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August 26, 2019

– If this is a strike,
it’s the freeze frame for the intro of the vlog. (pop music) (ball hitting pins) There’s the freeze frame right there! – This is so awkward (laughs). – [Sean] We came back and
Chicken has a new shirt! Show me that shirt, baby. – Look at this. – [Sean] That’s a good shirt. – It’s like a shirt with
a hood for some reason. – Now he can stop wearing
that weird blue hoodie that he always wears. – Shut your mouth, that’s a good hoodie. – He always wears pajama
pants and a blue hoodie. And now he can wear pajama
pants and a cool hoodie. So updates: start of this vlog, this day. I don’t even know where our days are because we’ve been traveling forever and now we’re back from London and it’s like, what time is it? – [Steven] It’s 3:30 in the morning. – 3:30 in the morning. We want tacos, so we did
rock paper scissors and… – Always. – Steven lost.
– I always lose at this one. – [Sean] And get me
water, I don’t want pop. Me and Steven are gonna be healthy now. We talked about it…
– [Steven] Hey, what about me? – …on the way home. I don’t know, are you gonna be healthy? Are you doing this with us? – Yeah. – We’ll talk more about it later but we have an idea to
get healthy because dude, when I am traveling, all I do is not sleep and I eat unhealthy and I snack. I just feel gross. So we’re gonna start drinking more water and we’re gonna start, we have an idea to do one healthy thing
in the vlog everyday. Should we just call it “Healthy Thing”? Why are you back? – Uh, keys, car keys. – [Sean] Hey, remember
what we talked about, the healthy thing?
– Yeah. – I just told the vlog we’re gonna be– – Shh! – [Steven] It’s 3:30 in the
morning, what are you doing? – I just told the vlog we’re
gonna do the healthy thing, and it’s called “Healthy Thing”. And every day we do a healthy thing, okay? – [Steven] That’s pretty
creative (laughs). – Yeah, really creative. But we’re doing it. – Cool.
– Go get tacos. Hey guys, I have tacos on my socks. Taco Bell sent me these. Taco Bell won at the
(inaudible audio) yesterday. – [Steven] I know.
– They won… …brand of the year on Snapchat. – [Steven] Taco Bell deserved it. They made that taco filter… – They did deserve it. – [Steven] The taco face. – The creepy thing?
– The taco, yeah, – It was awesome!
– That filter was so good. Taco Bell really does
kill it at social media, especially Snapchat, and
they sent me this skateboard. – [Steven] Taco, that’s custom. – [Man] Yeah, that’s custom-made. (“The Middle” by Jimmy Eat World) – Tacos and water at 4:00am. I missed that tall chicken guy. Update! We just finished the vlog, we’re already done with the vlog, we’re gonna post this thing
at like 6:30am Utah Time. Killin’ it. Chicken with his new hoodie. – (mumbles) – I think I told you, I gotta watch Adley in the morning, and it’s kind of morning
’cause it’s almost 6:30. So I think we’re just gonna pull the old all-nighter, you know? Next clip will be me and Adley, hanging out eating breakfast probably. See you then. ♪ A…B…C…D ♪ Now it’s breakfast, we’re eating cereal, and bananas and we’re
learning the alphabet too. Important stuff. Update: Adley took a nap, I took a shower, and then we had daddy-daughter time and made this really
cool snapchat right here. Put that on the vlog right here. (arcade music) Oh yeah, and now Jenny’s home. Hi Jenny. – Hi. – Did you guys miss her? I missed her. Alright, remember right before we left? We opened that little Chinese box, and I was like, “What is this thing?” – I can’t imagine what it is. – [Steven] It’s a black box! Dude! What the heck? – This thing, right here. Lithium-ion battery pack. And I’m like, “Oh, probably
goes with that other Chinese box, we’ll open
it when we get home.” We’re home, let’s open it. (tape getting ripped off) Chicken, get over here! We’re having family time right now. Chicken, it’s family. Chicken!
– [Cameraman] Chicken! – [Sean] Chicken, come here, hey! – [Cameraman] Chicken.
– [Sean] Come here boy! (whistles)
– He had… – [Sean] C’mon!
– …four slices. Okay, hey, we’re gonna
open this, get excited. – [Steven] Yay! – [Jenny] Oh, what’s that picture? – [Sean] It’s a scale. – [Jenny] It’s a… – [Steven] Yeah, there
is a weird picture of it. – [Jenny] It’s an F-Wheel! – [Steven] F-Wheel, what the heck is that? – [Sean] What’s an F-Wheel? I think you can ride it. – That’s awesome! – I thought it was a weight at first, like a scale for weighing yourself. – [Jenny] iCarbot Manual. – iCarbot. It’s like an iPod, a car
and a robot all mixed. – And it looks like one
of those robot vacuums that go on the floor.
– [Steven] I was about to say it straight up looks like a robot. – These wheels are gnarly. – [Jenny] That’s fun. – [Steven] Oh my gosh.
– Look at the rims, though. – [Steven] Oh my gosh. – You know how cool gangsters take pictures by their rims? That’s what I’m doing right now. – [Steven] Kinda. (laughs) – Yeah, I don’t know if that translates. – [Steven] Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Bad joke. Okay, disclaimer here: this isn’t a paid YouTube video. I have no idea how this works,
or if it’s going to work so we will give it a
shot and let you know. Oh, give me that lithium-ion… Based on the curvature… – [Steven] You have to turn that thing. – You have to take this off. – [Steven] Uh! Uh! – [Jenny] Maybe you turn it on now? – [Sean] We’re back in business, baby! – [Jenny] Can you twist it on there now? – [Man] I think we can twist and shout. – [Jenny] Look, right there. – [Steven] Oh, yeah. – [Sean] Oh, oh, no I know what to do! – [Jenny] You guys? – [Man] There’s a lock right here. – [Jenny] I’m the smart one. – [Steven] Sean is so brilliant. – [Sean] Sorry not all of us
have x-ray engineering degrees. – [Jenny] I am smart. – [Steven] Three…
– [Sean] No. – [Steven] Two…
– [Sean] No. – [Steven] One.
– [Sean] It’s gotta be tight or else it’ll blow up. Okay, go. – [Steven] Oh, Wow!
– [Jenny] I’m first! – No, no, I’m first! Rock paper scissors, all three of us. I gotta win this, I wanna win this so bad. (laughs) – No calling out rock paper or scissors. (laughs) – [Steven] Because it throws her off. – [Jenny] It does! – Jenny’s really bad
at rock paper scissors. – I suck at it. – Okay, I’m gonna do rock. Rock, paper, scissors. (laughs) I told her I was gonna do rock! Okay, here we go. Ready? Rock, god, scissors. – Oh, shoot, I win! – No, no, no, best out of three! – [Steven] No, you kidding? – [Cameraman] They didn’t say that first. – [Steven] We never do best out of three. – [Jenny] We do! – I wanna ride it first! Besides, it’s mine. I have the coolest socks. (laughs) – [Jenny] Maybe you’re too heavy. – [Sean] Whoa!
(beeping) Coming at ya, boy! Whoa, whoa! – [Steven] Jeez, dude. – I think it works better off carpet. Like you have to put a lot of
weight to make it go forward but then it doesn’t
wanna go on the carpet. – It’s probably, yeah,
it’s not a carpet one. – [Steven] Turning is
freaking weird, dude. – [Sean] Let’s take it
up to a flat surface. – [Sean] Oh. (beeps) – [Steve] Hey! – Whoa!
(laughs) This is actually kinda fun. It’s way different than other hoverboard. Dude… – [Steven] Oh yeah, it’s
completely different. – Could you just see me
in a business building with a briefcase just going like this? – [Steven] Yeah, it’s
the businessman’s segway. It’s classy and it’s formal. – I’ll see you at lunch. Adley, you are gonna love this! This one’s for you. Ready, you gotta put two feet on there. – [Steven] Is it actually going? – [Sean] Yeah! (laughs) – [Sean] Good job, Miss. Okay, here we go, whoa. (laughs) – [Jenny] Who-hoo! – [Steven] She doesn’t know
what to think about it. – [Sean] No she likes it,
she just stepped back on. Here we go, Adley! Whoa!
(laughs) (baby coos) (loud laughing) – [Jenny] Who-hoo! – [Steven] Goodbye. – [Sean] She wants more!
– [Steven] She’s addicted. – [Steven] This is Jenny,
hold the briefcase. – Hold the briefcase, you’re
going to x-ray school. You’re about to meet with your
boss about scanning bones. – [Jenny] This is scary. – [Sean] You gotta hold your briefcase or it doesn’t look right. – [Steven] Two!
(laughs) – [Sean] Two briefcases, wow! Okay, Chicken, grab your
briefcase, it’s your turn. – Here is a Briefcase right here. – Alright, hop on. – Excuse me, ma’am? I need to go to my meeting. Jeez, this is so much different. – [Steven] And with the briefcase, probably really different.
– Yeah. – Why is it tripping? – ‘Cause you’re not very business-y uh? – [Steven] There you go. – Excuse me,
– Yes sir. – My baby has an appointment.
– [Steven] Okay, sir. – [Jenny] Be careful. – Shall we? (wind blows) (beeps) Hey, how are you? I’m Sean. I’m here for my appointment.
– Nice to meet you. Sorry I’m early, it was just really easy transportation on the way. – [Steven] Steven’s gonna fall. – [Sean] Steven’s gonna die. – [Jenny] I will.
– I need some briefcases. – [Steve} Stack ’em up. – [Sean] Stack up those briefcases. – [Cameraman] One
briefcase, two briefcase. (grunts)
– Oh my gosh! – [Cameraman] Three briefcase. – Is that enough? – One more. – [Sean] No, do five. – [Cameraman] Four briefcase. – [Sean] Do five, do five. – [Sean] Yes! – [Cameraman] Five briefcases. – What’s the weight limit on this thing? – [Sean] Don’t worry about it. – Alright. – [Sean] Briefcases are excluded ’cause it’s a business item. (crosstalk) Yeah. – [Cameraman] I can’t
wait, Steven’s gonna fall. – [Sean] Get to that meeting! (grunts) (laughs) – [Sean] He’s gonna die.
(laughs) – Ooh! I’m getting to the business. I think I’m gonna make it. – It keeps beeping, I
think it’s almost dead. See that? That beep? I think that’s, I’m
hungry for battery beep. Needs more lithium. Gonna charge the battery, brb. Yeah, the charger port’s
actually pretty cool. You put this here, and
slide over and it goes in. – [Cameraman] What?
– [Sean] It’s kinda cool. It’s like next level, why
don’t other people have that? – [Cameraman] So when you go off road, you don’t get that mud inside.
– [Sean] Yeah! Or when you have way too
much business, papers and mechanical pencils stuck in there. – [Sean] Are you a big girl now? Look, she’s got cute shoes. Her little, what are these called? – Freshly Picked. – [Sean] She has Freshly Picked moccasins and a big-girl car seat. Where are we going? – My sister’s in town. – Her sister’s in town. But where are we going? – To do pictures and then bowling. – [Sean] Attack of the ducks! (ducks quacking) – Took family pictures. They went good. I needed to go home and
get something for Adley and then we’re going
bowling and to get pizza. When I pulled up, Steven
was leaving to go get food and I was like “Steven, come
be a part of Jenny’s family.” So Steven’s… – [Steven] So I’m part of her family. – He’s part of her family now. And we just got to the bowling place. There it is, Arcade Laser
Tag Bowling something. – [Sean] Jenny, are we competitive when it comes to bowling? – Yes. – [Sean] Like how competitive? – Way! – Jenny and her sister are
putting on a baby shell. – [Man] Hey! – [Sean] You having fun Adley? She’s like “What?” “Yeah, dude” (playful singing) – [Man] Be more patient, so you wins. – [Kid] Yay!
– [Man] Oh! – It’s okay, I have fun. High fives. Good to see you, guys. That’s the final score right
there wrap up, oh yeah. We did our party, we did our
pictures, now we’re back home. And remember, I barely remember,
at like four in the morning I said something about a
healthy thing everyday, remember that? – [Sean] I invited over my buddy, Austin. – Hey, what’s up guys? – [Sean] And then Jess. You guys probably remember them. Jess helped me and Casey when
Casey and I Saturday night did the disguise, under
disguise, undercover, (inaudible audio) – [Sean] They brought over this game. It’s TDR. It’s like you down some hit arrows. This is our healthy time. Jenny, are you gonna do
healthy time every single day? – I ran a 5k this morning. – That’s true, you get
double healthy time. Anyways, let’s do this. (video game music playing) – Hey, Jenny is dancing more than playing. (laugh) We’re on expert mood now. I haven’t done this in years. – Alright then. I wanna see that pad lit on fire. (loud laughing) I don’t know this one! – [Austin] Oh, get out of town, man. – [Jenny] Great! Perfect! – [Jess] Look at that face! – [Jenny] He’s determined. – Dude, you’re… – [Cameraman] The contest between… – Husband and wife. – [Cameraman] …husband and wife. – Hey c’mon, psycho!
– [Cameraman] Oh shoot! Sean. Jenny. (video game music playing) (loud laugh) – [Jenny] Oh my god, what?! – My brain just melted. I don’t know what’s happening. – [Cameraman] Oh no! – My brain melted. – [Cameraman] Last round. Jenny and Sean. – [Sean] This is song is just good. – [Cameraman] It’s a classic. (video game song playing) (loud tapping on pad) (inaudible audio) – [Sean] Oh! I feel like I can get that down. – [Cameraman] They cleared! – Ew, you’re sweaty. – We did it! We’re having day one of being healthy. (cheerful music playing) (“Cruisin Down the street
in my 64” by Ezay-E playing)

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