We made AMAZING progress in Minecraft Skyblocks! – Skyblock #4
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We made AMAZING progress in Minecraft Skyblocks! – Skyblock #4

August 30, 2019

I’ve already started gaming Ken the episode has started now. Hello everyone. I’m making a cobblestone generator You already made one Almost died, it’s fine. I don’t even care All right, so we have soul sand magma blocks But I think we need how how are we get? Some of you can beat the ender dragon in this version because there’s the nether portal I said, it’s less than yeah. I’m just reiterating. For people that haven’t seen the episode. It’s called a flashback ken already know. Okay, you don’t tell me You’re brai- I have been waiting to say this your brain is not that big Look, I kept my brain so big I have glasses on right now oh, I have glasses on right now – well, you know in gamer yeah in game of course what I have a small brain Oh Oh did tree grow? Nope, nope they did not. It’s so small still. Just like your brain Yahoo’s brain whose brain? That’s right. That’s right Big brain baby bucket you safe bucket this safe. We’re okay Nothing important everything What do you have I don’t have anything, yeah Okay, well you have absolutely nothing. Nah, I put everything away so I wouldn’t fall off and die. Well, luckily we have enough so we can make one more wooden pickaxe if this fails playthrough over Oh God Turned around you’ve got you died again using the water. Okay, I’m fine. I’m chilling water. I don’t think it’s I think it’s working The whole series has been me chopping at a freakin cobblestone generator The whole- the whole- this is what? episode four? episode four baby This is the first time we’ve actually had a working cobblestone generator to start the episode I think I think that’s worth smash! like! and subscribe! Heck yeah! Heck yeah! I appreciate using heck yeah instead of the other bad one. Gotta stay monetized bro. I am in trouble Thanks, bro, you saved life cobblestone generator very dangerous Do not work with these if you’re not properly trained in cobblestone generation I appreciate you calling it that’s verb instead of bad one. Well, that’s what I call it. Exactly Okay, so now right I think what we should what we need to do ken is that we need bone meal Okay, where do we get bone meal from skeletor’s? Skeletor’s but why why oh, why is the trees not growing? Seriously, they always grow so fast for me that’s on fire Why is it on fire?! What’s happening? What’s the fire? What? What is this game the grass? I guess Oh A tree grew! We’re saved, Ken! We’re gonna live. Finally eat an apple. You ate them all last time Oh That is lie. Happy day. Why would you lie about the apples, dude? Seriously, like that’s not cool people watches and they they will think they I’m lying and people watch it. They keep all this Oh, I wonder why the trees didn’t grow it’s not like you planted and waiting next to each other dumb You’re the one that planted trees How can you remember? Come on you gotta let it go man. It was like three days ago So long ago, dude, I can’t even remember I keep making these Skyblock episodes with you. I hope one day that I’ll be it I’ll be famous enough that I can actually be in a thumbnail No, only Jack can give use enough. You’re not good enough I can put you want me to put you in as a little charity option. I Was gonna say that the video gets less views now, I’m so sad I i mean look if Jack can be in the thumbnail literally anyone can be in the thumbnail. A bad word. Oh, he says bad words, right? That’s bad word So the goal is to get the Enderdragon. Yeah, that’s the goal of this playthrough. Okay I can’t believe you killed one of the villagers. You know what I think we actually need the villagers. So just look away two seconds Try not to push him off this side here the whole time it was he just bamboozled his hide behind that tree Not the tree down calm down. I’m just thinking realistically because we need them to freak right really Yeah to get more aura. If you give them fruit they will they will make bEbE This one is locked away. He’s not allowed. Yeah. Yeah, his peepee is locked in storage enough of this other tree Damn, all that. Oh wait over there over there Island. There’s redstone and life presents though. Yeah, that’s all we get is it? Oh man, this is time. Did you do the cobblestone generator? It’s.. I improve it It’s better now. Like the song: aAnAaNa better now. Yeah I’m singing it a little wrong so it does not get copyrighted.(good boi) Oh, yeah…… Big brain. BiG BrAiN *little laugh :DD* I’M STUCK AGAIN!! *sad Felix noises* AhHhHhHhh-OoOoO . Ken: AhH-haha Gosh. *both laugh* When we have like everything in this game like full diamond full villagers full of hoes We should still remember our past we should still remember the cobblestone generator I got oh god is there Ever what I will never forget that that that’s like I’m ScArEd for life after (can’t understand) cobblestone generators. What-what do ScArEd mean it means good, but like brain damage. I think very big brain damage or small brain damage? *both of them laugh* I’ve haven’t sure anymore, honestly That must been big brain damage because you don’t know where this village are doing he’s standing on the bridge looking at me You’re gonna get pushed off I think he’s charged as a toll to pass. I was about to say yeah, I think that’s what is it You got a seedy place. What did you do with that? Yeah Oh, yeah, yeah, I was just gonna say I need you to you’re gonna have to be number one epic farmer guy I got my hoe. I mean I am from you. Here’s this accent. Of course, I’m a farmer. I Get the joke because you are speaking like hillbilly How can you built this up I can’t and jump back up For God farmers can’t jump high. Yeah farmers. They’re gonna they don’t get up. What do we need right now? Just like some more slabs Um, I don’t know actually, I think we’re just good really as we just brought is the Sun moving It was it definitely was night before yeah It’s two sons or that the moon. There’s two sons this Down here. Do you not see mister sides where there’s one son? There’s zero sons. Thank you. What? Don’t waste my time. All right that way It’s my big brain is very yeah, what is your big brain halfway? Oh my hunger. Mm-hmm Do a fantastic don’t get trapped under there and die. Whoa Oh, we have a bill to either one of these you think your big brain because you can tell I’m dumy-dumb. Oh Yeah No, oh Poor tree. Oh, this is a more tree. I’m trying to retrieve as much of the then I come back Come on back my CPP boo for what you try get the dirt. Yeah, I think that should be our goal. Right? Yeah Are you gonna be like? Turnout here We’re learning we learn and we did finally I leave watch the series for how many episodes were finally figuring it out figure things out Right. People are just screaming in the comments. Don’t worry big brain. I don’t expect comments to understand big brain activity that’s like giving Einstein’s theory of relativity To a monkey they would be like wow big brains. I only know how to peel a banana Concept of time and stuff. That’s pretty epic. What is your hillbilly farming tell us? I have three dirt Reader if well, we have more dirt down. We just need more space So bad guys will show up and we can kill them and then we can get stuff we need. All right, this is Getting more big brain. Is that big brain? That big brain, this is MBM So this is all the dirt we get ever thought about that Dan One of the pieces may have fallen off when I was trying to gather him Cuz what what I didn’t drop a single piece, how could you I doubt? That’s true. Damn. You’re correct Brain after all There’s no episodes about question my big brain, I don’t know if I appreciate this it’s not a question about questioning How dare you question my big brain? Do you know who I am? No, are you the guy in price thumbnails? No, I’m not I Have no idea that I can’t help you. Ah Dang, it’s gonna make Engaging content you I don’t know what to tell you He’s gonna make just get good. That’s all you gotta do is easy like you shut your face. Are you saying? I’m not good. Oh I’m saying you got small brain. *get roasted Felix* I’m getting sucked!! but everyone knows if you want if you want to make it big on YouTube You gotta you got to appeal to children and what better way to appeal to kids did not have big brain Besides why Jake Paul it big. He has the smallest brain of all Exactly, damn. Well, there’s 17 their new big brain compared yourself to Jake’s Paul crew like you’re you’re the equivalent. Well, I told you that in private. Okay. Oh Yeah, no, no, it’s a good joke I was telling them that that I’m basically just like a little hey you like guy that plays a PewDiePie, right? so if we had like a big big vlog house, I’d be like that one guy in the background go like And then they’ll backstab eventually as well I HaTe JaKe PaUl He’S wOrSt I never liked you. I just ran because I wanted to be popular I just want an apple.. I’m hungry *poor Ken* YoU jUsT wAnT aN aPpLe Well I took it from you *poor Ken* Man jeez Man you want me to do some cobblestone you’ve been Like the cobblestone I felt like I Have to do like hardcore parkour every time I come back to here because one watch wait Okay, you want me to put in another book for your brains? Like I have to Thank you. Oh that helps. There’s a lot of weight off my my small brain Fixes stuff big break. Okay. Fix it some cobblestone generate their number – Nice, right Stone generator stone cobble stone. No Straight stone baby. I think it’s working better than well. I may be on fire, but don’t panic What am I doing just want to get the dirt yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah big break Alright, I have 12 more pieces for you. You do it great. Oh, thanks, bro. See Rowdy have to yell. I’m that guy in the video. Just have to yell everything Wow There’s one more block of dirt. Oh my god I think I almost got all of that. We’re gonna beat the ender dragon, Ken. It’s gonna happen Are we are we gonna beat him? Well, not without at it – what happened – whoa Ever been done before never Never been done by two big brains such as ourselves as a spotter over here doesn’t what he’s in the lead. It’s a spotter He’s in the is in the trees a spotter spider a spider. Come on. He’s chasing me. What do I do? Bro, it’s over for you. Let me see. I’m coming Okay, okay what you do is you say he’s food a go down no You push me you pushed me off this is all your fault, how could you I spent so long It’s okay, there’s one block of dirt over here Oh Better submerge, don’t worry, maybe that maybe that villager over there has 12 dairy. No, I’m not going anywhere I have three dares. I have three dirt. Hey take them you took such good care of the other ones and pick you let’s go say you could spawn more but Push me up again spawn more what you want to At least you’re nothing it says a lot about their society So, you know you from the South that’s true It’s any person barbecue a they fry everything in your side only I’ve been to put the Alabama in that just fry all the food. Everything is frying you’re like Oh finally vegetables another fried Broad vegetables delicious fried pickles that’s close enough. I feel like I’ve been eating fried stuff all the time I want to eat something healthy vegetables, please here you go. Radha fried okra Mmm, you have okra. Well, they have a gator Vegetable, it’s not a vegetable. I mean, I guess it is really I thought you’ve been over like the animals what like the killer waves Okay You ever had some We just go out the back yard and catch the kitchen, huh killer whale you know, no problem gotta catch him yourself though Just get our food Next time I come over again. Was it worker? I dish out one of the Saddest but most pleasurable meals I had was turtle I had turtle soup and I’m like, this is so frantic Shredder, you know any bad things. What are you vegan? I am pescetarian. I only to what IQ I’m sure there is I don’t know it because never had to know something like that You just fry everything. I forgot. Yes right in barbecue. Is your computer private? It’s fun right now a brains fried display. Just watching you Could you go look at doing great, you’re looking at me. You can’t look at me. Why? Yeah, well watched you do it don’t mess up. I won’t mess up You know, what? Do you do something all the time, but then someone watches you yeah, like playing guitar. I swear I know how to play this. I Can fuck it. Wait, let me track you There’s like oh god. Oh god this stuff. What do we got here? Laughs is gold Iren, and it’s not very generous amounts No, that’s not very good. That’s what they say when you came as well. I was gonna bring you the thumbnail Ken but now It’s okay the VOD bear that means How’s our firm going let me inspect nothing nothing’s happening. I just check out what you’re doing over here They’re worse with skeletons over there. I thought about killing them, but then I got scared because they’re skeletons man They’re Undead this game is scary. You think minecraft is a little kids game. No, no Oh, there’s oh they burn today. We got their bones. There’s bones. Look what I did. Look at this Wow I’m so cool. So now we’re the villagers bone meat and then we can put the bumpers for the village III He fought valiantly trying to protect his love the skeleton scores came Scourge big break Hey, he took my weed wrench hole. He stuck mine wet. Why is it not growing? That’s me. I put bone meeting How many squares I need around it the groom? Sure, the comments won’t tell his back. Whoa. He’s bags back a favorite part about Scott I Saw that that was beautiful. Yeah, it’s my favorite part. I love that part My favorite part is dying violently. Why is this guy following me? Stop following me? Freaking me out. Don’t let me just stop. Oh, it’s one of your fans Oh, hey, you want selfie. Just give him a selfie. Maybe he’ll go away. Would you give him a one selfie? No, I’ll take it. I’ll take it I do that yesterday I got recognized when I was in a real hungry, so I kind of just asked hey Do you want it? Do I take a photo? No? Bye, okay. Bye My brain can’t wrap my head around this well Animals and stuff spawn too, but I think they need room Okay, we need some more dirt. I really didn’t either we’re gonna build a house I feel so I watch there’s all these time-lapse episodes of a scott walker bill all this crazy stuff. We’re just out here Just making bridges look around See we have three bridges but only one of them actually go anywhere that you haven’t made it thick You dis my bridges again and see what happens. Okay. So what should we do? Then gonna build the house? Yeah We’re gonna build a bit we don’t have any would you do huh your house I can live here. This is good Right here on the edge just kind of go up in this little corner here Yeah, pretty much used to this pretty much. Do you have you seen my youtube channel? Pretty much you she’s lived in boxes in the corner Yeah, why don’t you slab to make the ground though you big brain Oh-oh-oh there. I just cut it off to make sure how howdy So we have two villagers we have food I think we’re doing pretty good. I’m not gonna lie Yeah, I think we’re we’re about to win this game right now. BEC is Well, we could actually make it to one of these other alan and see what’s out there build a structure of some kind we could End it all I think we should have a fact oh, oh Slaps only I think when you’re making a sword over there top, yes. Oh, but first I burnt All right, all right everybody who wants to guess this you wants to bet that he’s gonna have a cobble style I Can’t believe I can’t believe Why do you have to die again Well, I win I keep being on fire. I can’t stop bingham fire. You’re just so hot. Okay we go. All right Ah You dare challenge me Oh I challenge you after this, oh How dare you? My heart no, I’m sorry, huh? You will not be able to withstand this What do we use this nether warden stomach here for we have never words that’s reproach things They’re like can’t you just make water elevators out of water. Have you go superfast? Can you have so much as I do you can tell how much progress I’ve made my own playthrough mine Bill, dr. Phil that’s it being No, that’s good enough The cobblestones you get the woman that their box and I’ll go put them all in there and we get Larry think, you know about the south of some cars – Oh mater you taught me well The exact same Yeah, they do in the south they sure do Yes, definitely, ow, skeleton shot me in and killed itself. It just couldn’t couldn’t take Scalf another skeletons are bad guys are starting to show up that’s good and our trees aren’t growing them I can reposition This is dangerous Oh Wow, got your back. I got a store here. Take take the have a state. It’s okay state stick it Works well, thank you PewDiePie touch this My seventeen cobblestone, oh Hey bust you get myself, how could I go myself right? I’m gonna get what stuff I’m gonna get my stuff Give me a beer. There’s your sword back I’m coming Scared me they even hurt it’s like lying we hit like you hit like a fly One of these trees growing anymore would Maybe remove the giant cobblestone thing. Huh? Look. Okay. Now you’re just now that’s big brain. Okay, that’s big brain Yeah I got a big brain idea. Look now less stuff will hit llama. I improved cobblestone generator Wow Maybe Brave People some people make cool stuff do this. Like I think we learned really quite okay I think we’ve done well, yeah, is there any wood your way out of wood do we drop it all yeah all the Wood Wow That you look exactly like me. Yeah. Yes. I wish someone would pay me. What’s really good mixer dice We have these new service. Who do we pay? My son watches ninja let’s pay him. Yeah Yeah, how much we give hundred million not too little snap plus a contract deal. You’re free villager. I’m freeing you from your shackles You’re free to be promiscuous Don’t push me off villager. I get revenge stop it. Push him this whole episode Here’s me looking at this cobblestone generator, dude. I got just got another Chabert block of dirt Yeah, well this tree grew a freestyle three two one go My name is PewDiePie, and I like to not die Name is Ken and he don’t know how to be Jen told men They got you mad me My rhymes so hard that before love are you mining are you getting the goods I’m getting I’m so good at Minecraft I got the goods. I gotta see it Rai me I’m speaking, you know. Oh Yeah, I went. Tellin ya. This is how we party We can make oh, oh Why is that I’ve become to you is just the guy you knock off. Yeah. Yes Oh we haven’t made a Sometimes my brain say stuff tonight forget what they did here me too for Gia, right? I gonna say yeah see Wow, you know your brain is so big that you just have to sometimes stop speaking. It’s called a furnace Can you make me laugh? Huh? Let’s go furnace. I don’t get cold though. I guess we can just use wood Yeah, that sounds good that put a great idea rhymes is ever you say I Have 49 cobble stone slab, how many do you have have nine then? Please oh god don’t make me fall into lava. Oh god You’re crazy you take it too far you take it too far There’s a skeleton that I hear. Hope you get some bones gonna get me cum trees grow. Hey Oh Got some hardware good job. Oh, wow. I run pickaxe Oh Double achievements not become designer Oh my god, I’m from rapping – what is that? Rap attack. No, I didn’t know listen to sound a little puppet up. All right, give me the Flint no flame right bad luck What Oh Diamonds in moon. Okay, we have to make sure we save you this Ken This is the only diamond slide we get in the game after this nothing after this Damn it. Ooh, several diamonds here. Nice what there’s enough to make one we dig gangs We do it make a pickaxe or do we make a sword to slay the Ender Dragon? Play with fire. I saw you it was nothing. I’ll be edge Yeah, I don’t know I think we should save diamonds probably right every time I’ll come back to this middle area There’s just like more combos He’s like coming put one back every time you come over here the cobble comp list on a scene Hey, hope composer excuse me guy that stands on bridge me you paid at all I said Do you know who I am and he let me pass does he actually didn’t know you’re that you to bring these Tumnus? You accept the game. Yech septic guy What a guy? No, I’m Mercury you think you’re markiplier? seriously You know, the big brain is actually from markiplier. Is it? Yeah, there’s like a meme where it’s his face and it’s big Maybe I guess it makes sense Well there, you know memes are there ironic, right So I’m saying that me would have to come from not a big brain Right, right. Yeah Oh Yeah, I can run out the worst it was growing and now he started it over it wasn’t growing why you do this It wasn’t growing me. There’s these freaking wheat, these things been planned forever there every plane that More trees, you said I just got him at yes I sit on trees. Is that weird? Oh Yeah, yes, he’s dangerous he’ll push you off I got to put my stuff in the box rats starve to death Yeah, bro, you never have you never wanted for food did you put everything away Buddy. All right. We have to slap each other to death I guess we could fish if we get enough to get if you kill spider No Okay guys if you want more sky Then smash like and subscribe. Bye bye what you never played super simulator You know, it’s fun right I’m not supposed to give my opinion But give it a try and then you can tell me if it’s good or not not convinced yet. Okay I’ll cut you a deal the game is available for free and that’s a great price

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