West Ham 2-3 Tottenham – Jose Mourinho FULL Post Match Press Conference – SUBTITLES
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West Ham 2-3 Tottenham – Jose Mourinho FULL Post Match Press Conference – SUBTITLES

November 30, 2019

Good afternoon Here we go Jose… Hand on two seconds! Can we wait for everyone Wow, where did that come from? Away win Start to your new Tottenham career and could have been more as well? Yeah but I’m not worried about my Tottenham career I’m worried about Tottenham and about the players and was very very important, eleven months without music in the away dressing room, without a smile, without happiness and they did it and I’m very happy with them, I’m very happy for them, I think if somebody didn’t watch the game and just know the result I think that was very very difficult for us to win but I think the feeling is that we were closer to the 4-0 then West Ham was to the 3-1 but this is Premier League and their first goal changed things a little bit and I think also my players they paid the price of a very very difficult week, a week where they arrived from national team some of them arrived from difficult matches some of them travelling, change the manager arrives a new guy, new training sessions, new ideas the emotional thing that surrounds that I don’t think he’s ever easy for a football player to work with a coaching staff and the next day other people is there so, difficult things to process so I think physically the team had a break and probably also a little bit scared of that of that mental barrier of the bad results away so the last 20/25 minutes was who not easy but I think we played very very well for about an hour really really well and I’m very happy for the boys Jose what did you make of the performance of Dele Alli? I think Dele was.. I think Dele was like the team it was brilliant for 60/65 minutes and then he and then he paid also the price, he paid also the price of the tiredness so he went a little bit down but I think it was the Dele Alli, the Dele Alli of a couple of years ago that impressed not just England but the world, he did exactly what I wanted him to do with two days of work important selection of information try to make clear for him exactly the spaces where we wanted him to to play offensively and defensively, intelligent football player to understand what we wanted and very very important for the team really pleased with this with this performance Jose, can you describe Dele’s piece of skill for the second goal? Yeah because was just in front of me the piece of skill is amazing but for me what is more amazing is is the mental sync in relation to that, you know you only do that if you are focused if you are committed if you are ultra confident if not you know you give up you know when you have the bad feelings the sadness you don’t do that that piece of skill is amazing but only comes when by the emotional point of view everything is positive so fantastic I’m really really happy Jose, from what you’ve seen from the training session and this first game are you going to rebuild this team? Does it need that or are you going to explore the changes? What do you mean? Team, squad, style? You know sometimes people, sometimes you see 4/3/3 or 4/2/3/1 and sometimes people think it’s the same, it’s never the same because we the same let’s say positional tactic base the important thing are the dynamic is that you bring and I think I want to do my things, I start doing my things, I hope that you don’t understand it very very well when you don’t speak about it a lot but you know positional play is different and I think very adapted to the players I tried to give the players comfort especially in this moment where you know a little bit of emotion around it, I’ll try to give them comfort and give them comfort is to play them and ask from them things that they can give, sometimes we complicate things, sometimes we ask from the players as things that they are not ready to to give, I try to ask the boys, Dele, of course Harry Son, Lucas, Harry.. Harry Winks, Eric, I try exactly to give them the easier job for them and the easier job is adapted to their qualities and I think Dele feels very comfortable in this role with freedom but following principles and following things that we do in training so I think, I think they are fine, I think they’re fine and we have a game two in two days I think we can go and win that match at home and qualify Champions League and then I think the mood, the confidence comes high for the boys Jose, what did it feel like being back out there, stood at the front of the technical area watching your team play? What did that feel like again? To confess you… the most difficult moments for me in these 11 months, a part of the summer where for the first time I didn’t have a pre-season and I was looking at other managers, clubs, teams during pre-season, the thing that was the most weird feeling was when I was going to football stadiums and sometimes I was finding myself “what am I doing here?” here in the box, here in Sky studio, what am I doing here? that was the most weird feeling I belong there, that’s where I belong so today the feeling is.. I was where I belong that’s my natural habitat, was I extra emotional? No, Was I nervous before the game? No but I just love it and especially when things go in your direction of course it’s the best thing in football is to win matches You say its been 11 months without music in the dressing Jose? Have you chosen the music.. No no no no, yesterday in the dressing room I felt a bit, a bit I felt that they were a bit like they don’t know if I like the music in the dressing room at the training ground was low, so maybe they mmm this guy likes this guy doesn’t like? allows doesn’t allow? but the dressing room during the week is their home, they can do what they want but when you go away the music after the game I like because a victory is something that you have to value it’s hard to win matches we work hard in these two days the boys they work hard today is something that you’ve have to value you cannot win a match and just leave it like “okay we won” the same way you cannot lose a match and after a couple of hours you are in the nightclub enjoying with with your friends, you have to value defeat, you have to value victory when you when you lose you have to feel it, when you win you have to feel it too so I was happy with the music was loud, I don’t care which music it is I just like the feeling that the boys are happy and the boys are happy thank you

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  1. spurs are getting the best version of jose , a person who has been a pundit after being sacked from Chelsea and then being sacked from Manchester united where it wasn't his fault it was the board and the structure mostly. the arrogance has turned into confidence like the old jose the young one used to have. and I think spurs can dominate Europe if they get a few signings in because their squad is already way better than Chelsea, arsenal, united,

  2. Under Jose, Harry Kane can become the world's best striker for sure. he is only 26 many people forget that. that means he is the same age as Pogba and Lingard both. so he has like 4 years of absolute prime if he doesn't fall down somehow I hope he doesn't. and he is already the best striker in England and with Ronaldo coming to a close in the next couple of years kane can be the best striker in Europe all he needs is self belief and when Jose puts his trust in a playe rthey change into beasts like for example essien, drogba, Lampard, terry , lukaku to some extent, scott mctominay, luke shaw ,

  3. He looks more mellow. More assured. Like he's learned a lot in his time away. Wonder did the boys in sky have deep chats with him about it

  4. The strategy is:
    Stay compact, defend, defend, defend and defend also park the bus if its possible and somehow get to top four

  5. He is shit guy arrogant doesn't respect no one, he is fake cunt ugly short piece of shit , he isl pretender fuck hike, people given him big head , fraud shit person

  6. Tottenham were extremely poor in the last 10 minutes and completely parked the bus. West Ham were right on top of them and could've easily equalised or even won the game.

  7. He is the only manager that I watch his team because of him. I became his fan when Inter Milan beat Barcelona in semi final of CL and I was a Barcelona fan at that time. I was so furious when Barcelona lost but I was amazed how Mourinho's master plan worked against Barca.

  8. Amazing come back attempt by West ham right to the last minute and almost snatching a draw if not for the blatant off-side, Chelsea were superb but you could see it in Mourinho that the end was poor and the open disgust by Dele did not help, this is still Poch's side in early days

  9. Firstly I have to say…it just feels wrong with out poch on the sideline…I am sure poch is missed n respected n blessed by all connected to tottenham n many others…certainly is by me n I am a life long liverpool man ( supporter ).

    I have huge respect for Mourihno.  A great coach n manager n a talent for winning n a natural for trophies…after watching the match today….I doubt very much the nice Mourihno will last for to long, even though Spurs had a great 1st half…the cranky special one, was nibbling away in the 2nd half in moments…n his full cranky return won`t be to far away I feel…I still can`t see tottenham hanging on to kane, son, Alli, Ericson, Rose n maybe even Winks as well in the January transfer window.

    Harry n Alli were definately not happy the whole match, be it Magic`s sacking or Mourinho`s incoming, or something else, entirely, who knows??? I still can`t see Levy giving Mourinho the $`s for any new signings at anytime in the next 3 yrs n I can`t see winning obsession lead Mourinho dealing with that in the long run n also keeping the players on side, once the cranky special one fully returns in the dressing room, a leopard n his spots n all.

    With Mourinho n Levy, sooner or later, getting back to not liking each other all that much as well. I can`t see Mourinho being there by the end of the 19/20 season, come next may, to be honest.

    It just feels like it will be man u recent past n present all over again, with Mourinho`s exit n with Ole`s good start n falling away, with the same old problems resurfacing….I feel it will be the same story with the spurs players n with Mourinho at Tottenham, With a heaps quicker deterioration, Besides…fire n milk don`t mix to well.

    For Spurs n Mourinho`s sake, I hope I am wrong…Time will tell? A fairrrrrly decent first match n good start n lucky win 3-2, against the Hammers for Spurs n Mourinho, though They need Vertongen fit again, holes in defence again for Spurs n falling away big time in the last 15 mins n extra time. I do wish them all the best.

    Importantly, Rock on n all the very Best Magic…see you managing another great team real soon, For Sure!

  10. It's the opposite. The team benefited from new manager bounce. West Ham almost equalized after Antonio, who was MOTM for me, came on. This should make Mourinho worried for future games. Should have killed the match after 3-0. Shows Mourinho doesn't know how to do this.
    One positive sign, however, is that Moura was started.
    Poch didn't fancy him at all.

  11. Early days, but the early impressions are that in his 11 months off he’s realised that Prem coaches have to nurture players. The Ferguson/Keane hairdryer style doesn’t work in the Prem these days. If this really is a new Jose, Spurs have a real chance of greatness with him. Let’s see how he is when the going gets tough…..

  12. Liverpool – Man City, Man City – Liverpool, ah this PL saga was turning insipid soon. Thank J Jose is back where he belongs!

  13. Happy Jose is the best Jose. Can't believe he said well done to the managing guy at the end. Must have put a smile in his heart haha.

  14. There wasn’t a single pundit that didn’t run their mouth like a bloody cunt about how Jose was “out of date as if he had won his last tittle ten years ago” then flipped their script kissing his ass when he got the job. Jose is the rebel who wants to win that lives in everybody , but Jose happens to experience it , he even beats you at your own game you spineless pundits.

  15. I only watch spurs when they play my team, this is the first with another. And heres my analysis from an outsider. Firstly, spurs sucks. The Two Harry are beast, Cane is die hard, winks is a maestro. Eric Dier sucks balls, Dele Ali is overrated, Son was good, moura was alright, lb n rb needs some changes. Cb average at best. There you go, from that one game.

  16. ""you have to value the defeat, you have to value the victory " thats what I aways tell my teammates in every Sunday league match

  17. Never had any interest in spurs or watched their match until Jose became their manager. Mark my words: I see Spurs winning trophies before the end of 2021. TROPHIES…plural! If anyone can do this, its Jose Mourinho.

  18. If Mourinho keep focused and not trying to be the super star of his club, it could be a different story for him this time, imo.

  19. Spurs have much better winning mentality than the arrogant money stealers you had to deal with. Bring us some trophies JOSE!!!

  20. Back this man with the players he wants, & a fired up Mourinho with this team could be lethal. The only way is up from here.

  21. Honeymoon Period coming up then the real job will start when they lose there next game Hes changed but nobody knows if it for the better but people press pundits putting way to much pressure on a man who confidence was damaged twice now he at a team that has no history of winning because the board refuse to provide the right players this will not change hes just there for the money 18mil compares to Klopp on 8mil Have that retard hes finished

  22. There was a united match José did with Sky at start of the season & he took a moment to reply to a question & you could see in his face that he knew he needed to be back out there

  23. Man U's Ed Woodward destroyed Mourinho's reputation. Ed Woodward allowed celebrity players to be higher than Mourinho. They disrespected Mourinho and never gave their best.

  24. He is back. And he definately seems a little different. He's taken 11 months to look at things. This is definately Jose 2.0. If I was other teams I'd be concerned next year. I'm telling you now he will bring silverware to Spurs. Welcome back to the PL Jose. Missed you.

  25. Hahahahaha evey1s blind… can't you see the media are building him up for a great fall AGAIN. Great result against a poor west ham. (who nearly came back into it by the way) But if them results don't last he be the most boring one ECT again. I love Jose by the way but I can feel what's coming…

  26. The last 20min was hard for the Tottenham. Son was the only one sprinting after 80 minutes. But Jose still bring the victory and music with the team.
    I sink Tottenham will win the Champions League ?

  27. Spurs are the type of team he's needed for years. This is the type of team he has always done his best with. I have a feeling it could turn into a perfect situation for everyone involved.

  28. Jose learnt about the hard ugly side of football when he was at Manchester United. And I think it may have done him a right favour tbh

  29. I feel like I'd bang in ten goals a game if Mourinho was my manager and he spoke like this in the dressing room! Passionate, articulate and well… just a great human being ?

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