Watch Peng! activists impersonating greedy Big Pharma
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Watch Peng! activists impersonating greedy Big Pharma

November 15, 2019

I just want to start with a few words on behalf of Gilead. We’ve got some exciting news.
We get a lot of criticism for our medicine prices. That is no secret.
But we want to reiterate that medicine is a product like any other at the end of the
day and that health is a business. Our products are simply as they say in the
fashion industry: “This season’s must have” Especially, if you want to live to see the next season.
We’ve re-branded it a little bit. We’ve decided to kind of make the outside
look as good as the inside. We’re calling it now C, Just C.
We’ve thought about it because we really want to give patients the choice when it comes to accessing our medicines. Debt or death?
So, for those patients who can’t afford our cures, we now have a very special new product. And that’s buying the medicine on credit. Starting at just £2,000 a month.
We think it’s really worth it. And for those patients who think their lives
are worth it, they will take that decision. Medicine is a product ultimately.
– What do you think about it? Do you like our campaign ? – I thank you for your great presentation.
– What do you think about the fashion? – Could you please not hijack our conference, please? We’re not Gilead. – You’re not Gilead? I’m Gilead. – I would just like to point out to everyone that this is not part of our meeting. We’ve been gate crashed. Could you
kindly step down, please? – I’ll step down, thank you.

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  1. An independent group?

    The Peng Collective! is being paid and played by George Soros' Open Society Foundation.

    #PengCollective #GeorgeSoros #TheOpenSociety #SocialUnrest #SocialEngineering #AgentsProvocateurs–OdM

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