What is the highest rank in Karate? – Fred Mergen
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What is the highest rank in Karate? – Fred Mergen

November 18, 2019

What is the highest rank in karate? It all depends on what school you go to and
what system you’re training in. I know in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu the highest rank is Red
belt and that is like the Grandmaster of their system. There’s a couple of them. In some system like Goju Ryu the Grandmaster
wears a blocked red and white belt, so it’s red and white blocks all the way around. In American Kenpo it’s a black belt with two,
five inch red blocks to represent 10th degree. Once you get your black belt it’s not the
end. Most people think once you get your black belt that’s the end of training…there is
still a whole lot more to learn. You basically become a white belt all over again when you
earn your black belt because there is so much to learn. Like I said it depends on the school, the
system, it all varies on what rank is the highest. In most systems it would be the Grandmastership
which is usually a 10th degree. Like I said there’s a whole bunch of different ranks you
can figure out with one is the highest just do some research.

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  1. When you think you got it all, You start over. Your toughest belt test is when you start Teaching others and you start over every time. Salute yours.

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