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August 19, 2019

– Alright let’s open up my drawer, ah. Oh, yes! Hi guys it’s Audrey and today
I’m going to be showing you what is in my drawers. So I have a lot of drawers
in my room and I’ve already filmed what’s underneath my
bed, what’s in my closet, what’s in my backpack. And all of you guys want to
see what’s in my drawers, so I’m going to be showing
you that today and honestly I don’t know what’s in my
drawers, I haven’t even cleaned them out, checked them, see
what’s inside for a while. So let’s start over here. Welcome to my desk corner
where I probably never vacuum. This is my nightstand drawer (laughs). On top we have a few
decorations, this was given to me by my friend, watch
this, wow, yes, so fancy. And then down below we have
some gems like this and this. These aren’t inside my drawer
and then to match my whole beach themed room I have
a mermaid scrapbook. Alright let’s open up my drawer, ah. Okay let’s move this on my bed
so you guys can see it better okay you guys so this
drawer is full to the max. The first thing that I see
is an empty headphone case for Apple and then the headphones. Random cord that I’ll probably
find a use to some day in my life when I clean out
this room, and this random cords alright I also have this bell
from Tennessee, the volunteer state with the tag still on
from four years ago (laughs). I also have some gum in here
let’s see if there’s, ah, there’s four pieces left, giveaway time! Leave a comment down below
why you should earn this piece of gum, just kidding
that’s been in there for so long I don’t even know if I want
it, but it’s a piece of gum so maybe I do want it. I’ll probably eat them
all after this video. Anyways I have a New York
City pin, what, Jen and I always wanted to get a purse
and put pins on it so maybe this will go in my pin collection. I have my Fitbit that was
replaced by my Apple Watch. I have my girls camp lock. I have a bunch of… It’s my old mermaid phone,
this is actually my favorite phone I’ve ever had and now I
have a new phone but I still like this one more because
it’s so much cuter and there’s no cracks on the top just a
little bit of chips but that’s nothing compared to my
phone that I have now. Guys, I don’t know if I’ve
ever read from this, but this is my dream journal that
I’ve, whoa my handwriting… (mumbles) (laughs). Okay maybe I’ll make this
into a video, comment down below if you want me to
read my dream journal. Wow I have a lot of random
things in here, let’s see. What should I pull out next. Hmm. Oh I have this, Sequoya and
King’s Canyon National Park, well worth the $4. Okay I’ll show a few more
things before I go on to my next couple drawers. This is a dreamcatcher that has
(laughs) something happened. It looks broken it looks like
it caught a lot of dreams in my drawer (laughs). And then I’ve got some ah,
I’ve got a few other metals. And a necklace, this is for
getting a 4.0 in middle school and this was my Florida band
master association concert band pin that I totally
forgot that I earned, so that just tells you that I
never check my junk drawer. Alright let’s move on to the
drawers underneath my clothes. Okay first drawer. Oh, yes! Sorry I just saw all my
silly bands (laughs). So this is my silly band
collection, I’ve got a wide variety from the stretchy golden
sun metal (mumbles). So this is a necklace silly
band, I also got a few silly bands that go around your
wrist and also the finger silly bands so here’s a banana, so
it’s like a ring, it was cool back in the olden days to
wear these all up your arm, you’d have rubber bands
going all the way up here this was the elementary school
trend and these were all my silly bands and guys you
better bet that there are no repeats in these, like I made
sure and if I had a repeat it goes on this keychain
that I could (mumbles) people and then I’d come back home
and I think I had all mine memorized what I knew I
had, so I just tried to grow my collection. So I’ve got a wide variety,
I’ve got the regular silly bands I’ve got the sparkle silly
bands, this is the genie one from the mystical collection
and I’ve also got glow in the dark silly bands, this
is my person, I thought it was an alien but maybe not. And then I’ve also got my tie
dye silly bands water bottle. So someday my kids are going
to inherit all my silly bands and we’re going to bring back
the trend (laughs) I’m keeping these you better bet your
bottom dollar, I didn’t collect all of these for nothing. Okay guys so the next thing
I see is my camcorder, this is like my museum is my
bedroom, so this is actually what inspired me to start YouTube. So back before we started
making videos online we used to film videos for our
family and we’d do sketches and skits all the time and I
would record on this thing, so just press Record and I
couldn’t see myself so I didn’t know if I was in the
frame so usually I’d have my grandparents record me and
we can get all the footage off of this, oh! Guys comment down below if
you want to see little Audrey and Jordan because oh my gosh
this is so sticky and gross and old but it has great content. And then stuck to that earlier
was feather hair extensions. So this is also another trend
that happened like in middle school and everyone put feathers
in their hair and so I want to bring back this trend,
tell me if you ever did this when you were little or if
you are little, tell me if you do this. Oh guys look what I found
another piece of gum, this time I’ve got five, five more
subscribers get a piece of gum! Just kidding you don’t want that. I’ve got a bunch of little
diaries from when I was little. And that’s pretty much it for this drawer. Oh yeah, also a couple
years ago all I wanted for my birthday was a lint
roller and that’s what I got. I’m a weird child. Alright next drawer. Okay so the first thing you
see here is this bag full of fabric and that’s because
seven years ago I decided I was going to make a blanket and I
never finished, but I mapped it out so if I ever feel like
finishing here’s the supplies. I’ve got a lot of diaries in
here, oh this is my Disney cruise diary. You guys! Oh yes, yeah! (mumbles) Jordan I’ve told you my room is a museum. Okay you guys, there’s a lot
of dusties on this, but I got this when I was a wee
little child, I was probably five years old, wow how
many years ago was that, ten, 13 years ago and I remember
my aunt gave me this box and I put all of my treasures
inside of here, so let’s see what little Audrey thought
was a treasure back then. Let’s see. Oh I told you guys, it’s
my feather extensions, these are the actual ones
that I had in my hair, oh I really want to do this
again, oh there’s some hairs attached to it that were
blonde, I had blonde hair back in the days. (laughs) Okay and I also have this
picture this is let your light shine and I have oh a snap
bracelet, such a 90’s kid. I didn’t grow up in the 90’s (laughs). Let’s see oh this is the
(mumbles) so one day we were at the beach and I was
swimming and I saw this shell underneath the water and I
was like oh I have to get it (mumbles) so I used my
foot and I grabbed onto it and the waves came in and
started taking it away so I went right underneath
the water to grab it and I was tumbling underneath the waves,
I was like no I have to get the shell but finally I got the
shell in my grasp and I came up for air and it was a
scary time, but I still have the shell to this day and
look how perfect it is, ah. I also have this little thing
that goes on your pencils, they’re so cute, here’s a lip
balm that I’ve stored for ages (laughs) oh it smells so good (laughs). I’m not getting rid of this
though I’ve had it so long. Honestly I don’t remember
where I got this from, I think it was a gift, but look it’s
a sparkly rock and I loved it so much that I put little
heart cushion in it from Build a Bear Workshop (laughs)
now it’s in here forever. And then lastly, there’s
a lot of stuff in here but learn Chinese okay (laughs)
and lastly I have my little leprechaun box that I made a
few years ago, let’s see what’s inside, wow, what does it
say, oh it says I love you in gold. Oh this is what I used
to look like (laughs) (mumbles) this is the last
time I ever went into this box. So you know how you take
school pictures and they send you a copy of what the real
pictures would look like if you bought them, well I used
to take those copies that are watermarked and I’d
cut myself out and put them in my wallet (laughs). The rest of the stuff is
just random quarters and fake coins in here. So really valuable. Alright let’s close this memory
box up and go on to the next one, this is the last drawer,
but I think this video is going to be so long because I
have so many memories to tell you guys so if you want to
see my next video where I show you my drawers in my vanity,
then comment down below ’cause I feel like that’d be
super fun and another walk down memory lane, so let’s
go on to this drawer. Okay let’s see, wow. Okay, this drawer is more
recent so I have my… Palm tree headband from Hawaii
and I also have a speaker for my jams and my fickly
diary with Jordan, the only diary that we’ve ever finished. And my DSI case (laughs). You guys this thing was my
life, you’re getting to know Audrey really well. So these are all my little
things and I have my pens and my cord charger in here. I’ve got my headphones, this
is where your DSI would go, but my DSI had one of those
nerf cases on it so when you drop it it wouldn’t break
so it never fit in here. Yeah, I also had another
case full of colorful pens, but I think they got to my brothers. Okay, moving on. Oh there’s a picture in here. Oh that’s a family (laughs). Look at that, it’s even beach
themed and I never put it up in my room. Oh I think I tried as you
can see with the paper clip but it kept falling down every
time ’cause it’s supposed to lay like this and not like this. Oh I have a lot of stuff in here. Let’s see, I have some
tights from ballet class that I remember were actually
free, actually no this is from my hip hop class they were
free and so I was like oh I’m just going to grab a few
because you always need some tights, and apparently I never
needed them ’cause I quit (laughs) so free tights, (mumbles). I also have a national honor
society pin, two random sunglasses that should be
in my sunglasses place, in my closet and you know
where that is if you watch the video. And Audrey’s journal, oh this
is whoa this is from 2012. And I want to play recorders
music thing, I haven’t looked at this since 3rd grade. Alright and then I’ll show you
the last thing in my drawers. This is my girls doodle book
and if you know me, I am not an artiste (laughs) so we’re
about to look at some really good masterpieces, let’s see (laughs). Populate the penguin colony, and she did. So it says I’m hungry, where’s
daddy, then there’s fish and I drew another penguin
’cause I copied that one. And here’s my wedding cake. (mumbles) (laughs) If you notice my cake says
BFFL best friends for life and it has a wedding dude
with hair flying in the wind. And a girl with hair only
on one side maybe she has a ponytail in, maybe it’s just
the way she wants to wear it. (laughs) oh (laughs) Okay so here’s a page that
says draw a leaping dolphin, here’s my leaping dolphin (laughs). It doesn’t look like a dolphin,
it looks like a scary shark and here’s my world’s biggest
and rarest butterfly (laughs). Okay we’re done. Wow guys I’m about to cry of
laughter, so if you enjoyed this video give it a big
thumbs up and subscribe if you haven’t already, turn it from
red to gray I am so excited to film what’s in my vanity
drawers so tell me if you want to see that and we can have
some more laughs together because there’s a lot to
laugh about about me, yep. Remember to like (mumbles)
I’ll see you next time, bye! (upbeat music)

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