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We are Reality Games!

August 22, 2019

About 2 billion people across the globe have some sort of social media account these accounts are generating billions of likes shares and checkins each day this is equal to trillions of bits of generated data however with the exception of businesses, celebrities very few people actually benefit from the generation of this data we at Reality Games don’t want them to have all the fun we also want You to benefit from it we developed Landlord to give our players virtual money for every check in on Foursquare and Facebook we’re working on Weather Challenge to let you have a go at being a weather person and earn points for correct predictions you can even compete with your national TV weather presenter Our 3rd game Stake lets you earn achievement points on the social media engagements of brands, celebrities & sporting events but that’s not all we’re also building a game engine for other game developers to develop games of their own what Unity did for 3d graphics we will do for Big Data We would like to invite you to help us grow, and join our family on this journey We Are Reality Games

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