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What Is The Overwatch GOATS Comp? | Behind The Akshon

October 8, 2019

When a never-before-heard of team plows
their way through the North American open division trials only dropping a
single game and taking first place then promptly 3-0’s NRG it sure garners
a lot of attention and questions. Who are these people? Did they abuse a game
mechanic? What comp did they run? Today we’ll be answering and picking apart that last
question. Welcome to “Behind The Akshon. In this episode we’ll be breaking down the
infamous composition known for being completely brain-dead yet insufferably
powerful enter the GOATS Comp. You may have heard the term in passing or maybe
even fell victim to it on ranked ladder but not know how it works, why it works
and most importantly how to counter it first let’s get the fundamentals of the comp on the table. GOATS consists of Reinhardt, Zarya, DVa
Brigitte, Lucio and Moira. The overall goal of the comp is to hit the enemy team
like a train isolating a single enemy and essentially insta killing them
“I welcome adversity” It may initially sound a lot like dive but it operates a
lot more aggressively. No dive characters saved DVa and Lucio are played, making
this calm like death ball on steroids. Let’s take a look at an example of GOATS
comp being used firsthand and who better to show off its effectiveness and by
none other than GOATS themselves in this example we’re going to look at how GOATS
chose to initiate teamfights. One of Gator’s favorite ways to initiate is to
get his Moira to pop Coalescence whilst lining himself up in GAOTS’ backline to
penetrate both friendlies and enemies alike. After popping Coalescence, Envision
immediately falls back creating space for Gator to move forward at an
aggressive pace. Once Envision’s Reinhardt falls, there’s nothing stopping the rest
of GOATS as they clean up. For a second example of an overly aggressive
initiation, GAOTS waits for vision to work their way around the statue which
puts a wall behind them Gator asks for a bubble the instant he hit
shift and barrels into the enemy without any regard for safety watch as the rest
of GOATS immediately surge in following up on the disruption caused by the
unexpected charge the damage is too much for Envisions main tank and GOATS forces
them back behind the choke considering their lack of damage dealing heroes GOATS
sure deals a lot of damage. The triple healers in tandem with the triple tank
allows brain-dead plays such as these because nothing ever dies. If the enemy
team doesn’t counter you properly, however the two aforementioned initiation
methods are the GOATS way of running GAOTS so what about putting this
powerful comp under the control of Koreans? In the game between RunAway and
Kongdoo Panthera in Season 2 of Contenders Korea, RunAway famously
utilizes the GOATS comp to bring Kongdoo to Game 7. Let’s look at the first
fight on the first map of the last game. Right out of the gate look at the
compositions on both sides double GOATS we’re about to see what happens if an
immovable object is met with an unstoppable force a few seconds from
initiation roar fire strikes a tree and the fight begins
run away move successfully as a unit and positions themselves on point which is
the correct thing to do everything is looking good until Bumper goes for
familiar bubble charge and misses. without their main tank run away his
shieldless, kongdoo closes in a round RunAway and forces them out the back of
the point all the while wiping them out. So what went wrong? I bet you can guess
there was nothing to sandwich the enemy team against and nothing to cancel his
charge animation so he had no choice but to go downtown looking back at GOATS
this initiation style was used properly utilizing the terrain as an advantage
rather than a limiting factor maybe Bumper fat-fingered his shift? okay
so now we understand what goats comp is and how it can be used to aggressively
force the opponent’s hand to gain an advantage in a teamfight but why does it
work? if you’ve ever played against it you know exactly why. Let’s take a look
at this valiant versus gladiators game for a moment. Valiant has a strong defensive composition with an even stronger
anchored defensive position and consistent damage provided by Junkrat.
However any plan they had fell apart when the Gladiators simply stole
presents from the Valiant by walking on to the point and dictating the flow of the
fight. Strangely the tides turn and we see genuine fear from the Valiant. It
looks like the last thing any of them want to do is get on point and be
engulfed by the impenetrable wall that is the Gladiators no matter
Fissure takes it upon himself to extend past the choke and shatter while Bischu
nets a kill with his self-destruct and Gladiators take the point. Valiant learned about the power of GOATS that day. Too much health pooled with healing
and a fear to contest. This is what GOATS thrives off of but like we saw with
RunAway vs. Kongdoo Panthera, it only takes a single tank to fall out of line
for the team to crumble, especially if the three squishy supports don’t have a
barrier to hide behind. Now let’s talk about countering the comp. On a
fundamental level, the concept of utilizing long range poke damage while
running GOATS is fictitious it’s not happening. Utilizing Moyra
instead of Ana takes any last source of long-range offense away from anyone
in the comp making it geared more towards forced
close-quarter encounters where every single one of these heroes can thrive.
While yes DVa can contest high ground but doing so will likely not end well
without the support from her grounded teammates. The overall best way to
counter GOATS is to abuse their lack of range such as running range DPS to
utilize Splash Damage. To prove its effectiveness let’s look at a push made
by the Philadelphia Fusion in the grand finals of Season 1 of the Overwatch
League. To begin we see Fusion running classic GOATS and Spitfire are running a
dive variant but specifically with a Pharah and a corresponding Mercy pocket.
Starting the attack ,Fusion has parked themselves on point at become a flytrap
snapping the lethally at anything that comes near but suddenly Neptuno drops to
an unseen threat in the sky, Pharah. Fusion seems to be winning the fight but
Birdring continues to pick off Fusion Supports and something must be done
about the free rein Pharah above Poko frantically searches for an opening
but runs out of fuel while Hotba pops Coalescence and eventually grinds Birdring’s health to zero. Spitfire has an internal plan: to capitalize on the only
advantage they have during this fight they set the plan in motion. Gesture
burns his jumps that Nus can safely Guardian-angel his way to safety high up
in the air and before losing altitude he pops Valkyrie to become a truly
unkillable target. Nus sees a chance and swoops in for a Resurrect before the
Fusion can even respond, bringing Gesture back into the fight. Birdring is now
back from spawn and solo ults SADO a worthy trade given how we know GOATS
comp collapses without its main Tank. Fury launches his self-destruct and Eqo
is found without his personal bubble and just like that, Fusion is now on the
retreat with no sustain to boot we saw Nus and Birdring abuse the lack
of reach from Fusion to stall out the point and ultimately force Fusion to
retreat even though they had the advantage in numbers near the beginning
of the fight. All in all it’s a powerful comp to use when the enemy team crumbles
under any sort of pressure. It rewards aggression and hardly has any inherent
risks allowing anyone to run it decently as long as you’re holding w the team who
first ran such a comp may be quickly fading into obscurity but the comp will
live on as a cancer in ladder and a strong pick in the Tier 2 scene that’s
all from us what do you think of this composition do you believe it will be
used in Season 2 of the Overwatch League as always let us know your thoughts in
the comments section below. Thanks for watching

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  1. GOATS comp has evolved! Check out our follow video on this strategy known as SNOATS that is being used by the pros currently in the Overwatch League: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfyVWwUue-Y

  2. Do you think it will be used in season 2 of the overwatch league?
    I'll let you all be the judge of that

  3. Check this out: "Name a strategy that can be described in one word and that is popular enough that everyone on your team immediately knows what to do. Oh, and it has to be one syllable." Very few things actually fit that description.

  4. Stage 2 Season 2 Playoffs: Goats is being countered out by buffs, but is still the dominant meta in OWL. Not anywhere else, though.

  5. please sub to me …. dont question just sub to me and sleep peacefully tonight because you will make me the happiest person on earth.. pls..

  6. With OWL Season 2 Stage 3 about to start, looking back at this video…Bumper did not accidentally press shift, it's just his overly aggressive play style lol

  7. I'm watching this video now in season 2 and the last question he asked was will this comp be used in season 2???

  8. I've never faced GOATS (because im in the trash that is gold) but it sounds and looks really scary. If you make a mistake you DIE!

  9. At first, Goats comp was thought to be a niche pick that could not really compete against the current meta of its time.
    How little we knew…

  10. I hope it’s not used anymore because that is the only meta anyone knows goats and it takes so much team communication

  11. Everyone talks about how goats is overpowered. I haven't seen goats ever all I see is 5 dps when I play comp.. then people blaming the tanks and healers for the loss when it's the ones who lock dps and can barley get a bronze medal in elims and damage.

  12. This is the kind of magic of Overwatch tbh. There are 30 heroes currently playable, meaning there is 593,775 possible team comp combination. GOATS and counter GOATS are simply the embodiment of smart team comp. A 2-2-2 role lock will take that creativities away bc there is only 52,920 possible team comp available, nearly 10x less team comp without role lock. The real solution I think would be coming up with different team comps that counter each other instead of 2-2-2 role lock. I do remember the days of Overwatch being able to have multiple identical heroes, and limiting one per team is definitely a step in the right direction. The real reason why I got hook by Overwatch is the different possibility of team comps, after all, there are just some thoughts.

  13. I'm looking to come back after like a year absence moira was added. Having played since launch isnt this just the triple tank meta from way back? 1:25 into the video isnt the counter a heavy dps/mobility investment?

    end of video edit: basically yeah pharmercy and nuke the rien. how did people forget this?

  14. Akshonesports: do u think it will be used in season 2
    Me: sadly yes
    Overwatch league in season about to go into stage 4: ITS REWIND TIME!!!!!

  15. I finally understand why this team comp is so powerful
    Not a single dps
    The team is literally the opposite of fun.

  16. So I’m watching this in late summer 2019. And that goats is still probably the best comp is the reason overwatch isn’t as good anymore and why less and less people are playing. Can’t wait till 222 is in regular play

  17. Wouldn't Reaper and Bastion both dmg boosted by Mercy and Ana melt through shields of goat team? And Rein + Zarya could provide protection.

  18. goats wasn't by any means braindead, especially not when played goats v goats and especially not as any one of the tank players either.

  19. Hate goats all you want but when they all dive forward at 2:10 it’s so satisfying to watch as we know the enemy team is dead

  20. Braindead.
    Yeah, braindead.
    I felt my brain cells dying one by one as every talented team had to fix pick this no-fun bullshit nearly every game.

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