Webaround Portable Webcam Background, 56″ (Chroma Key Green) Greenscreen Review using Screenflow 7

August 29, 2019

– Hi, I’m Marc Larochelle and
today we’re going to review the Webaround Portable
webcam background 56 inch. I have a green screen right now– a full size green screen but I wanted to get something smaller, a
little bit more convenient. So that’s what I’ve done. So let’s open this and see what happens. (package crinkling) It comes in a large, in
this case, priority mail bag that’s really pretty lightweight. It arrived in one piece
which is always a good thing. Gonna go ahead and cut it
open with scissors here. Probably there’s an easier way to do that. I think they have a.. (crinkling) Yeah. There is an easier way to do that. Okay this is.. Let’s take this out here. Looks like a packing slip. And piece of cardboard here. Okay so this is called a Stabilizer Box. “Place between the back of the chair and the bottom of the Webaround
to stabilize the Webaround”. Okay so that’s interesting. We’ll have to see how that works. Then we have the actual product here. Which you can see I’m looking at my watch every now and then just because making sure I get you in the screen. Webcam Privacy Screen 56 inch round. Material content: Polyester,
spring steel, velvet, hook and loop, neoprene, nylon twill. I guess nylon twill tape. “Caution opens under pressure”. So we’ll see what that’s all
about and have fun with that. It’s got a nice little flyer in here and then a really nice
logo for the company for the Webaround. So it’s nice. Good packaging here. I think I can just simply open it up. It’s a staples. Keep it in one piece if I can. Alright there we go. Alright let’s take this out. It’s supposed to be– Okay then what we have
is we have a carry bag which is always fantastic. My other green screen has a carry bag but there’s nothing more convenient than having a carry bag
for these green screens. Because a lot of times
this is portable enough where you can really take it around and have some fun with it. Now another thing I like is
it’s got the velcro closer so it’s not just all floppy. You have a nice velcro to close it. Okay, now here’s the actual green screen and I can tell it’s under pressure. It folds up there in a nice neat circle. You can see the circle is no
bigger than the chair here. The chair back, that is. Okay I’m going to carefully open this up. Can see it’s under pressure. There we go. Wow. (thump)
Whoa! (chuckles) Yeah that’s.. Wow, this is a lot bigger than
I thought it as going to be! But that is what 56 inches is, right? Holy moly this is big! But this is great though because it’ll go right behind the chair. Now presumingly this is what
you slip over the chair here. Now I can’t really fit it
with my keyboard here, but.. I wouldn’t be sitting this way anyway but I don’t know if you can see that. Let me adjust the camera
so that you can see. I have adjusted the camera a bit so you can see what it looks
like folding over the chair. And you can see I think it just simply goes behind the chair like this. Again I don’t have the
right amount of room but that gives you the idea. Now with a screen this
large sitting behind you it actually should, in fact,
cover any potential background. It would be green instead of
whatever you’re trying to hide. So I believe that works
and I would imagine we would take the cardboard
and put that between in here somewhere. And I’ll read about that and look at that. But essentially that’s it. So it’s pretty good. Now let’s see if I can fold
this back up in one take. If it’s anything like my other screen it should be pretty simple. You just simply kind of
crush it and fold it. Just like, you know, when you
have those things in your car. Yeah. I’m fighting more with the microphone and the headset here than
I am with this thing. But, look at that. Piece of cake. And then just take it. Put it back in your bag. Like so. You don’t need to see me
put it back in the bag. That’s probably a waste of your time. But there it is so overall I’m pleased. Alright we’re back and
I have the green screen set up behind me. It’s now currently positioned
on the back of my chair. You would not know that it’s
on the back of my chair. It’s got complete coverage. My camera is set to HD
mode widescreen 16 by nine. Complete coverage, looking good. You saw how portable this was. I believe you could
bring this to hotel room or wherever you need to travel. And actually be in a position to be able to do recordings with Chromakey. Speaking of Chromakey let’s take a look at what that looks like now. Alright, hopefully that looks good. Alright, this is only the first night with this product but so far it looks like it’s going to work just perfectly. It does everything that I needed it to do and that’s exactly why I
bought this particular product. I’m happy with the 56 inch version. I think that extra bit of room does make a bit of difference. I don’t have the smaller version but I believe this bigger version is probably the way you wanna go. Alright, thanks.

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