Watch: Day 4 of public Trump impeachment hearings (FULL LIVE STREAM)
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Watch: Day 4 of public Trump impeachment hearings (FULL LIVE STREAM)

November 30, 2019

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  1. After hearing the past 2 days of testimonies, I predict that trump will resign. Either resign, or be force-ably removed from office in disgrace! I will vote straight democrat because of what the republicons been doing!

  2. Lol jfc this Nunes is pathetic. I'm genuinely embarrassed for him or anyone who actually takes his speeches seriously.

    He's flat out lying in his opening statements.

  3. Oh yeah.

  4. Everyone has something that they've done in their life that they regret and the president is no exception so sure you can dig up something on him but if he's impeached and put out of office there's no one to replace him to do the things that he's done that he said he would do and has been accomplishing, I think America is in for a bleak future if he gets removed from office

  5. How bout asking Pete about falsely claiming leadng blacks support his "Douglas" proposal when they didn;t and when 1/2 were caucasion.

  6. Republicans keep harping on the question: Do you think there is a [potential-appearance] of conflict of interest? Congressman Elise Stefanik of N.Y. said, when asked-every witness testimony has agreed that there is a potential appearance…Heck, even I agree there was a POTENTIAL-APPEARANCE of of conflict of interest. But why do so many people understand this to be an "I Gotch ya" moment? I know there a several three syllable words in that question, so I wouldn't expect republicans to comprehend the question. Potential-has no DEFINITIVE meaning in this question. Appearance-is a SUBJECTIVE word. An analogy could be: You see a woman wearing a very short skirt, revealing tight-busted blouse, fishnet hosiery and thigh high boots…Does she have the POTENTIAL-APPEARANCE of being a prostitute. The answer is of coarse yes-people may potentially believe that to be true. Does she have the appearance of being a prostitute? According to what [society] has ingrained in our minds-most likely, she would APPEAR to be as such. And this is purely a SUBJECTIVE perception. Evangelicals of the red-states would immediately label her a JEZEBEL. But is this woman indeed a JEZEBEL or simply have bad taste in clothing?

    So indeed, there is a potential-appearance of Hunter Biden's high-paying Ukraine job to be a conflict of interest. But a accepting a high-paying job in not indicative of corruption.

  7. Why in the universe the Dems are found entitled to investigate a sitting president round the clock and let him down internationally and send the former secretary of state to meet with enemies of America but no one can investigate the former VP? If the former VP was a good and clean guy, why is it that the Dems are so afraid of him being investigated? Why, because he is above the LAW????

  8. Direct from the mouth of Gordon Sondland at today’s testimony in response to questioning from Schiff: “I believe I just asked him (the President) an open-ended question Mr. Chairman. ‘What do you want from Ukraine? I keep hearing all these different ideas and theories and this and that… what do you want?’ And it was a very short, abrupt conversation, he was not in a good mood, and he just said, ‘I want nothing. I want nothing. I want no quid pro quo. Tell Zelinsky to do the right thing.’ “

  9. The head ofUkrainian MP Andriy Derkach claimed that the family of ex-President Yanukovich funneled $7.4 billion through American investment firm Franklin Templeton Investments, which they tied to the U.S. Democratic Party. Burisma Holdings has been indicted and Ukrainian officials want President Trump to join them investigating the Bidens and other Americans for their role in laundering billions.

  10. “Chalupa! I say….Chalupa, Dear Sir! The DNC worked with Chalupa to take Trump down with Mexican food! We all know they were out to get him! We know he can’t refuse Mexican food!”

  11. Democrats EXPOSED themselves and now it backfires them. They exposed themselves as defender of corruption. If they are serious about corruption, why they don't allow Hunter Biden to present himself before impeachment as he was BOARD MEMBER OF WELL-KNOWN CORRUPT COMPANY. They shift the goal post from quadproco to bribery…. Democrats defending quodproco, corruption and bribery of Joe Biden in the name of impeachment

    If they are serious about quodproco, corruption and bribery they must first investigate Joe Biden and Haliary Clinton. Because charity begins at home

  12. This constant obsession with Trump's personality is a joke. Every time the Democrats embellish a fake charge, we hear about Trump's personality and how it contributes to the problem.  Enough. This impeachment is bogus. The Russia collusion story was rubbish. The real story is that even with the constant attacks Trump has done and is doing a great job. If you don't like his tweets don't read them. I don't. They are hardly newsworthy. What is newsworthy is the threat to the constitutional order caused by Democrat obsession with Trump. Trump's personality is not responsible for the reprehensible conduct of many in Washington to undermine him.  They are doing from their own mean spirited hatred of Trump and the people who elected him.

  13. Only the dimwitted will listen to Adam "Shifty" Schiff and believe that the witness Sondland actually said their was a military assistance quid-pro-quo. The further impaired will believe that the President acting upon a quid-pro-quo for the good of the country is illegal. Common Core "education" has destroyed this America.

  14. December 9th the report will come in all your witnesses will be exposed it's coming clown this isn't the only investigation going on ha ha ha

  15. 3 cheers to A. Schiff for an eloquent closing statement today! THIS IS my country: a country of ethics, principles, and integrity. and in the words of the late, great, Eli Cummings, "DO THE RIGHT THING! I proudly
    ask my fellow Americans, let your conscience be your guide.

  16. Impeachment hearing update and foreign aid November 21, 2019

    Seems politicians agree that “Quid pro quo” is a Latin expression used in a legal context.   It means “this for that”, indicating the type of arrangement where two parties agree to make a mutual exchange.  This is given because that is expected.

    Then by definition; the United States Foreign aid approved by Congress is also “Quid pro quo” to each country given, as it is expected that the given and accepted aid will produce a democratic republic adhering to Untied States of America values. [as stated during hearings by congress members]. If the aid was not given for that expected reason the opposite would be “pro bono”, another Latin expression used in a legal context with contrary meaning.   It means literally “for good”, and perhaps is akin to “for the sake of the greater good”.

    In the hearings Congressional members admit aid is given on a “Quid pro quo” basis. [As in that given to Ukraine with the expectation that Ukraine did not fall into Russian control, but become a democratic republic US ally]. Appears used for years as a normal US Government practice the “Quid pro quo’ is not an illegal or impeachable action.

  17. Mexican say this was their land belong to them and they put hatred in their own race about the United States and that they paid the price to form this Country. This world belong to you and me but this Country belong to the United States of America where our brave and our proud soldiers fought a war for our freedom and not so that other Countries would try and change our way of life. And No I am Not a white Racist, I am Mexican born in the U.S.A.

    We all knew Trump was not a polish politician like all bread politicians in the game. We all knew who Trump was and we also knew what kind creator he had. He was voted for his is promises to make America first changes for the best of the United State of America and to put our American citizens first. Trump has done more than other Presidents and we know the Demarcates want to keep in power to keep doing their dirty work as to gain power and give favoritism just like other corrupt Counties. Wake up American our flag is very indeed changing it’s colors.

    Wake up people if we let this impeachment happen our President we the people will have no voice. We should be stronger than the government and congress because it’s all about we the people of the United States of America.We the will have no voice because people that was not even born here and have habits and believes in other way are trying to have us change their way and don’t even know or care about our history they are louder then we are…WAKE UP PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES it’s time to shout.

  18. All facts are against Trump, but all traitors and Russian agents are for him and assigned to be the loud mouths they are.

  19. Literally almost everything Nunes says actually applies to his own party, rather than the opposition. Typical of a Trump era strategy- accuse everyone else of the crimes you’re committing yourself. Embarrassing.

  20. ? Simply go to:

    ?? 05:39:00 Turner’s statement

    ?? 06:00:00 Stewart’s statement

    ?? 06:36:01 Jorden’s statement

    ? At 06.47:01 Maloney constantly baggers then steers, coerce Mr. Sondland into saying things for the sake of soundbites to further smear a sitting president.

    ?? 09:21:01 Nunes sums it all up.

    ? Schiff cheery pics Sondland’s written testimony to make it sound worse than it really was. And laces his comments with conjectures and assumptions.

    US Courts are not run this way, and for good reason.

  21. Democrats are hellbent on taking down Donald Trump, even if it means weaponizing the government. It will blow up on their faces! And f**ck you Washington Post!

  22. Having apparently never said 'quid pro quo', but immediately upon finding out that a whistle blower has exposed the 'deal' referencing this phrase, Trump explicitly says "no quid pro quo" and the foreign aid which was held up is suddenly released. I think a person could steal a vehicle in front of Republican side of this committee and between them prove so useless and pointless as witnesses the crime would go unpunished.

    Did Trump really have to tell, who knows how many, maybe a thousand lies before anyone finally got to take him down!? And if the factual evidence isn't enough, the hours upon hours of his 'defence', through a complete lack of argument, going over the same questions, revealing absolutely nothing new, not to mention the utterly disgraceful immaturity on show ultimately only weakens an otherwise frail (I'm being kind, it doesn't exist!) defence. They showed themselves up to be equally dishonest in pretending they believe in what they're fighting for, and are a disgraceful, despicable excuse for, actually forget 'politician', they're an embarrassment to any 'professional' irrespective of career.

    How utterly disgraceful has politics stooped where (I would guess) the single most dishonest, nihilistic, petty, atrocious excuse for a man can lead a nation. And not some two-bit, third-world, poor nation but one the size of America! I'm pleased for the safety of the world, the good of the planet and the benefit of a nation that he will be removed.

  23. give me good solid facts and don't use this to help Trump 2020 because people know what good hard facts are not hear say or she said he said What a JOKE

  24. Again and again, the republicans kept asking for the whistleblower. I, like many also wish they would appear, but seriously, is it so hard to understand that they feel endangered by the man whom has made multiple threats against them, who also happens to be the most powerful man in the world. Seriously, their attitude just demonstrates a complete lack of empathy… It's just upsetting.

  25. this presiden is russian trojan horse, lean on russia for help with elections, outsource national security, take money from russian speaking oligarchs, allow russian propaganda in English, and we have what we have

  26. So on top of the withholding of aid under specific conditions intended to benefit Trump's personal political position, which is illegal, Trump's act of withholding aid at all was illegal. The law was cited on that fact. Congress is the only entity that has that authority, so if the POTUS wants to withhold aid, he must get their permission. Congress did not give their consent, so Trump broke the law. Whatever other excuses the Republicans and their base and their media want to make, Trump broke the law, and he further used that unlawful act to attack a political opponent in an upcoming election. If you dispute those facts, then you dispute reality because it isn't convenient for you to accept.

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