We Trained Like Lara Croft From Tomb Raider
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We Trained Like Lara Croft From Tomb Raider

August 19, 2019

– Tomb raider. – Doo doo doo doo doo. Yes. – You can’t have it, you can’t have it. (gasps) – Do it. – I’m just afraid I’m gonna pop out. – So are we all, Ned, so are we all. – Video games are awesome ’cause you get to do cool things with cool people. But what if we actually were cool people doing cool things in real life? – We’re gonna be trained
in three different classic Lara Croft scenarios. The first is the long jump, jumping from one platform
to another platform. The second thing we’ll be
training in is archery, and the third thing is jujitsu grappling, specifically a jujitsu takedown. Lara oftentimes opponents
that are bigger than her and so she has to grapple
them to the ground and punch them in the face. – Today, we’re gonna
train like Tomb Raider. I’m Angelina Jolie,
you’re Alicia (mumbles). – That one. Badass archeologists
ready to raid some tombs. – Who show a lot of skin. – I think you need some
shorter shorts there. – What, not short enough?
– No. Let’s go raid some tombs. – Right now, we are at the
Tempest Freerunning Academy, South Bay, I’m Sydney Olson. I’m a professional parkour
and freerunning athlete and today, I’m gonna be teaching you guys some Lara Croft tomb raider moves. – Whoo. – Oh wow, this is jumpy. – Yeah, this is springy,
I’m already feeling it. – So she has to jump from one
obstacle to another a lot, flinging herself and her
legs are out of control. – It doesn’t make sense,
but it looks cool. – Yeah, it does.
– It looks great. – Just like this midriff. What do you wanna keep in mind when you’re jumping
through the air like that? – Eyes are key, where you’re
looking is where you’re going to land, and as you
land, you’re gonna try and take impact away from your knees by putting your hands down on the ground. – [Kelsey] Superhero landing? – Which we could also do. First thing you guys are gonna do is you’re gonna run from that platform, taking off of one leg,
and just land together with your feet on the mat. – It looks farther than
I thought it would be. – Yeah, go for it. – Are you sure you don’t wanna go first? – We’ll go in reverse order.
– Age before beauty. – Age before beauty, hmm. Run, jump, run, run, run, okay. – [Sydney] That’s pretty good. – Was it good? It didn’t feel good at all. – [Sydney] That was great. – Yeah. – That looked actually pretty cool. – You guys think you’re ready
to take it up at a height? – Ooh.
– Oh, I think we’re ready. – So over there, you guys are gonna jump from the platform that
has that little fence down to that lower one–
– What? – Yeah. Once you fall, try not to
get out of control with it. You can actually fall off. Honestly, you guys will be totally fine, unless you’re not. – Oh, I’m gonna die. Oh, that’s high, that is high up. – [Kelsey] I know. And we’re gonna jump across this cliff. What? – There’s really no
difference in the jump at all. It’s about the same exact distance. It’s actually easier on this one because you’re a little bit higher up. If you study physics at all,
– Oh my God. – It definitely makes sense. – Yeah, I’ve studied physics, Sydney. It doesn’t mean I can do it. – He went to Yale. – If we don’t, for whatever reason, jump far enough, we’ll fall a long way. I don’t wanna be a tomb raider. I just wanted to wear short shorts and dance in the desert. Three, two, one. (screams) – [Sydney] Perfect. – Gah. – Tomb raider. – [Sydney] You’ve got it. – [Kelsey] No different than down there. – [Sydney] No different. – Lara Croft, tomb raider, let’s do it. (Ned cheers)
– Perfect. (Kelsey cheers) – I can do anything. How did we do? Are we tomb raiders now? – You guys did amazing and I would think, yes, you can go raid a tomb because you can do the coolest thing, which is jump across a building. – That was so exciting, I’ve
never done anything like that. So I was feeling pretty confident. I faced my fears and it was
time to go shoot some bullseyes, but you may know from
seeing a try guys video that I had a really bad knee injury. It’s still giving me problems. But before my baby came, I
wanted to get knee surgery to take care of it. I’m at home recovering from knee surgery, but Kelsey gave me a puzzle box. Got a little hole in the center. But what Kelsey doesn’t know
is I’m amazing at puzzles. – Hi, I’m Virginia Hankins, and I’m an archery coach with USA Archery. – Because Ned is weak and
is having knee surgery, I will be the only Lara learning archery while our other Lara is doing the puzzles. – When we’re gonna be holding the bow, this would be the shoulder
height that we’re working at. And make sure you’re not locking it out. There, the back hand is
gonna have three fingers. – Hunger Games (whistles). – This hand goes on the
corner of the mouth. You slide your hand as
you pull into your back. So we’re not trying to– you ready to try it with a real bow? – Yeah, I’m ready for the weapon. – He’s like, is it a toy? – The nock clips on
underneath the brassbet. – Oh wow. – You’re gonna be lifting your hands towards the target,
pulling back to your face, aiming lower than you
think you need to go. When you’re ready, let the arrow go. All right, we got a blue.
– I did a thing. – I really just wanna
break it with a hammer. It’d probably release
some evil zombie spirit. It looks like, looks
like this part slides up. I just moved it a little bit. Did you see that? – That’s red, that’s even better. – I did even better the second time. – Now maybe this thing
slides under (gasps) look at this, this
part’s gonna slide under. Does this piece just fall out
completely (gasps and yells) – I’m getting faster, all right. – Yeah, that means I
can pull this part out. Yay. Tomb raider. (all cheer) – That is how you kill a balloon. – That’s dead, son. You know what, if that was a human being, I probably would’ve gotten
somewhere on their body. A torso’s about that size, right? I would’ve gotten it. – She left me a little note. What did you, took you long enough. – Last, we went to UFC gym
to learn jujitsu grappling and a takedown. – A week later, my physical
therapy’s going great, so I was ready to dive right into jujitsu. How long does it take to get a black belt? – I’ve been training for 30 years. – 30 years? – So we’re gonna be training for one hour. – We’ll show you two different variations, we’ll go one go for the legs,
and one you do a high throw. – So one of us is gonna take the low road and one of us is gonna take the high road. – Up top. I got knee surgery. You can see it’s shaven and swollen. I’m gonna be doing the easy stuff and Kelsey’s gonna be
doing the hard stuff. My doctor doesn’t know I’m here. – All right, so the first takedown, I’m gonna drop my knee out here. Control, base right there. I wanna hug his leg, lift up his leg, and use my head, and I’ll take him down. – Wow, so this is all a
takedown that I can do with an injured knee. So in Tomb Raider, I’ve been shot, I’m barely alive, you can still do it. Okay. Okay. – Over here.
– Oh my God. – Drop it.
– Boom. This like this?
(grunts) Let’s tag out.
– Let’s tag out. – Go 2018. – Okay, so now this takedown’s gonna be more like a under the arm throw. Ready? – How do I? – Control, go under.
– Okay. – Drop my knee and then throw. – That was kind of fun,
it was like tumbling. – So I’m coming towards you, right here. Outside hand, there you go. You’re gonna go under, now control my arm the whole time, okay? Drop to your knees. Beautiful. – Yeah. That felt good. – So I’m gonna try a chokehold. But I don’t wanna actually choke you. – I want you to actually
full squeeze, I’ll tap. – Oh really? – He taps, you stop. – Okay, I will. Oh wow. So how close to passing
out were you just then? – Almost, it was, once
it’s tight, I’m gonna tap. – I am shocked. – And then things got a little heated. – We should just fight each other. – Us? You have injuries. – I think you can. Just gotta believe in yourself, Alicia. – I mean, I can, I don’t know if I should. – You know what, we’ve been playing nice. We’ve been saying it’s not a competition, but you know what? It’s a competition, you’re on, Kelsey. Now, the two tomb
raiders, using everything that we’ve learned, we’re gonna fight each other. – Ready, let’s go fight. – Ned put up quite a fight
for someone who was injured. – No, you can’t have
it, you can’t have it. – I tried to get him in an arm lock. He was not gonna go down without a fight. – My arm, Kelsey, it’s my arm. – So eventually, I had to switch tactics just to end things. So I choked him. – I was trying to stay in there, but man, I was seeing some stars. I thought you were gonna break my arm, but then you choked me out. Well played. – Yeah, that arm–
– well played. I did not see that coming. Way to go, Kelsey. You didn’t do any brain teasers, but you’re still smarter than me. – Now I’m the undisputed
jujitsu champion of us two. – I had a lot of fears
going into this video, but it was actually really fun. It was awesome to jump across a distance that you don’t think you can make. Just such an adrenaline rush. – [Kelsey] Beyond cosplaying
and dressing up as them, it’s kind of fun to do the activities that some of these characters can do, and you can easily do them. You can go to an archery range or sign up for a jujitsu class. – Comment below what we
should train like next.

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  1. Ooh, something important to note with the elbow positions. Look at the bow arm of the instructor, and the bow arm on Kelsey. Note how one is vertical, and one is horizontal? There are things that change your arms in archery. Mainly so you don't get whipped by the bowstring.

  2. Kelsey seemed to adapt really fast to all of those situations like if pushed she could definitely raid a tomb lmao

  3. i came here for my crush Kelsey 😍
    because shes kind, entertaining, fun, strong, and EXTREMELY ATTRACTIVE! 😊

  4. Question about parkour, aren't you supposed to roll after you land to reduce the impact instead of the "superhero landing" which may also hurt your wrist?

  5. Is it just me who couldn't listen to what the parkour lady was saying, and could only pay attention to the hair under Ned's belly button?

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  7. I'm actually in martial arts. I can almost do everything that they are doing. They're doing great!!

  8. there are so many people at buzzfeed to do this challenge why did ned have to do this with his knee just operated on. duh ned

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