We Found Diamonds! Tabsian is Going Home? – Minecraft Survival 1.14 – Ep 7
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We Found Diamonds! Tabsian is Going Home? – Minecraft Survival 1.14 – Ep 7

August 15, 2019

It was getting dark and Tabsian had to go to bed… He had a lot of tough days and his knees hurt from all the digging Going to sleep did not bring him any rest… Tabsian took over the awareness of Sbatian, his counterpart who lived in his dreams Everything was the same in this world, but he was blue and he could do whatever he wanted absian started panicking, instead of using this time to learn how to build more stuff, he wanted to escape He knew that this couldn’t be real so he wanted to force himself to wake up First thing that came to his mind was to yeet himself off the cliff He went to dig and find diamonds, this time with a proper digging tactic He created a tunnel that was branching on the sides, this would give him the best chance to find diamonds fast It took a while but diamonds were found The few diamonds that he found were enough to build a diamond pickaxe He went back to base and built a pickaxe, while leaving the rest of the diamonds alone as he didn’t know what to do with them Once he blocked off the water, he was able to nicely dig it all out 10 million years later, he had all the Obsidian he needed to make the portal Steve told him a long time ago about flint and steel and after sleeping, he knew that he could use it to’activate the portal Tabsian ate some food and decided it was time to finally go home Tabsian was terribly confused by this, he thought that he was home and that his home was transformed into something else However, the Nether was a world parallel to his world here, and he will need to explore it to find answers To explore without confusion, Tabsian learned how to improve his maps He expanded the existing Overworld map whichlet him uncover more areas The map would allow him to understand this place better since now he will be here for a very long time He made a map for the Nether as well But it was odd, there was nothing there and the compass was freaking out He now had 2 maps that he wanted to re ame ut he needed an Anvil for that, he didn’t know why, he just knew he had to build one The Anvil would allow him to rename anything for a small price 
Next step was creating banners so he could mark locations,on his map His base was big enough to be easily noticed on the map but he still
wanted a banner for it He went back to the Nether to place a banner next to the portal, it had to be done cause of the crazy compass He found quartz, a resource that is very common in the Nether He found glowstone shining from far away and had to get it Blocks of magma weren’t very friendly While trying to navigate back to the portal,
Tabsian encountered a strange creature in the distance Due to the crazy compass, it was difficult to find the portal, even with the banner on the map This place looked all the same Tabsian placed the red lamp on top of his base but it didn’t work Then he remembered, he needed redstone to make it,
maybe that is how you activate it He connected a button to the wire and the lamp was activated The problem was that the lamp kept turning off, the button didn’t work right He swapped it with a red torch and it worked for good The next day Tabsian decided to build Tabsy a house Tabsian was upset that he couldn’t return home but the strange world was red enough, which made him content for the moment He decided that he would build Tabsy houses and monuments from his adventures, since he was too afraid to bring him along This way Tabsy can experience something new after every adventure, without being in danger! As he was building and crafting various items, he noticed that he could make a nice Nether Brick, a very dark red stylish wall He also placed redstone lamps for extra light since Tabsy was terribly afraid of the dark Tabsian was very conflicted because these creatures were disgusting but they never attacked him, they just crept around This one didn’t seem to care but he did come to this world, something he didn’t think was possible He could close the portal but then he might not be able to learn how to communicate with them At least he had a nice little house for Tabsy The zombie pigman continued his creeping further from the base so it was time to go to bed With the portal still open, who knows what might come through next

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  1. that thing is a Zombie Pigman, it is neutral like wolves, they do NOT attack UNLESS PROVOKED! and the baby sounds are ghasts they fly up above shooting fire balls, use your sword or bow and arrow to deflect them back at the ghasts!

  2. tabsian create a "stronghold base" with portal in it!

    build first the "stronghold" and then move the portal to it! u cant risk that the hostile creature's will kill tabsy and your house! D:

  3. um dude the dimonds are blue so u are a frend of blue huh jealus purpul guy? beacause u have blue and red so yeah keep up the good work wen u deafeat the ender dragon u will free the end and go back home

  4. Tabsian, Leave a Portal? Ugh… You know? From this portal can go Not only Zombie-pigmans, Also Ghasts: Flying enemyes which shots by Fireball from his mouth… It's explosive and also leaves a Fire
    What about zombie-pigmans – They are friendly until you will punch them first, They are don't respect a 1v1 so if you will in group of Zombie pigmans… Then punch one of them… You are DED… DED, and… DED…
    1) Anvil can be also used for some enchanting books, Put a Instrument/Weapon on first slot and Book into second slot, To get this books you need to find a Spawner zone, Abandoned Mine, Temple Or if you will be on "The end" (That's hard to reach…) – End City, dangerous one, be careful here… (Much harder to reach that just reach the end…)
    2) To reach THE END (Author: Oleg Khoklov, Produser: Never Mind, Operator: Cam Era)

    Joking! 😀
    To reach it, you need to create a Ender eyes, it crafts by Ender pearl and blazes stick, To get blazes stick you need to reach the Nether Fortress and find they'r spawners (They don't have a "Natural" spawn, so, Go search, you, lazy ass!), You need to create over-like 17 of them, cuz you need also Maximum 12 Ender eyes to activate a Portal into The end.
    3) After reaching THE END (Autho… Okay… sorry…) You need to Beat The Ender Dragon to (Maybe finally leave this place!), It's veeeery hard so, if you want to (Maybe finally leave this place! x2) you need at least Get enough diamond for Full Diamond armor, diamond sword, golden apples, Bow, OVER9000!!!!!!!!!!!! arrows cuz you probably bad on aiming, aaand a lot… LOT… a LOOOT of skill cuz Ender dragon will in main time of battle just fly around and Fire into you by Enderballs which makes your screen VEEERY LAGGY, even if you are will if in not on damage zone and just lookin' at it.
    Okay, i think this would be enough…

  5. Well, a blue tapsian comes from the portal would be really good, sorry If something at my english is wrong

  6. That pig human how his actions work no attacking one of them they are friendly attack them THEY KILL YOU just once

  7. A lot darker than usual, but what if he finds out a way to get blocks and things from sbatian or whatever?

  8. When you have nightmare when your blue

    Tabsian: jumps into lava
    Lava :"I'm gonna end this man whole carrear!
    Nightmare:" I'm gonna have to stop you right there!

    I know my spelling bad ok!?

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