Wataru Horie | Interview | Samsung Paralympic Bloggers 2018
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Wataru Horie | Interview | Samsung Paralympic Bloggers 2018

January 15, 2020

This is Ms Nita, its her first Paralympic She is enjoying hockey games Who is winning? I don’t know. Don’t know? Not sure Nono, how are you feeling? I feel very good. You have finished your first game, what do you think ? I think its great, I did better than my last time and I want to continue You are great, and can answer my interview while playing hockey. Thanks for Ms Nita’s interview. Hello. Its sixth time for Mr. Nita. He is professional cross country ski athlete How you feel? I feel great. What are you doing now? I’m waiting for my laundry This time, you have two events? Yes, two events. Please say something to the world Please watch my game. I will get the Gold! Great! Thanks for the interview!

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