What do you wear in Karate? – Fred Mergen
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What do you wear in Karate? – Fred Mergen

November 16, 2019

What kind of karate uniforms do you wear? It all depends if you’re doing mixed martial
arts you don’t wear a karate uniform you just wear shorts and a T shirt. Traditional martial
arts you will wear a karate gi.It’s spelled gi, japanese uniform. This is my karate top, I got my karate pants
on and I have my karate belt holding the whole uniform together. It all depends on what style you’re taking,
if you’re taking Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or Judo I know their gi’s are a lot thicker because
they do a lot of throws and grabbing of the gi. In American Kenpo they’re nice and thick,
it’s a little thick because we do a lot of contact and then you have karate uniforms
that are really thin like a T shirt. It all depends on what style you train in
to see the size and the type of uniform you’re wearing. This karate uniform is black. In
our school, in American Kenpo from white belt to green belt you wear a while uniform and
once you become a brown belt you can wear a black uniform which designates the beginners
of the higher ranks. And then again it depends on the karate school
you go to. Some karate school lets you wear all white or all black and I know in Taekwondo
they wear a V neck uniform so it’s like a slip on top. Ours is a cross over so it actually
has to be crossed over and tied on. And then again the different sizes depends
on the style of martial arts you’re taking. If you’re doing Judo or Jiu Jitsu it’s going
to be a thicker gi because there is a lot of grabbing and a lot of throwing and a lot
of choking. If you’re doing a karate gi it’s going to be a little lighter. If you’re doing
Taekwondo it’s going to be really light because you’re doing a lot of jumping around and kicking. So again it all depends on what kind of karate
you’re taking to see what size uniform you’re wearing or what style of uniform you’re wearing.

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  1. I do taekwondo and there is a green belt who is like 3 feet tall and her v-neck GI goes all the way down to her belly button so she wears her belt really high

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