What Happened To Sonic The Hedgehog? Old vs. New (React: Gaming)
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What Happened To Sonic The Hedgehog? Old vs. New (React: Gaming)

September 7, 2019

– What, what, why is it 3D? – Dude, this is so much more intense. – No, you have to go, you have to go!
Sonic, what’s your problem? ♪ (8-bit intro) ♪ – (FBE) So how do you feel
about Sonic the Hedgehog? – The movie or the game? The GameCube game,
I really enjoyed playing that, but I don’t know about the movie.
I’m a little scared for the movie. – I love Sonic!
It was a fun game back in the day. – I like it, older days Sonic.
There hasn’t been a new good one in probably 10 years. – Game is amazing,
I mean, it’s a classic. So many people know it. Not sure about the movie quite yet,
’cause that trailer is really strange. – (FBE) Well today,
we’re gonna have you play the opening level Green Hill Zone
from three different sonic games. – That’s amazing. – (FBE) First you’ll be playing
the Sega Genesis classic from 1991, the same game that’s being
rereleased on the Sega Genesis Mini. – I’ll probably play that, hello. Oh yeah, no, I’ve played this one.
I was good at it. I have it on my Game Boy. – (FBE) After that, you’re gonna play
both of the games that were released in 2017,
which are actually pretty different from each other, as you’ll see. First you’ll play Sonic Forces,
and then you’ll play Sonic Mania. – Alright. Oh, these look so different. – You see, he’s still cute. You know, like they modified him
a little bit, but like it’s still him. What happened?
What happened? – Hold on, alright, that’s jump. There’s three other buttons
that don’t do anything. Ha, got him. – Okay, let me remember
these controls, okay, okay. Oh, okay.
This is basic, ah! (laughs) Oh my God, did I just die? – Dude, this is, oh my gosh!
The hornet guy! And the piranhas. – Get some coins, run really fast.
What do I press? Down for spinning?
Yes I do! – I can’t not grab them.
All the little coins, no! Why did you threw that
right when I was going there? You’re so rude! – Okay, that’s a bad guy.
(gasps) Oh my God! – Crab guy, let’s go, mmm,
oh no! – It’s nice to have it simple,
like nowadays there’s just, it’s so hard to get into newer games,
’cause there are just so many buttons that do so many things, and I can’t,
really, okay well I just died. – Let’s go! Wow, this is like extremely fast. Okay, okay, I got it, I got it.
(gasps) – Can’t stop me now,
having such a… Oh! – Mmm, I was about to say
a bad word, I didn’t say it. I did not curse, I did die though,
but it’s fine! – Oh, that’s right. How do I…
There we go. – It makes me miss
the old times. I haven’t seen this in literally,
I don’t even know how many years. – I remember playing this
on my Game Boy, back when I was little. I remember this being a lot of fun.
This is so nostalgic. – Oh!
Almost had it. – This is a classic, I love this one.
Oh, I think I’m invincible with this! Oh, oh, get up there!
Yeet! – Let’s do this. Let’s kill of these little things!
Die! Die, die, die, die, die! Die. – Oh my God, this is so much fun!
(gasps) Oh, tight.
– Ah, it’s satisfying. That’s really satisfying. – Let all my anger out.
I don’t have anger, I’m fine, we’re chilling.
No, you have to go! You have to go,
Sonic what’s your problem? – I love the music for this too.
It really is such a classic. – It’s been so long, oh my gosh.
That was fun. – I’m so concentrating.
(gasps) Did I win? Did I beat the…
Yes! Woo! Okay. I still got it. (laughs)
– I went real fast. Sonic’s goes, gotta go fast. – (FBE) Okay, we’re gonna switch over
to the PlayStation for Sonic Forces. – No!
No no, this is great! Let’s just keep this one.
I keep on dying, but it’s fine. It’s just the graphics,
something about the old graphics. Oh, you are taking it away.
(FBE laughs) No! – (FBE) So Sonic Forces
came out in 2017. It is definitely different,
so see what you think. – Sonic Forces, alright.
Let’s see how this works. – Wow, look at the graphics!
(gasps) This is so cool! – Oh yes, I like this!
Let’s go! Yes, yes, yes, we know.
– What is going on? Hint, I don’t want a hint,
I know what to do! – (Tails) Eggman’s forces
are surging into the city! – Oh, I can move sideways?
Whoa, what? – They’re still cool.
I like this. It’s a nice change, it’s nice that you have
a different view now instead of just the complete
side-scrolling. – X to jump, you don’t say? Gosh, what am I, 12?
I feel insulted! ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ – Oh my God, this is so much fun!
– Yes, yes, you got it, die bitch! Oh, I didn’t say that, I didn’t say that,
I didn’t say that, oh my God! – This is too easy!
I can just look at you the whole time. You know? Watch, I’m gonna look at you
the whole time. – (Sonic) Man, look at the size
of that thing! I guess all kinds of things… – While the other game,
you actually have to look. Oh, maybe not, hold on. – Dude, this is so much more intense. – I feel like this would
make people dizzy, at the same time,
’cause he moves so fast, but, it wouldn’t be a Sonic game
if he didn’t. – Whoa, oh. Oh, that boost is kinda cool. – Oh my God.
You see this is kinda like the old school combined
with the new one. Like, it’s nice, there’s a lot
of graphics going on, there’s a lot of things going on,
like it’s cute. – I don’t like the targeting. You know, I like having to
actually aim with my depth perception. My poor depth perception. – (Sonic) Man, this place is a wreck. – Yeah, oh! (laughs angrily)
Dang it, it’s movin’ too fast for my ancient brain. – I don’t know.
I like the old school one, it’s just so like (hums)
you know, calm. – Ah, it’s like a roller coaster.
Let’s get it! Yes, did I win?
Woo! – Is that the ending?
Wow, okay. Not bad, not what I expected.
It subverted my expectations, but it was pretty, B?
I got a freaking A, what are you talking about? – I know I did not deserve that A.
– Did okay, yeah. – This definitely felt a little easier
like, to me, all the older games like Nintendo and Sega Genesis,
they’re really hard. But they’re still fun,
I actually enjoyed this. – (FBE) Alright, and then
last but not least, we’re gonna play Sonic Mania. – (hums) Oh, it’s exactly the same,
for now. What, what, what?
Did I just die? – So this is just like
a brighter version of what I originally played. – So this looks like it’s
the classic one I was just playing. Except the graphics look
a little more updated? – Ooh!
I wasn’t fast enough! – Wow, that looks dead on. See, I’m warming up,
I’m getting better, ooh! – I have spikes,
I should be able to like fight these spikes back.
You see what I’m talking about? Nonsense! Nonsense! – Ugh. – No, did I get, oh I can keep going,
okay, okay. – I’m diggin’ it. You know, oh, oh wait, wait,
oh, okay okay I’m fine, I’m fine. This isn’t the same. This is harder. – Don’t come to save me.
I will figure this out. Mmm! Am I not putting my,
I’m not pressing, there we go. Oh hell no,
don’t take me back. – Freakin. Oh my gosh! – We’re just gonna, somehow
get out of here. Somehow, I don’t know exactly how.
But we’ll figure it out together. ‘Cause in life, it’s teamwork.
Life, it’s teamwork. We did die,
but life is teamwork. – What? – (FBE) This is gonna take you
to a bonus level. – What, what, why is it 3D? Wait, why? – Whoa, this is crazy. How do you go from that to this? Where I’m like running off the course.
– I’m gonna get all these! (yells) – I can’t see, it’s like bad,
but good graphics at the same time. – I like how it looks
like it’s in between. They didn’t wanna go too new yet, they kinda wanted
to keep the classic feel, while not being so 8-bit,
which is kinda nice. ♪ (8-bit music) ♪ – (grunts) Woo!
What is happening? – (FBE) You got a Chaos Emerald!
– Wow! – Am I not done,
oh, I’m not done with the stage! Okay, ooh,
guess I’m falling down here? – Oh, okay. – I only have 12 rings. Whoa, wait.
♪ (tense 8-bit music) ♪ What is happening?
A boss, got it. – Oh am I defeating a boss?
Oh, Jesus. ♪ (tense 8-bit music) ♪
– Mmm! – Got it, easy peasy. No, oh come on, what?
That’s bullcrap! I still got a chance, right?
Right, right, okay okay. – Okay, there’s the pattern.
No, I gotta get… (growls) Dang it! – Ooh, he’s angry, he’s angry.
Yeah, got ’em both! What up, what up, my boy Sonic.
Got through level one. – Oh, what, hey hey, not cool! Do the switcheroo.
(under breath) Damn it. What, wait, I had one,
I had one still. Doesn’t it go to zero, and then… Alright, that’s fine. – This is the part
where I take a break and go get some Cheez-Its,
’cause I’m so frustrated. (laughs) – No! ♪ (8-bit music) ♪ We’re good, it’s fine.
The zone is secure guys, we’re good. – (screams) No! Oh my God, oh!
(gasps) Did I win, did I win? Yes, woo!
– No! The worst! (sighs) ♪ (upbeat 8-bit music) ♪ Yeah, it should say
Sonic barely got through Act 1, because of Scott. – (FBE) So how was it
playing the old Sonic game, compared to the new Sonic games? – Oh my God,
it was a roller coaster of emotions. I definitely liked
the old school version better. – The content and the idea behind it
is still in the new games, they just added a cool, new,
bells and whistles on there. You’re still trying to get rings,
you’re still trying to spin fast. You’re still trying to run. – Maybe stop trying to remake stuff.
Maybe make newer stuff, newer franchises, I want new! – The old one definitely
brought back more nostalgia for me, just playing the old style,
seeing the old 8-bit graphics, you know, being able to hold
the old controller again. The newer ones were a nice touch. Obviously, they’re never gonna
be exactly the same as the old one, but they’re a lot of fun too
like, in their own way. But to me, classic’s always
gonna be the best. – (FBE) So, would you say
that Sonic one holds up? – Oh, for me, yes of course!
I was sweatin’. My hand, my palms are still sweaty
from the new Sonic games. It throws in those little
twists and turns that I wasn’t ready for,
so I was gettin’ kinda heated, but yeah, I like the old one. – I like the old one,
it’s fun, it has nostalgic value to it.
It’s a meme. – Makes me feel like a child again,
instead of being the adult, and doing adult things
that I have to do nowadays. – I knew from the beginning
when you guys introduced me, and brought out the three of them,
like, that was my favorite, and it’s still my favorite. There’s something nostalgic to it,
I guess, from older generations than me, obviously, and my generation,
that when we play it, it’s just like a nice feeling. – Thanks for watching us
play Sonic games on the REACT Channel. – If you liked this episode,
then hit that like button. – Subscribe for new shows every week. – Gotta go fast,
not play this game, bye! – REACT producer Mary here. Thanks so much for watching
this episode of Old vs New, here on the REACT Channel. If you wanna see us compare
more classic video games with their current updates,
be sure to check out past episodes. Links are in the description below.
Bye guys!

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