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What Do You Really Know About Gamers? | YouTube Advertisers

August 29, 2019

Man 1: This is Steve. He is a gamer. Actually
that was our sound guy. This is Steve. He’s the gamer. This is Steve’s parents’ basement.
Actually it’s Steve’s basement. This is the rest of Steve’s house. He owns it. This is
Steve’s lunch mess. Actually it’s his nephew, Logan’s. Steve: Logan! Logan: Sorry, Uncle Steve. Man 1: This is another pizza delivery. Actually
it’s another 4K Ultra HD TV delivery. Steve: Sweet. Man: This is Steve’s wife, Amy. Actually she
is Steve’s wife, Amy. Amy is also big into gaming, probably because she’s part of the
fastest-growing gaming demographic: women. This is what Steve and Amy do with their free
time, pretty much all of their free time, along with 694 million other guys and girls
who’ve discovered gaming isn’t just something you do. It’s also something you watch, not
just because it’s informative or educational, but because it’s ridiculously entertaining
and hilarious. Man 2: Oh, he just got pwned. Man 1: So if you want to reach Steve and Amy… Man 2: Look at that. Man 2: …let us know. Man 2: I don’t get it, but it’s funny as hell.
These gamer guys are lunatics. Oh, watch out! A 360 no scope.

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  1. There is a lot of white knights defending this video because it's endorsed by Youtube. Seriously, shut up. This is the cringiest thing I've seen youtube make in a long time, by defending this video you will not be super cool with youtube. They will not give you cool things.

  2. It's so crazy how YouTube used to be just pranks, sad dogs, and small cats and is now a huge community full of gamers, vloggers, and so much more. It really makes you think what's going to happen to YouTube 10 years from now.

  3. This channel is absolutely amazing! I'm an advertising major so thank you for posting engaging content about advertising

  4. Women is the fastest growing demograpic in gaming? Sorry but mobile games like Candy Crush and Diner Dash don't count. Sigh feminists/sjw's pushing the politically correct bullshit agenda once again.

    Now come at me Social Jihadists puppets with your Self-Entitled, Hypocrital, Projecting, Rabid Feminazi masters hands up your asses all the way to the elbow. If you have permission to leave your hugboxes/safepaces that is. Because I just love slurping your salty tears like a milkshake.

  5. Seems to me that is that if you want to sell advertisers on the gamer demographic, who is more likely to buy electronics, that you would focus on that demographic, rather than an emerging segement within that demographic; women, and the elderly.

    Both women and the elderly have different purchasing habits than the gamers on whom the premise of electronic sales is based. Electronics advertisers know which demographics buy their items. You are offering them gamers, but showing them anything but the typical gamer.

    If I were paying to have an X-box marketed to these people, rather than a teenage+ market, I'd be upset. Grandma and grandpa simply aren't waiting for the next Halo release.

  6. This was awesome and funny, but the ending with the Grandfather yelling out todays' terms was just the epitome of cringe, it's bad enough hearing such things being seriously used as it is. XP As well as all the fake laughter.

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