What is football? ⚽??? ???
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What is football? ⚽??? ???

November 4, 2019

Ninh explains: What is football? That’s easy, it’s this, right? This is football. Played with pads and helmets and vicious hits
and sometimes scantily clad uniforms. If you go to anywhere in America, and say
the word ‘football’, everyone will assume you’re talking about this. However next door in Canada – they play
something that looks very similar to American Football, but it’s not. If you ask a Canadian what football is, they’ll
point you out to this. What’s that I can hear? It’s the annoying sound of British haters
who come out with the same tired ass joke. Year in and year out. Oh they don’t actually kick the ball, and
their ball isn’t actually round. It should be called handegg, it’s handegg,
hand egg, hand egg hahaha hand egg. Firstly, that handegg joke wasn’t funny
in the 90’s and it’s still not funny now. And secondly, they do actually kick the ball. It’s actually a really important part of
the game, though people who haven’t watched a great deal of it would actually know that. And thirdly, this is not an egg shape. This is an egg shape. There’s a difference. Speaking of the English, to them this is football. The sport played where you actually have to
kick the ball, like, most of the time. Association football (that’s what it’s
officially called) but sometimes it’s called Soccer because well, it’s there, is probably
the number one played and watched sport in the world right now. Aha, so this is real football. Well, to most English people it is. But there are some that believe this is football. You might know this as Rugby Union or Rugby
League, but the official title of the sport is ‘Rugby Football’. If you don’t believe me, check out the governing
bodies official titles. Yeah, Rugby is a kind of football. It’s a thing. And they also claim that they played their
game before the formation of the Football Association. But in general, each code of Rugby refers
to themselves as ‘Rugby’ to differentiate it from association football, and use the
terms ‘Rugby Union’ and Rugby League’ to differentiate them from each other. The Irish however, claim to have invented
their version of football – a sport called Gaelic Football way before the invention of
Rugby. Even though their pitch and posts looks suspiciously
like a game across the water, and their ball and gameplay suspiciously looks like another
game across the water. Nevertheless, the Irish claim that this is
real football, and football in Ireland refers to Gaelic Football, not Soccer. Enter, the Australians. Who from halfway across the world also claim
to have invented their version of football, independently of the Irish, and claim that
their game preceded theirs. Even though one of their founders was (quite
suspiciously) a former Rugby player. Hmmm, well it’s a bone of contention that’s
disputed amongst historians – but football in Australia generally refers to Aussie Rules
Football, not soccer. So is there a game that’s indisputably older
than these? Yes there is, and it’s by the Italians. To some Italians this is football. Calcio Storico, translated as ‘historic
football’ was the original version of football before the invention of soccer. It’s based on an old Roman game called Harpastum
and in general, it’s one part football, 90 parts beating the shit out of each other. This game is violent and historically Popes
were allowed to play this game … armed with swords! A freaking sword, are you serious?! Being stabbed to death by the holiest man
on earth in the name of sport, is a really bad deal. Okay, violent popes aside, what’s actually
the oldest form of football? Well, if you’re asking the question ‘who
invented the first game that involves kicking a ball’ it’s actually the Chinese. Yes, they played a similar sport over 2000
years ago, where they had to kick balls in order to score goals. This was mainly played during festivals and
celebrations. Even FIFA (the corrupt worldwide governing
body of Association Football) acknowledges on their own website, that it was the Chinese
that are the first to play any variation of the sport of football. So … this is football? Yes, obviously. Come on now, seriously? Well, to ascertain what football is, I’ve
come up with a simple dictionary style definition. Any form of team game involving kicking (and
in some cases handling) a ball, which may or may not be completely spherical, that is
the most popular form of the game in the country that it is played in. So by that definition, in the US – it’s
this game. In Canada, it’s this, in some parts of the
world, it’s this or this. In Ireland this is football, in Australia
that’s football. In Italy, that’s football … kind of, in
China – that was originally football. And in many countries in the world, this is
football. One word, several sports, all football. …………
Hang on wise guy, what do you think football is? It’s this … obviously. Ninh Ly – www.ninh.co.uk – @NinhLyUK

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  1. I felt compelled to make this video because people seemingly don't understand why different people call different sports 'football'. I thought the answer was obvious personally. But it's mainly to get some form of entertainment from some of the delusional comments that will no doubt appear on here. Popcorn at the ready folks.
    EDIT: The dislikes must be from the 'offended' ones that perpetrate the handegg 'joke'. Such uptightness.

  2. Great video. Just one small thing though. In Australia, the meaning of "football" actually changes depends on where you are. It refers to Australian Rules Football in most of Australia as you said, but if you're in Queensland or New South Wales (Sydney is in New South Wales and Brisbane is in Queensland), "football" would be understood to mean rugby league.

  3. Football is a family of games. People had lots of local rules and the "don't run with its" set up there official rules and organization first but "run with it" was probably more common. And the William Webb Ellis myth is silly.

    And the best football game is one you left out: Sevens

  4. Well, the "real football" joke from the murican haters was never funny either, so the "handegg" is just a fair comeback. ?

    Very nice video, keep it up! ?

  5. Ninh explains, what is Football??

    Ninh: That's easy! Is this, right?
    Me: Yeah!!!
    Ninh: This is Football!!
    Me: Now you're talking our culture!!

  6. So basically english football is football for almost every country in the world. Beside those who want to be different

  7. Hello Ninh Ly. I want to see if I can ask for advice about participating in any sport. If i play any sport, no matter what it is, I have to be passionate about that sport, right?

  8. Football is the game we in England invented and is now played in more nations around the world than any other. Winner takes all

  9. Soo , In America and Canada is SOCCER In Europe it's FOOTBALL . But that what is you calling now it's YOUR FOOTBALL 🙂

  10. Handegg what is this some British joke that I’m too American too understand (it’s a joke guys so don’t get offended)

  11. At least five times in this video (which is otherwise excellent) you show pictures of Japanese people playing the traditional sport of kemari, while in the narration you are talking about Chinese people playing Chinese "football." We can tell these people are Japanese because 1. they are wearing Japanese kimono, and 2. they are playing in the compound of a Japanese Shinto shrine (Japanese traditional architecture is instantly differentiable from its Chinese equivalent). Considering that you, yourself, are of Vietnamese extraction, it seems a bit embarrassing that you should follow the age-old European pattern of "all East Asians look the same to me!"

  12. So yeah if someone who is not from the U.S and they saw our American Football you could say it's a rougher tougher version of rugby but with different rules, others they said rugby on steroid, rugby mix with wrestling, or just watch the video how to play American Football and knowing the rules so at least they won't get confused also tell the foreigners the football you know the one you only kick the ball is what we call soccer.

  13. The sports at 0:00 from the bottom-left corner, clockwise:
    Football, soccer, wannabe football, wannabe football AGAIN, volleyball.

  14. Thank god this video exists. I'm sick and tired of trying to explain them "Football Purists" that Football comes in various forms and it all comes down to dialect. Now if someone makes an argument, I can just link them this video. Saves me the hard work.

  15. Having another look at this video. Great to watch, and understand more about football. The one thing I’d say, as an Aussie, is while it’s hard to argue Aussie Rules was the first football around, it DOES have the oldest continually surviving professional football club in the world. The mighty Melbourne Demons ??.

  16. My teams in all footballs
    Ass. Football: Tottenham Hotspur
    Rugby Football Union: Exeter Chiefs
    Rugby Football League: St Helens
    Gaelic Football: Dublin
    Aussie Rules Football: Carlton Blues
    American Football: Miami Dolphins
    Canadian Football: Alouettes de Montreal

  17. Saw another comment like this but wanted to share my opinion

    Association Football: AFC Ajax
    Rugby: Don’t know much about Rugby and he different rugby unions and leagues (I know you explained it in a few videos but I still can’t figure it out ) but if I did know I would be an All Blacks Fan (New Zealand)
    Gaelic: Dont know much about this but I would root for the capital team (Dublin)
    Aussie Rules Football: Sydney Swans
    American Football: Obviously as my pfp says, Philadelphia Eagles (Kinda ironic Ninh, seeing you are a Cowboys fan eh? :))
    Canadian Football: Toronto Argonauts

  18. Theres only one football and its soccer. Stop pretending otherwise. Yes there were variation played before but of the big one and specially the ones you talk in the video football is the OG. Football came first then came Rugby then the amalgamation of the two like american and aussie football.

  19. I'm and I personally love aus aussie rules, American football, Canadian football, association football, gaelic football(irish)and rugby union and league but here is my list in order
    1. gaelic football
    2. Rugby union
    3 association football
    4. Aussie rules
    5. American football
    6. Canadian football

  20. I am a new subscriber. But so far this is my favorite video on this channel. I have always been outraged by football aka soccer fans ignorance on the issue. They always belittle beautiful sports like Rugby and American Football. They remind me of those stupid Indian kids from my country who go on every Baseball video on the internet and then talk shit about it without having any understanding of the game. Thanks for clearing the issue up. I hope this video goes viral someday for the sake of sports fraternity …

  21. Everybody knows that our football is the most chaotic in terms of fans and tv audiences (especially for the big game).

  22. 1:59 my response to that is this:
    The FA was established in 1863.
    The RFU was established in 1871 however, When the famous match between England and Scotland took place in 1871. There were already clubs in England such as Blackheath and Harlequins AND also Blacheath was created in 1858. So Rugby was played before the creation of the FA.

  23. I once heard a fox news anchor describe soccer as a european socialist sport designed to spread communism during the 2014 world cup because she was angry americans were getting really excited about watching the usmnt, so good luck convincing many americans there are any other types of football and having them be respectful of other countries cultures. As an american who played american football in high school but soon after discovered actual football i think we could maybe all get along?

  24. Aussie rules football is older then most codes as it was created when the Melbourne Demons were created in 1858 and they played against local schools and stuff Rugby was created way after that and the NFL was not even thought off and well soccer is older it was not an offical game yet it barely had teams and gaelic football i don't know much about

  25. I'm Dutch, and so I'm European, but if I speak English, which in the Netherlands is taught in Brittish English at school, while American English is used more outside of school because of movies on TV (mostly). I think that most of us tend to use the American terms for the difference between 'Association Football' and 'American Football' because of the way people have developed their English speaking as well as mixing in English words in modern Dutch. That means we will probably call Association Football 'Soccer' as well as 'Football', but call it 'Soccer' when telling the difference between it and American Football. We still say 'American Football' instead of 'Football' to make sure what kind of Football we mean. When speaking Dutch, I personally use the English word 'Football' for American Football to avoid saying 'American' all the time while 'Voetbal' (Dutch word for Football) is only meant to speak about Association Football. Also it depends on the language I speak what I would call the other sports. In both Dutch and English it would be Canadian Football and Gaelic Football, but it would be Australian Football in Dutch and it may vary between Australian Football and Aussie Rules Footy in English.

    I like that there are more variations of football. Only seeing soccer all the time is boring. Unfortunately, I can now only watch soccer, rugby union and American Football. There was a time in which Eurosport showed some australian football, but they don't do that anymore. It's a shame, because it's a fun sport to watch. In the Netherlands rugby league is only showed on Brittish public broadcasters, but not much of it. Canadian and Gaelic Football are not showed at all and I have to look for videos on YouTube to find something about those sports. I just want to see more than just the regular thing soccer has become.

    One question, Ninh. Do you know what the name of that Chinese game was?

  26. “Football might be the most followed sport” (referring to soccer) is laughable, it is definitely the biggest sport and by a big margin.

  27. Australia is the oldest form of footy, the indigenous people of Australia played it with a ball wrapped in kangaroo skin. The game is called Mangrok. And the rugby player the he mentioned helped resurface the game.

  28. Great video, thanks . I have always have trouble with Gridiron being called football though because they do so many unfootball things. Such as playing the man rather than the ball which all other codes of the game do, and blocking, I would love to hear other peoples point of view thanks again for your work.

  29. Yeah! Actually about Calcio Storico, it is not football: it is one of the old game which influence the creation of modern footballs. The reason the Italians call association football "calcio" or "calcio moderno" it because during the Facisme regime in italy, it was forbidden the provide foreign name to Italian language. So they use "Calcio" one of the ancestors of the game to name association football. About the Ancient Chinese game "Cuju" you are right. This is the earliest form of association football.

  30. As an irishman the most popular sport can be called football. Which is of course the one where they predominantly use their feet.

  31. I live in the US so we call American football , football but if I were ever to travel to Europe I’d refer to soccer as football just so I don’t get jumped by some tea sipping assholes

  32. Why can't we just respect everyone's sport and enjoy them all? If there's a ball or puck, I'll watch it, I love sport, and respect athleticism, even if I don't fully understand the rules

  33. Calling american football "football"
    Is like calling soccer "handball" because you use your hands when the ball goes out of bounds.

  34. It's interesting that pretty much all of the major English-speaking nations differentiate on this, while the rest of Europe and their colonies just agreed that football was whatever the British told them it was. It's always weird being told by someone who doesn't speak English as their first language that my English-speaking country uses the word "football" incorrectly. Imagine telling someone from Berlin that there's no such place as "Deutschland" because the British said so.

  35. We all know that soccer or british football is far more popular in italy than calcio storico. Look at huge clubs like Juventus and Inter

  36. Maybe we Americans called American football football because the players run a lot and they run a lot because to make a touchdown running =foot Coincidence I think not

  37. Would you say that in the same way that Rugby, Soccer, American Football, AFL etc… Are all football would you agree that any sport that is played with a stick like Baseball, Cricket, Hockey, Lacrosse are all in their own sports tree family?

  38. Universal description of Football: a game played with a ball that has the size of approximatly one foot and can be kicked between two goal posts after succesful offensive play.

  39. I have compiled a possible "Family Tree" of Football evolution based on maximum parsimony.

    CuJu (Chinese proto-football)
    [Football introduced to Europe]
    Gaelic Football————–"netted footballs"————–Calcio Storico
    | |__________Association Football
    "net-less footballs"
    |————————————Australian Football
    | |____________Rugby Football
    North American Footballs/Gridiron
    |——————————————-American Football
    |___________________Canadian Football

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