Weirdest, Creepiest, and Most Obscure Video Games You’ve Never Heard Of

October 4, 2019

Today I want to talk to you about the
most obscure most disturbing games that you’ve never heard of. First game I want to talk
about is a game called Garage: Bad Dream Adventure. Now this game I’ve never
played probably never gonna play guess it was leaked maybe I could. I’m a big
fan of lost media there’s a lost media wiki and lost media is a piece of art
that is known but it’s no longer accessible to the general public.
The reason I bring up lost media is this is a game that was only printed – I don’t
even know if it was printed a 100 copies. I think it did get a few thousand copies
pressed … this thing was released and completely forgotten about and through
the magic of the internet was somehow found again. People didn’t even think it
existed for the longest time because it was so weird and so bizarre. Its just kinda like ‘wow what is going on here’. The whole idea of this games I believe it
was inspired by the creators nightmare and he recreated the whole nightmare.
It’s a Japanese game so it’s really hard for me to actually know anything that’s
going on here. That’s the general thing that I know of it and honestly I can’t
even watch this game for too long like watch gameplay videos of it without kind
of feeling weirded out. It’s just so eerie and I really like works like this
that are that eerie and especially when it’s a computer game and its obscure and it took so long for them to find it. Cause somebody did find it they bought it off of ebay. Now it’s out there. It’s
just a really weird, strange abstract thing. I don’t know if it really
has any coherent sense to it but it’s really strange – it will definitely keep
you up at night if you’re looking for like some creepypasta nightmare fuel
right now which that game’s plenty of. Kowloon’s Gate is rumored to have five
copies made of an American translation which I don’t know if that’s actually
real or not – there is a youtube comment on one of the videos where the guy’s
talking about it so that’s really where I got that information from. The Kowloon
Walled City was – and I apologize I’m not saying that correctly –
Kowloon Walled City, it was an actual place in Japan and it is very very fascinating.
There’s a lot of information out there on this place and yet at the same time
there’s not. It’s just a very mysterious concrete structure but inside it is an
entire city. Its basically this structure that was a living and breathing machine. It’s
usually portrayed as a very disturbing place and that’s essentially what this
game is. They’ve used that setting of the walled city and the cyberpunk it. Which
I’m a huge cyberpunk fan but what I find interesting, it seems to pop
up in a lot of these disturbing games. I think it’s just the setting kind of
lends itself to very huge mystery. It’s just a setting and an atmosphere where
you can really get surreal and that’s what you have here – cyberpunk – but it’s
a full motion video game and I think it looks really sick – really groundbreaking for
its time, this is again like 95 or 96. Its like Myst or Riven, which those games are
phenomenal in themselves, but they actually full-motion-videoed-out every
step that you take, which there’s another game I’m gonna mention right now: Obsidian,
which is one of my favorite games of all time. There’s
a lot of really wild crazy surreal kind of Dali inspired, out there, really
exploring the visual potential of games. And I don’t know why but PC games
they went through some sort of era that was much weirder.
Kowloon’s Gate is actually a console game it’s a PlayStation game, developed
by Sony Music. It’s still a game that they really love over there. It comes up
in a lot of surveys and lists over there for them. It’s disturbing it’s weird, I
wish I understood it. I don’t. There’s not been any real translation of it but it
has a lot to do with Eastern philosophy and the setting. Which the setting is
really the only thing that’s gonna like really flip you out here besides
whatever the fuck this thing is I mean I don’t even know. Probably get a little
freaked out – like it’s weird. It’s a weird disturbing obscure weird thing. [laughs] Messiah.
The compelling thing about Messiah is its concept. Right off the bat there’s
just something about an angel baby protagonist set in a dystopian Blade
Runner early 2000s Unreal Tournament aesthetic. It’s a very strange
look. It didn’t meet the expectations that it had off of the success of MDK which
Shiny had developed years before but it also had a public outcry and controversy
leading up to release. The LA Times ran an article just really talking about how
just the use of the word Messiah from its initial announcement was doomed to
fail and Computer Gaming World gave it a 1.5 called it truly repellent saying I
don’t even like to think of the sort of sadist that would enjoy this kind of thing.
From everything that I’ve seen of the game, there’s definitely a fair amount of
shocking moments in it that I think is ultimately why the game got buried not
not because it didn’t necessarily meet technical expectations, cause everything I’ve
seen with what they were trying to achieve and its technical prowess… more of the
choices that they ended up going with.. there was definitely this attitude that you had to
be provocative in order to sell. The same time this is before Grand Theft Auto but
they’re doing a lot of things here that I think you do see in Grand Theft Auto,
with cops chasing you and trying to kill you and you escape it but you’re mainly
using a possession technique here, which is a really cool game
mechanic but the fact that they built the entire game around just the
possession mechanic which I think I’ve seen that in a few things like Destroy All
Humans. The fact that they built a whole game around it, it’s just a really weird
bizarre game mechanically and it has a really strange aesthetic that I think
they successfully pulled that off. I mean it’s just such an incongruent image to
see a baby Messiah in a diaper against a evil ugly dystopian setting. What I
really like is they kind of took that cyberpunk setting that we’re all
familiar with and really go dark with it like they really explore like the
carnage and the evil that goes into that and I’m sure they’re picking a lot of
that out of a lot of 80s movies because I know there’s like references
to the C.H.U.D.’s here which is the cannibalistic sewer people movie from
the 80s so … just bizarre I mean they really went for something bizarre and
they really achieved it here so give this game a look if you’re only really
intrigued by something that’s been a really like weird you out. The next game
I got is Harvester which is another really, really interesting, really
disturbing game and this game actually has quite a bit of a cult following so
possible that you are familiar with this one. It certainly wasn’t mainstream and it
certainly was big flop. Again it was mainly because of the controversy
surrounding the game that there was public interest at all. It was kind of
like this Mortal Kombat era and the game ultimately is like a commentary on Mortal Kombat
kind of games. I think it actually does have a really kind of adult and
interesting take on video game violence… Its why this game is really worth checking
out because surface aesthetic alone – which I think is why all of these games are
really compelling, really interesting and captivating and disturbing is because
they all use very contrasting imagery. With Harvester – which I actually feel you
see this imagery sometimes – but basically on the surface of 1950’s America it
looks very clean it looks very nice it’s kind of a Stepford Wives feel where
everything looks clean and shiny on the surface but you can very easily take
that image and just start to hide like disturbing imagery behind it
and it immediately becomes like very striking and very unnerving. It makes you
uncomfortable. Harvester that’s kind of the whole premise of the game is you’re
kind of in this uncomfortable setting where you wake up and you’re suddenly in
the 1950s and it’s very much like a Leave It to Beaver sitcom and everything
seems very squeaky clean, you have your mom downstairs and she’s smiling through her teeth but
you start to pick up like this air of you know something’s deeply off. Sometimes
wrong here. It’s that feeling that carries through
this entire game that really does get under your skin and it really does make
you uncomfortable and it can get really disturbing. It’s funny though at the same
time. Cause you’ll go down to the fire station and the fire station… [pause] … umm… I mean it is a
stereotype, there’s lots of offensive stereotypes in all these games actually.
I think a lot of the reasons all of these games failed is because they maybe
went a little too far on some of the imagery but I think that’s what
ultimately gives them a lasting impact, what makes them worth revisiting in
the first place. Harvester, very much a conspiracy
story and it doesn’t take much for me to show you here what’s disturbing and
what’s awful about this game and it shows but I think there’s definitely
a point to it. It’s basically a giant commentary, a giant satire on video game
violence and that ultimately makes it a very interesting game even if it shows you
some really disturbing shit. The message ends up being – well it breaks the fourth
wall and it’s really good, I encourage you to go watch the ending if
you’re not gonna play the game or if you are gonna play the game it’s a very
satisfying great fourth wall break that has some great commentary at the end of
the day, it’s a genius game. Okay, next game is a game called Silverload and I find this game really weird really disturbing because of its
use of illustration. There’s just a really strange contrast here of an old
western Oregon Trail feel but it’s combined with this really
spooky eerie … I think a lot of it has to do with how it’s drawn. This as a
point-and-click on the PlayStation is original but then as a point-and-click
alone it’s really interesting and strange and I think that’s really what
it achieves most. It just really pulls off a really interesting unique story
like the whole idea of it is: don’t go to Silverload! Like it’s really like
cryptic and everybody’s like really ugly to you there. It starts off you’re just
kind of a cowboy dude – so you think. And I like that how it does kind of starts
boom there you are. Very Oregon Trail feel you almost feel like maybe you are
about to go on an Oregon Trail kind of adventure. You do investigative work and
through that you find that the son or a daughter is missing so you have to
venture into town of Silveload to find the missing child. So it’s definitely
like any old premise in an adventure game, somebody’s missing you have to go find
them. You go into town and night falls and Silverload is this old western town out
in the middle of nowhere and clearly the protagonist doesn’t want to be there and
that’s kind of where you find out through the unveiling of the story that
you actually are Native American character. They’ve already probably
pillaged the land and massacred people and in a way
I think through the story you find that because of what the people – what the
white people have done to the Native American people,
that’s why do you have the disturbing aspects of the story cause there is this
mystic element of the protagonist who is a Native American person who does have a
connection with the spirits and the spirits are responsible for the
hauntings of the setting and of the story. So I just find that to be a really
interesting story, it’s really weird. Maybe I revealed too much but I find it just a really compelling, really interesting, really captivating video
game. What is that, was that 6? That’s the top six weirdest most obscure most
disturbing games that you’ve probably never heard of or ever played and will
definitely keep you up at night. Hope you enjoyed this list. Subscribe for more
content. I’m gonna try to come up with some more like weird lists like this. I
think the next thing I’m going to do is like games that got unnecessarily edgy out of
nowhere. I’m talking about like sequels where it’s just like whoa huge leap. I think
maybe you can think of a couple of them in your head right now. Try to think of
what I’ll get on the next video. Stay tuned. Later!

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