WASTEFUL or TASTEFUL? | 10 Unique Target Items
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WASTEFUL or TASTEFUL? | 10 Unique Target Items

August 23, 2019

Is it – it’s dead no its not dead [demonic quacking noises] My name is Matthias. Thank you for clicking on my video. I guess whatever. No, I’m just kidding. I’m happy that you’re here because today we’re looking at 10 Ridiculous Target items. Right Bryan?right? And just smack them in the face dude. I was a horrible intro, I apologize I’m actually very excited to be here with you guys today because I’m taking a look at 10 of the strangest Target items Bryan could find. Bryan went to Target all by himself, this time he even drove his own car. I *clapping* I want to let you guys know each one of these products whether it’s wasteful or tasteful. That’s So here’s what’s up guys? *sad music plays* um the bell icon icon needs to be clicked ok *laughs* We finally do this what were you going to say dude click that bell icon So you don’t miss out on future videos you’ll get notified of my upcoming videos You’re not gonna want to miss them because we do crazy things craazzy!!! Dude you can hit that high note CrAzYYYYYYY *Groans in dissaproval* What the heck is this? “Moon in My Room?” *laughs* *mockily* Mom! Can I get the moon in my room?! I’m gonna take this home to my daughter and I’d be like I literally pulled the moon out of the sky for you She’d be like Daddy. I love you so much, Here we go check this out right moon but tonn *clicks) *clicks* on Button Moon button this button *music plays* *rapid clicking* its on its no its on! it is on its on it’s on we got to kill a the lights,baby kills in my Kill them lights kill them Dead it’s supposed to be just like a nightlight. I assume. So we’re not really going to notice it in the light why not What do you mean why not because it’s supposed to be a nightlight you can still see it in the day if you can see a nightlight in the day Then your night lights way too, bright, and it’s a daylight I’m not like glow don’t argue with me Brian you can glow the whole world with it glow the whole world? Okay, I something there *noises in the background* There you go. Oh actually that looks pretty cool. oh!!!! oh!!!!!!! That is cool!! Dude, Amanda might actually like this dude, and this is doing it automatically now Thank you for buying this but I’m going to now say that I found it And I’m going to give it to luna us to score some points with my wife and my daughter So this whole section Gonna be edited so this whole section Forget it happened. Don’t tweet. Amanda. Okay? That’s a tasteful. That’s cool *music plays in backround* *gloves hit table* whoosh! Lego gloves $10, why?! Minifigure hands is this to like be a lego character? Oh my gosh. they’re going too far with this Oh, I thought there was only one for a second. This is not meant for an adult *grunts with effort* You want me to help you? no laughs Str it up up this looks so weird This looks so weird Why does this look so weird? Just like shrunk your hand or so the other that’s bizarre Does it feel weird too? Yeah? Your hands are so sweaty why are all so they so sweaty *burst in laughter* *mocking in gibberish* ahhh!!! oh! is that even weirder bleeehhh bleehhh Oh, no, that’s a dud trash. What you supposed to wear these yo guys this next item it’s like by What that means is that I asked you guys look at this crazy Product right in front of me right in front of you if you guys want to see me make an exclusive video about this product Literally a dope or no to find out if this product is dope or no I’m going to need I’m going to need to see if you’re interested in and the way we gauge that is by likes, okay? So that lets us know how fast to hit that goal And and if it can’t hit that goal whether you guys are actually curious enough to actually like the video do that I ultimately think Likes have no impact on actually getting your video more views or anything like that like real talk right now I really think it’s irrelevant even disliking irrelevant that being said not getting a system But it does it is a useful tool since it’s there. We might as well use it to gauge interest now $800 Pshhh, what’s the light bulb? This is like one of the more expensive product so it’s 800 bucks 160 yeah Yeah, hundred sixty king, okay? Let’s do it guys if you can get a hundred and sixty k life Daddy’s gonna buy it in a future video stay tuned next product Five-year for sounds to select Batman Sonic distractor, okay? So what I assume is like you take this you click a button you throw it. What’s the difference? Between I mean maybe you don’t throw it Maybe you just put it somewhere, but how many how is it going to distract is you have to go to that location? What’s the difference between this and just a rock? Because if you throw a rock no one knows where it’s coming from it just lands And then I like then they look sonic distractor. Let’s pull the pin on button. What is this I guess I just click clicks into you’re like Batman belt or something like that check this out so it gives me time to throw it and then and Then what? Hello, do. I just not touch it or the western? Oh, let’s try again? Do something not doing anything? You know I have to hold it down tulips foley blink When you roll it to the desired Direction sound watch six seconds after it’s been activated okay, so now I roll it That’s it. Can’t believe I’m wasting six exes of my life with us. Oh, there’s a little glass sound okay How do you know how to use this d when you back in oh I thought you were Batman for a second dude What is that a pack of rats? What do you suppose the fact that after final a pack of rats or kittens or a pack of kittens eating the brat? Close with the pack of rats actually a bat that was not bad is there one more more last sound effect I? Thought I’d use this one It’s an alarms personal retirement. Well that’s disappointing to say the least I say I Thought there’s a truck in there Rossi’s Wait, oh Are you buying things for Luna now? Or I’ll buy ourselves a singing puppets Spark create Imagine move their mouth and they thing wow that’s so weird Oh, you stick your hand up it gotcha puppy Ops the Pop I Do my hint was doing I can’t oh Sit, it’s like burping Are you spies or something did you get to do a red stop is it dead? The only hitting this thing, no, you’re gonna do it You would’ve liked that for Luna She might like it for the way smell is what series business. This is a baby dude You’re all I get from toys for me that I like to buy in there for you, so that’s it I’ll tell you home for Luna, but what is it get a real good for my daughter? So it’s tasteful I guess that’s the purposes are capable I’m just just doing making up your rules to these series as you go. That’s how we work. Yes If you want to see pictures of my beautiful daughter because you’re like, I didn’t know you had a daughter How cute is she normal question let me show you boom right there follow me at Mathias I am That’s right Thanks, I’m oh my What? Why is like another baby toy? So you aren’t know had a big toys for three-Plus? What do you have three-year-old is not a baby a toddler oh? Semantics okay, so what is this? It’s a kitty jumps walks big Luna she’s Gonna love this too. I better make it home before I before she goes to bed or else I’m not going to have I’m not going to be able to show all these toys That daddy’s opening him for her someone gave us this toy that has a bunch of tiny little pieces in it We never opened it up. So she just thinks that’s the toy It’s just a package so she just looks at and like bangs is like that Secure because she doesn’t realize that the toy you have to still open up. She’s like looking at it. He turned on Actually, I take that back. I don’t think she’d like this toy. It doesn’t do enough, and there’s way too many small pieces She’s way too young for this toy you got two different buttons on the top, but you make it do jumping mode Oh geez what the heck I didn’t even land right? What are you doing? Just a fat. No you just say it sound it’ll do it sound That’s like if I would try to do a backflip stand and go back Really? boy Did you form an emotional bond is bad for munna? Well so nuts ugh? I don’t care dude. I’m heartless Yeah, I was worried. I was actually worried. I’m glad I didn’t get us to Luna because these things came off easy Yeah, they just shoot choke on that thing dude replay Mmm. No. Thank you Literally go so slow Anyway, Die I? Own this already. No joke is this is all baby stuff. Would you go the babies bitches, baby? Well? Yeah
Cuz it is we literally use this for Luna when she gets out of the bathroom this exact same one a literally exact same one To the tea how am I supposed to know what you have at your hell? I’m not I’m not mad about that no I’m more upset about the fact that it’s all baby stuff we even went in the baby section things like The rest on baby stuff maybe I can mix it up This is literally all baby stuff, okay So what this is it’s like a hooded bag little hooded towel. So when Luna right when she gets out of the bath I’m Anna picks her up She’s frozen to me, and I catch her in this little thing and then she’s all like cozy and snuggly. It’s really cute I like this this is this is a bias if you have a little feel a little kid if you don’t have a little kid Get one there great I’ll bring home this too But you didn’t bring Amanda’s gonna think that I literally went to target without her and she’s Gonna get upset I wanted she’s gonna be like you want to target without me literally favorite store dude You trying to get me in trouble. I see what you’re doing. We’re just talking about what there’s always two baby toys in there well So this, there’s this That toddler toy. There’s a thing there’s that nightlight thing this old child toy dude. What is Mathias for kids episode hey I’m not going to show you the packaging okay, so opening it up. Yeah, okay, you guess what it is. I will get oh You pervert you Pervert oh, it’s hard and use this so bad my like that is such a Creepy smile ah pressure point on us. Oh my gosh that hurts so good Dude feel my spine muscles right now dude No, that’s my head. I thought you’re a community kinetic ologist. I don’t what is this I was right I gotta write I Actually didn’t know what this was for. We just was doing like that that you’re getting wrong. You want to get the wall a wall Releases muscle tightness targets problematic areas improves recovery time is there some type of sport in this Sport yeah, so for instance if you get two tennis balls or two bouncy balls and you glue Em together All we have to do is bounce it once off the table One do is you have to catch it before the second bounce? Okay, pretend. There’s a mikey all right. I’m adding rules now. You got to bounce it on my side, okay, right? first three first of 30.00 Take on the wrong feet that was cool. That was fun I feel like we need to make that a TMS challenge But like bigger sized giant giant double ball guys actually before we name it name it down in the comments below Do you want to see that as a team Edge challenge team edges that if you’re not sure what that is? But if you want to see it as a team at challenge, what should we name it not something not grotesque Or weird or perverse, okay? What can we name it? Didn’t I play one of these before it was a pac-man walk? Oh, you chasing me now. No. He’s not Well isn’t he? This is what I’m sorry to hear what you just said I had never played Centipede like when I first started gaining when I was a kid it was Nintendo Super Nintendo, that’s what it was this is before my time. This is like when my dad first started gaming Okay, so let’s see what this is about guys. Oh there it is there actually that looks pretty cool It’s actually like a little TV in there dude. Let’s Click start What’s that? Oh? Do I shoot oh? oh I I died Am I supposed to be shooting that sent appear where you guess you oh? Okay, oh come on dude. Hi. Gosh. You you did. Oh man. It’s split up So I need to get like the front of it crap got you got your nose Yes, what bit like fish no Wait, there’s another centipedes what it’s nonstop fun. I get it in the game Shoot. I’m getting all the points now man, ha ha. Oh dude. I’m killing it, bro Utterly killing it oh geez why’d you go died? I died now bro my high score 8400 Probably a high score anyone’s ever done the high score. Anyone’s ever gotten that doesn’t make any sense. How much was it That’s the question of the day dude $25 For this oh my gosh Homie, that’s expensive Doesn’t that look cool? Yeah, I’m gonna put it on my shelf dude this looks legit on my shelf check this out guys check this out That’s good day. I do what else should we put on the chest? Was it mother janice? What shelf and chair? I said what else should we put on the chat? Shelf is what I meant. We need to go home dude. I say that’s a worth it What is a d? Sky Rover Arrow Spin. It’s like a little mini drone or something like that, okay, okay? So they roll This it looks delicate like a little helicopter right see that that looks very weird, okay? So this is what we have. I assume throttle but how do you control this is hover that is controller? I mean, how do you control it? Very apprehensive about this how do I turn it on oh yeah there? We go see the lights turned on look at that, okay? Okay, okay my question is how do you steer it? Wow, why over here it is why over here? Whoa? Let me try it right here. Hello. You’re going to knock off all yourself Sir, this is your lover. Oh, I’m going to click however now. Oh Cool what? There’s a sensor on the bottom of that that is that like a proximity sensor through the ground So watch if I put the ground now here it raises up higher whoa See now it’s lower so Everybody should I can’t steer it is literally one control on you Hey You can’t like the issue with something like this is like you literally have no control over. It’s just hovering around magnet of the Air kind of bud Franklin incoming Yeah, I would say spend a little bit more money and get like a quadcopter because you can actually steer them this not so much Okay See that thumbnail right there that is literally a smoke blowing ring gun. I mean what a smoke ring gun It’s crazy. Yeah, like I can literally project demons into people’s souls it’s off anyways go click it. We’ll see you over there high-five

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