What Do Performance-Enhancing Drugs Do To Your Body?
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What Do Performance-Enhancing Drugs Do To Your Body?

November 16, 2019

Hey there and welcome to Life Noggin. Would you take a performance-enhancing drug
that could help you become an Olympic champion? What if that drug had some serious negative
side effects? These drugs are banned in sports, but that
doesn’t stop some athletes from taking them. So what do they do and how do they work? Let’s start off with the most famous of
these drugs: anabolic steroids. When these are taken, the body breaks them
down into smaller molecules that can enter cells and bind to a structure called an androgen
receptor. Normally, testosterone binds to this, but
anabolic steroids can too. And from here, the real magic begins. See, once the androgen receptor is activated,
your body starts to produce more proteins during the process of anabolism. The cells in your skeletal muscles start to
replicate, and this means that your muscles will start to grow and you’ll become stronger. In fact, in men, exercise and steroids could
lead to a 38% increase in strength, and potentially even more for women. And not only that, but anabolic steroids can
also help athletes train harder and recover faster by shortening catabolism — the process
in which proteins are broken down into amino acids. But, of course, not all the effects of anabolic
steroids are positive. It can cause acne, high blood pressure, and
male-pattern baldness in both men and women. They can cause men’s testicles to shrink,
decrease sperm count, and increase your risk for prostate cancer. And women using these steroids can develop
facial hair, a deepened voice, and their periods may change or even completely stop. So, seriously, don’t use these. But what if an athlete isn’t really concerned
with muscle strength, but rather wants to improve their endurance? This is where blood doping comes in handy,
but again, this is a bad move. So bad, in fact, that Lance Armstrong was
stripped of all seven of his Tour de France victories and was banned from the sport for
life. The goal of blood doping is to increase the
amount of the oxygen-carrying red blood cells in the blood. And this is usually done with either blood
transfusions, using your own blood, or by injecting yourself with erythropoietin, a
molecule that stimulates the production of more red blood cells. And the basic idea is that the more oxygen
that can get to your body’s muscles, the more endurance you will have. So does it work? Well, in one study, blood doping increased
an athlete’s endurance by 34%, and in another, an athlete was able to run 8 kilometers on
a treadmill 44 seconds faster than before. That might not sound like a lot, but when
these athletes are competing with the best of the best, every second counts. Now, these are just the tip of the iceberg. Other performance-enhancing drugs include
human growth hormone, which helps increase athletes’ sprinting capacity by up to 4%
and increases muscle growth as well. But trust me when I say that, if you are an
athlete, it’s probably better to just train the old-fashioned way — with a lot of hard
work and sweat. Excluding any of the negative health effects,
using these drugs means that you’re cheating, and in the professional world, that is definitely
not taken lightly. Do you think the Olympics should allow doping? Will it push the human limit forward? Our good friend Vanessa from BrainCraft discusses
it here. Make sure you come back every Monday for a
brand new video. As always, I’m Blocko and this has been
Life Noggin. Don’t forget to keep on thinking!

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  1. We will still have someday the genetics Olympics, where people engineered to be the best genetically will compete with each other. It would be an athletic contest but rather a lab contest.

  2. Once I heard woman can be bigger and stronger I’m like I’m gonna take Steroids ?Then I heard About About Baldness And the Other Things,I’m like nope?

  3. Eating ass is an incredible feat that requires a remarkable amount of skill, concentration, and overall will to succeed. There is no way that anyone can argue that a sport like curling or baseball should be classified over something as difficult and impressive as eating ass. Not only will the athletes be able to showcase their world-class talents on televisions across the world, but they will also get a nutritious meal in the process. In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, "Be the change you want to see in the world…also, eating ass should be an Olympic sport."

  4. This is not entirely accurate regarding steroids. I am a research scientist and my primary research focus is testosterone for muscle growth. In my research, I have found the general conception of anabolic steroids to be objectively false.

    Specific to this video, there were quite a few things stated wrong or potentially misleading. Yes, steroids do reduce testes size and sperm count while increasing the incidence of acne; however, these side effects are limited to during the cycle and are fixed within weeks of terminating a cycle (except in some extreme abuse cases).
    Yes, they can increase blood pressure; however, similar to caffeine and many ergogenic aids this increase is still well within normal limits and not a cause for concern. No, they do not increase the chance of prostate cancer. In those who already have prostate cancer, they can act to exacerbate it but the idea that they increase the chances has not actually been documented.

    One that wasn’t mentioned, injectable steroids are not bad on the liver…at all. Oral steroids do elevate liver enzymes but it’s only when you look at the legal pro-hormones (which don’t work btw) that you see severe liver complications. Even still, the effects pale in comparison to what one would see with alcohol abuse.

    Much of the thought regarding steroids as dangerous stems from flawed methodology or misleading conclusions. Look up some European journals or look at the research regarding testosterone and burn patients and you’ll see that not only are they incredibly effective but they are safe in doses of 600mg or less.

    Furthermore, given the rampant use in body building (this is anecdotal) and general cycles of 750-1000 mg/wk we would expect more instances of adverse effects. Fortunately, this is not the case and adverse effects are only typically seen in cases where the lifter is taking double the dose PLUS extra stuff.

    In short, when done correctly steroids can be vastly beneficial. There are numerous reports of increased strength and aesthetics but also increased sex drive, increased drive to lift, increased quality of life, and overall more happiness. It has also been shown to aid in developing anger management skills and there has yet to be a clear causal link of steroids causing “roid rage”.

    Life Noggin, please research further next time before pushing ideas that are not accurate. I know it’s really not your fault as the media is pretty bad about misrepresenting facts to fit a narrative and the articles supporting their view are much easier to find. I suggest PubMed. I enjoy your videos but I had to drop everything and comment on this one lol

  5. I think they should create another Olympics where drugging(non-toxic levels obviously) yourself is completely okay, to push human limits a bit further. Might even unlock a new genetic coding in our species. I honestly, don't really understand criminalization of drugs(unless abused). Regulization of these should be done. And people should definitely be educated well enough about the subject!

  6. wow when you said oh women get no periods if they take those steroids but who even WANTS periods i would want a beard of deeper voice and of course hot have periods

  7. Can you do a video on if mermaids were real I don’t believe in them I just find the ocean and everything really fascinating

  8. I only use the computer to study—mainly the news and the ideology of politics(and this of course).
    Because of it, I've got all A's and B's in my high school classes. It's amazing thus far.
    That is until I see a freaking F(64.5%) in Career Ed.


  9. I might grow facial hair? Eh, who cares I could shave.
    Deepened voice? Eh, so what?

    (just kidding, but this is unbelievably tempting. Besides, women have no bad side effects! X3)

  10. I don't think HGH are bad but also noticed that this video say's nothing about sarms. Sarms seem like a great alternative to anabolic steroids but the problem with taking sarms is well we don't have enough research on the chemical so we don't really know much about long term effects of sarms.

  11. I actually use human growth hormone every day. I use it since My pituitary gland dose not work right. You should do a video about growth and where the body produces the hormones for it. I think that would be a really interesting video!

  12. is there a way a drug can be a good drugs after some stuff putted in t XD because i want to be riped but not be healthy i want to stay healfy and be buff can you do that with drugs or stairoids?

  13. 99.9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% sure life noggin won't reaspond

  14. You peobably shouldve added that more professional athletes dope than you think there are ways to pass dopig tests if you do use them.

  15. The problem with doping is anything involving a blood clot like a stroke or hart attack because your blood becomes much more rich with red blood cells

  16. Alkohol, cigarets,coffie are good but anabolic steroids are bad
    I am 100% sure that you have a vecry small testosterone

  17. Does anyone know the negative health benefits of taking HGH? Like the cheating only applies to people in competition but what about if some random guy at the gym took it?

  18. Life Noggin yesterday I had a bubble on my thumb and I tried to pop it and two hours after it was really started to hurt ps your videos are the only thing I've ever watched ❤❤???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  19. What if usain bolt took both drugs shown in this vid he can already complete the 100m sprint in 9.82 seconds but with that HOLY ?

  20. They all do it man, lebron James, Tom Brady, floyd Mayweather, GGG, Canelo, and the rest of the elite players and fighters.

  21. Be good to do a video on the difference between abuse and healthy doses by men over 50 and the effects…

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