biker on the planet. That’s all I’m saying. – It’s flipping hard to do
anything on a cross country bike. – Yeah, so I would say
if you’re going to whip, you’re going to need a dirt jump bike. Probably not for cross country, but that cross country bike can jump. And while we’re on the subject, why don’t we take a look at how
to jump a mountain bike a video we made previously. – Welcome to my class today, I’m going to teach the
basics of how to jump. Because everyone wants to do stunts, and everyone wants to
go massive on big jumps. But I’m going to teach
you the basics first. You can learn this on any bike, but I’ve got my Scott voltage
here, it is designed specifically for dirt
jumping, so it’s going to be super easy to learn on. But all those techniques can
be translated to other bikes, different size wheels just
can be a little bit harder. But first, I’m going to
teach you how to bunny hop, because you’re going to need it. – Seth Reichert: Why are
downhill bikes not single speed? Do you really need multiple gears just to go in one direction? – Absolutely, a lot of
them, not many, how many, six or some speed now
a days, back in my day they were all 10 speed. – Well you tough guy. – But you definitely need the gears, you’ll go out the gate in a low gear to get spinning and you
will chop and change between gears quite a lot. Single speed isn’t going anywhere. – Yeah but I want to drop in to that, what about the Gwin effect. – Well… – I mean he did win a
world cup with no chain. – The argument is that your
suspension works better without a chain, however,
that was Aaron Gwin’s very special, so we can’t really.. (laughing) – I still think that’s crazy. – It is mental, yeah. – Look it up on Youtube,
it’s insane, it’s insane. Neil Gooders says, can I
use motorcycle chain lube for MTB bike chains? – I would say no because
having metal bikes myself, the lube is really
sticky, because the speed the chain goes around,
you don’t want it to just fling off and anything
will stick to that, so I would say no, it’s going to put quite a lot of resistance on there. Look at this stuff, WD-40, it’s got PTFE in it, so it’s
just designed for bikes rather than motorbikes. You put that on a motorbike chain it will fling straight off, be no good. But on a push bike, that’s what you want. – Oh here’s good one, I want
to know the answer to this. Nicolas Canobra says, is
Neil coming to Chile for the 2018 version of the Andes Pacifico? And greeting from Chile. You love that. – I know, I loved it. It was amazing and it
was the best week ever. Amazing ridings, such a cool place, I don’t think I’m going
next year, however, I do want to go to Chile
again for, I just want to go for a ride really. Go down to the Andes, I’d
definitely do Andes Pacifico again, but not next year. – You came back from that event like, you were so pumped. – It was so nice to go away
in British winter as well and go to 35 degrees up in the hills and ride amazing dust trails, so good. – Actually, should we
have little look at it? Let’s have a look at Neil riding in the Chile Andes Pacifico. – Got the ski lift up, we’re
in La Parva Ski Resort. I’ve hiked up to the top. My watch is saying three
and a half thousand metres, so definitely feeling
the air’s pretty thin. The view is ridiculous. That is the Andes. This is the one it’s
famous for the anti-grip so everyone was saying just be careful. It’s so easy to overcook
it on the first day, so we’ll see, it’s a race, got to go fast. But try not to fall off. – Time for the quickfire round. We’re going to rattle
through some of the questions that are going to stump us both here. Davy Stone; can I use personal
lubricant as chain lube? – Personal lubricant… – What… – I don’t know what it is, but I’d say no. (laughing) – What… – I don’t use this as personal lubricant, I would say. – Wow next question. Joshua Pajtl says, is a 32 tooth chain ring
good with a 22-36 tooth 10 speed cassette, Neil? – 22-36 10 speed? – Yeah.
– 12-36 I would say probably. It’s going to be alright,
32’s quite small. I mean…
– Neil this is quickfire, yes or no? – Well no, because he means 12 not 36. – Okay. If it was 12? – It’s alright.
– This isn’t very quick. – It’s sort of in the middle there. – I’m going to really speed it up now. Okay here we go. The Timkatt says, Martyn,
you’re the first Brit I’ve seen who likes PB and J. – Peanut butter and Jelly. – Oh that’s what it is. I couldn’t think what that was. – Well that’s an Aussie thing isn’t it? – Peanut butter and jelly is gorgeous, it’s amazing, it’s a global thing Neil. Everybody’s in to it, I love it. XinSan3 says, how do I stop
my cranks from spinning when doing no foot tricks
on my dirt jump bike? Oh I’ve got a really good trick, I’ve see Blake Sampson do it. You get an old inner
tube, cut it up and tie it around the non-drive
side of your bottom bracket and peg arm, so it basically
creates rubber friction. – I’ve seen that with
the pro bike chat with Thommas Gannon, he used
some plumbing bit of rubber to do the same thing. – Yeah you can do it really neat, but if you want to just
do it really simply, just tie some rubber around there. – Or I would say, when I
used to do those things, you get good at doing it
and you put your feet off at exactly the same time,
don’t really need that. I think unless you’re doing proper, tailwhips and things where you’re actually kicking the bike and the pedals can move. – Thank’s for getting
involved with ask GMBN. Make sure you leave us
some questions for next week down in the comments
section down below. Definitely use a hashtag, ask BMGN. And of course, [email protected] on email. – For another video, click over here for a bunny hop video
for Blake on a fat bike, beating the, well not
beating the world record, setting a world record. – Yeah and of course,
bunny hops are important, I’ve been going on about it. So check here to see how
to make the hopometer we used for that very event. – Yeah. Give us the thumbs up if you like very slow quickfire rounds. – Yes, and of course wear your helmet and click on that logo
just there to subscribe.

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