WE BROKE SOMETHING!! | Arrow Dodge Challenge #3
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WE BROKE SOMETHING!! | Arrow Dodge Challenge #3

August 16, 2019

Mark: Hello everybody my name is…
Ethan: Why? [Mark:] …Markiplier, and welcome to the “Arrow Dodge Challenge”. We are uncomfortably close because we love you and also because this camera seems to be having some problems. But either way we are going to be doing the “Arrow Dodge Challenge”. We got done with the water bottle flip challenge and it was a lot of fun we had an arrow component but not a dodge component so we’re going to take turns shooting at each other up on the stage over there which is currently empty. Show the stage. *crickets* Yup it’s empty alright. [Ethan: What a good stage] What a good stage. That is the shooting range where we’ll be dying. But for every arrow that does not kill us *whispers* meaning we don’t get hit *normal voice* we get a point. Whoever has the most points at the end wins and then we’ll figure something else out over go along ok break. Team! You get a point Wade: Yay Mark: That silent Tyler. Alright so we’re gonna do rock paper scissors to see who goes first. Who wants to go? I guess it’s us three then, and ok rock-paper-scissors shoot. Well I…
Ethan: you’re not going first Mark: Not going first that’s for damn sure Wade: Hi Bob .
Ethan: Hi Bob. Bob: Alright I’ll join. * ethan grunting* Bob: Wow okay. Ethan: Okay. *”ha”‘s in quick succession* Ethan: I go first Wade: No scissors cuts… talc [Ethan: what the f] Mark: The reason Tyler is up there is because he didn’t get a single arrow shot at him in the last challenge so we’re just going to go for him Mark: That’s backwards, that’s back- this is off to a bad start Ethan: Yep Ethan: Here we go. Are we ready? Mark: Yes
Ethan: All right Ethan: You know what Tyler did to your family? Killed em all. Bob: Let’s go right in the ass [Mark: right in] Bob: Got ya bitch x2 Tyler: nice shot
Ethan: right in butt the right in the faeces
Mark: nice shot Everyone: right in the ass [Ethan: gotcha] Mark *in weird voice*: Right in the ass x2 Ethan: Shit! Bob: I’m going right for the dick this time Mark: He’s asking for it. You can see by the way he’s dressed. He’s asking for it Wade: No. Mark: Whyyyyyy? Wade: Is that a blooper? Mark: Whyyyy? x 2 [Ethan: Bob]
Ethan: Bob Bob: Hey it was bound to happen Mark: No it wasn’t Tyler: They hit me twice Mark: Yeah you got hit twice Ethan: Any last words? Mark: Ah man your mom’s so hot Ethan: Shit Mark: Wade you know, I always thought you were a handsome devil [Wade: I know] Mark: Now that I see, I see you’re fuck ugly as fuck
Wade: Yeah you better be careful what you say Wade: Whoa that went high Ethan: Goddammit! We’re not going to have any arrows left *all laugh* Bob: Drop shot Bob: Oh I thought you were going to jump back that way Mark: Nope Mark: Yipp-hoo Ethan: You almost jumped into that one. Mark: I had to stop myself hard, woo Tyler: So it comes down to me, to break the tie. Mark: YAY Mark: Oh man okay so I made it with just two hits Ethan: How spry are you, Wade?
Wade: We’ll find out Bob: He’s not very spry Bob: Tyler’s going full angry Mark: Alright. I love you. You’re a handsome devil Wade: And? Mark: And you have lovely hair. Wade: Thank you
Mark: And, uh, frankly you are just- *everyone laughs* Bob: You’re out! Mark: Goddammit, he’s got me guys. Another one of our our team come in. Bob: Hahahaha dodgeball Ethan: That was nice Wade: I don’t know what that counts as Tyler: No you got hit.
Bob: That’s what that counts as Mark: if you catch it with your-uh- your teeth maybe Wade: *grunts* Bob: Yeah try and catch it with your teeth [Wade: AH] that sounds fun *Nope* *glass shatters* Bob: Fucking Christ Bob: Jesus dammit! Mark: *whispers* That broke something Tyler: That broke something Bob: God! Mark: Ok, so we accidentally broke the neighbors lamp which is great but he’s super nice we offered to pay for it he was like oh no it’s fine so if Weston’s over there hi and thank you for being nice we’ll finish this stuff and try not to break anything else *dramatic pause* BOB! that’s the second one Tyler and Mark: that’s the second one over the fence [Bob: nah I didn’t do it] Mark: oh? *whispers* we’ve got video evidence Mark: ok we’re getting back into it, Wade’s still up there, he’s not off the block Wade: I can’t see anything the glares gotten so much worse then when I was here before Mark: Wade you are a shining example of everything wrong with society [Wade:what?] you have had a lack of -ohhhhhh *giggles* Ethan: you have escaped death, so far Well, not really that’s a lie from me [Tyler: you need to pull it back further] well I don’t wanna destroy him All: OHHHHHHH Mark: wow Bob: he switched directions, immediately Wade: yeah, and I caught the one I got hit by Mark: Eh Mark: yeah that was pretty good *sounds of agreement* Mark: I think Wade’s in the lead
Ethan: i will go [Tyler: he hasn’t hit anybody though Mark: ok Wade you got to hit people Mark: Alright we got a small target coming up here Ethan:oh you cannot see all Ethan: oh this is so scary… Shit I can’t see Everyone: ohhhhhh Tyler: one hit Ethan: I’ve lost an arm oh no Mark: no you stick that arm back out there Ethan: and stick it back out? I’m afraid please don’t go full power Tyler Ethan: Please! Spare me! Ethan: wow Ethan: That close to me Ethan: Bob, you’re a nice guy Bob: no *everyone cheers* Mark: why were you moving when I wasn’t even doing anything [Ethan: *in anguish* I don’t know!] Ethan: why am I spending my energy like that? *all cheer* Tyler: Ready big boy? Ethan: can you not? Can you not do it super hard? Ethan: Why are you pulling it back so much?! Ethan: It got my butt on the way back Ethan: the big boy is back on campus Ethan: *thrust* whatcha got? Mark: I’m very sorry Ethan, I think Tyler really wants to get you this time Ethan: I! Just don’t- just don’t do it super hard. TYLER Ethan: Please Bob: ohhh
Tyler: it slipped from my hand *murmurs about hands*
Mark: ooh nooo x 2 Bob: Oh no Ethan: is that everybody? [Wade: uh oh] Ethan: you don’t get another one! Ethan: you don’t get a mulligan this is not golf [Bob: yeah! A mulligan] Bob: that’s a great idea [Ethan: no! No mulligans! HELP ME!!!] Ethan: ah, ohh. That stung Ethan: OK! Tyler: HE WASN’T EVEN LOOKING AND YOU MISSED BY THAT MUCH! Wade: that much Mark: It was like that much Ethan: Bob, you’re aiming, you’re aiming low there, pal Ethan: You are- Mark: How many times did you get hit Ethan: Twice? *murmurs of disagreement* Tyler: you got hit four times [Mark: oh we got a present, thank you! Ethan: So I got hit a lot but Mark: we’ll count it back Mark: but you’re definitely in the lead for being hit Ethan: It’s a lot more scary than you think Mark: ready?
Bob: sure Mark: all right Ethan: are you excited?
Bob: no. Tyler: are you excited for when I shoot?
Bob: no Mark: ooh almost Ethan: That’s one hit! Bob: take it easy man Tyler: I’m sorry, Bob
Mark: you don’t have to do it [Ethan: isn’t he intimidating??] Bob: you can not shoot as hard as possible
Wade: he just Wade: steps up and it’s scary Bob: Goddammit *the group Oooo”s Ethan: you weren’t very nice to me so I’m not going to be very nice to you [Bob: I hit you once in the foot] *group laughs* Ethan: We don’t have to talk about what you did Ethan: it was what your intentions were Ethan: My intentions, are the same All: WOAH Bob: I got some tricks up my sleeve Mark: If you want to tie, you have to hit him I’ve got to hit this [Wade: I’m still the best dodger] Ethan: If I don’t get this i lose then I get hit with a lotta arrows [Mark: A lot] Ethan: I gotta channel my energy *all laugh uproariously* Mark: No ethan, no ethan Wade: I think even if he gets a hit, it’s a disqualification Ethan: I’m not even trying to fuck up
Mark: were you trying before is that your excuse here Ethan: no! Ethan: bleugh. *Coughs* Mark: great video Wade: please don’t lower the bow, you’re gonna screw it up again just aim Ethan: my fingers really hurt Bob: Oh my god Wade: you can’t hold it for long Bob Tyler: That was so bad! Ethan: it slipped out of my fingers Tyler: it didn’t even get down course [Mark: so bad] Ethan: it slipped out of my fingers Bob: Put on the mask Wade: if you can’t make that shot *chorus of put on the mask* Mark: so e-tan lost because I don’t know what happened do a statistical analysis of what the hell happened Tyler: he’s the smallest target *agreement* Bob: uh huh, uh huh I’m calculating
Mark: what happened
Tyler: and he got hit the most
Mark: what happened out there? Ethan: I’m the smallest target i’m probably the most spry person here and I lost
Mark: you used to be- you didn’t even take an opportunity to do a backflip Ethan: I know! Because why would I? Mark: Alright, whatever, we’re all gonna shoot him so get up there Ethan: I want to be wearing a cup Mark: ok this looks great Ethan: this does not look great I don’t know what you’re talking about this looks horrible Mark: we’re not going to shoot everyone just hold your bows like up and ready Ethan: This is the most intimidating thing Mark: annnnnnnnnd [Ethan proceeds to squeal in fear] *resounding chorus of no’s* Mark: Up, up [Ethan: I hate it!] up and Mark: Fire at will. Mark: you’re supposed to dodge, you’re supposed to dodge
Tyler: you ARE supposed to dodge Ethan: I can’t dodge these, there’s too many of em’ Ethan: this is not fun, this is a horrible time, this is a horrible time! Please stop! Mark: aren’t you glad you moved to LA? [Ethan: PLEASE STOP] Ethan: stop, why did I move here? Mark: annnnnd Mark: LOOSE *Ethan shrieks* *all laugh* Tyler: ONE MORE ROUND Ethan: I wanna go home Wade: you know I think we should redo this shot Ethan: NO! Mark: yeah I think I need a better thumbnai Tyler: yeah the camera stopped Mark: we better re-do all of this Ethan: NO-HO-HO-HO Ethan: Please! Stop Tyler: FIRE! *Ethan makes sounds of pain and relief* Bob: Mark, don’t you get a fourth shot? All: oh yeah Tyler: you do! Bob: Mark gets the final shot Ethan: why are you going so close Mark: Get on your knees and turn around x 3 [Ethan: I hate this x 3] Darkiplier: guys don’t look, don’t look at this one Ethan:* screams* Mark: do you want it through the heart, or through the head [Ethan: I DON’T KNOW] Mark: Heart or head? Ethan: AH! My… heeeaart? Bob: Oh my god, that thud Mark: WOAH, who did that?? Tyler: That was Wade Ethan: Wade? You did not get a fourth shot! [Wade: I fired way over there] Firing squad, now! Mark: So anyway, that was the arrow dodge challenge Thank you everybody so much for watching Thank you everybody for participating- uh The score is *hurling noise* to *bleugh* The winner being *Winston* and the loser being- oh, it’s Ethan *all laugh* Ethan: it’s me x 2 Mark: We know Wade: Dodge champion Mark: Thank you everybody so much for watching and as always we’ll see you in the next video Buh bye Mark: Geeze Ethan: what happened? where did those come from? Mark: *in soft voice* what happened Frobo? [All: Sam, Sam Sam] Wade: I actually didn’t see him throw those either so that made me scared Ethan: it was like high from the sky [Wade: I didn’t see your arm move, it was just all of a sudden raining Mark: an arrow to block out the sky I thought the neighbor was getting revenge *All laugh*

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  1. Mark make up your mind on how you get points. People hitting you for points or getting points when you arent hit pick one

  2. But like just imagine, you're sitting at home just relaxing and suddenly you hear glass shatter. You get up and it's your lamp. You assume "oh it's probably just some boys playing about" and comes over five grown men to apologize for breaking your lamp. That would be an odd day wouldn't it?

  3. Love how Ethan immediately duked like there was going to be return fire I have no idea how many times I have watched this over again

  4. 3:57

    Bob* breaks lamp

    Ethan* leaves chat

    Wade* looks in shock

    Tyler* looks in shock and scared

    MARK* looks in disappointment

  5. *Tyler steps up to the plate, aiming his bow and staring you right in the face.
    *What do you do?


    >Flail and scream like a chicken
    >Accept it
    >Shoot him

    Or, reply your custom answer!

  6. 6:22 I like the little blue hair guy and how yall broke stuff totally love the little dude and the others

  7. Wade:Ah Ah!

    Ethan or Tyler:try and catch it with your teeth that sounds fun.

    Bob:*arrow goes VOOOOOOOOOOOOOM:

    Neighbor:*Glass shatters

    Bob:Fucking christ!

    Ethan:*Ducks down*

    Me:*Ducks down with*

    Me:Ethan did my exact movement of what i would do if that happened :3

  8. 4:04 bob had a stroke ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  9. Bob: breaks lamp*
    Taylor:just stands there like a idiot*
    Wade:oh no you broke it!*
    Alexa:what!how are you laughing at that!*

  10. I like how when glass broke t went straight to panicked and angry whispering! AS
    THEN- They play again in the same spot.

  11. Ima just point this out, but in every video that they r all together as a group they wear the same clothes every time. Like mark wears the hot dog shirt, and so on

  12. Imagine just sitting in your living room, peacefully reading a book, when the lamp beside you just fucking explodes. Youโ€™re confused, scared, and honestly a little mad. Then this red-haired man-baby shows up at your door with his gaggle of goofs trailing behind him, explaining that they were shooting arrows at each other and your lamp was collateral damage.

  13. I just love how Wade and Tyler are just swaying back and fourth in the intro
    Ethan:any last words?
    Mark:aww man your mom's sooo hot

  14. I love how Ethan, Bob and Wade act like kids after breaking shit, ducking and covering, while Mark and Tyler just stand there calculating damage costs XD


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