Waterproofing an Archery Quiver with Revivex Water Repellent
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Waterproofing an Archery Quiver with Revivex Water Repellent

August 13, 2019

3Rivers Archery
Your Longbow and Recurve Experts Hi, I’m Johnathan Karch with 3Rivers Archery. Today, we’re talking about waterproofing. What we’re gonna be waterproofing is my
side quiver that I’ve used for many years. It’s been very good for me.
I’ve used it on many hunts, in many conditions, but with use I want to reapply the
waterproofing that it has to it. I’m gonna be using a spray waterproofing. We have two different flavors here. We have an instant waterproofing which as soon
as this dries on the quiver it’s good to go. And then we have a more durable
waterproofing. This is for items like gear you’re gonna be wearing, waders, you know,
things that are gonna get a lot of use. It leaves a thicker coating. The
biggest difference with that is that this is gonna take longer to dry wear
this is as soon as it dries on the quiver it’s gonna be good to go. And what we’re gonna do and what I like with a spray one especially on fabrics like
this is any of the crevices and if it cracks especially the stitched areas
this is going to get into those a little bit easier. So it’s going to give you a
really good coating. What we’re gonna do is safety first. Put on our mask. You want to do this in a well-ventilated area. Have a mask on,
make sure that you’re not sitting in it. It’s not good to be breathing any stuff
that comes out of a can like this. But it’s real easy to work with and like I
said as soon as it’s dry it’s ready to go. So we have our fletching cover here, but what we’re gonna show here is
the pocket first. Now the biggest thing note with waterproofing on anything is when you’re
spraying one of these fabrics since it’s blending into the material it may change
the color a bit. Normally what you see is a little bit more of a darkening. So what we do here… Let’s just spray… Like I said, nice thing with it being a
spray is with the crevices of this I don’t have to worry about that I’m missing something
because it’s going to hit it. We’re just gonna spray the pocket
area here. Just so you get a good idea of how it works. And then you just hang it
to dry. Then we have our fletching cover. and then what you want to do is you’ll
just want to hang this up so that it can air dry get some ventilation to it with
the more durable stuff that you can put in the dryer to get it to dry faster and
activate sooner otherwise it takes 48 hours of just sitting out and air drying
to get to its full coat where with this instant stuff thinner coat but I’m able
to use it a lot sooner so that’s what you want to use for items like this you
know the the pockets not going to get a lot of wear and tear on it. Where maybe
the back of my quiver which is going to be rubbing against my side might need
the more durable coat. And that’s how it’s done. If you have any questions
about how to waterproof any of your gear please leave it in the comments section.
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what we’re doing here. I’m Johnny with 3Rivers Archery.
Thanks for watching.

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