Warm-up shoot prepares archers for bow hunting season
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Warm-up shoot prepares archers for bow hunting season

August 10, 2019

the start of bowhunting season less than a month away archers in the Helena area are getting prepared this weekend the Lewis and Clark archers held a 3d warm-up shoe at their outdoor range in Davis Gulch about 50 people came out for the event they took aim at a number of life-sized animals animal targets to help get their boasts sighted in Sam Lowry and his family just took up this sport this year they say they recommend anyone to give archery a try it’s fun for the whole family I mean everyone from three four years old all the way up to what is 70 we’ve got people of all ages all different skill levels you don’t have to be super great Aidan’s been shooting for like a week the Lewis and Clark Archer our archers currently have two hundred and sixty members and if you’re interested in joining memberships are available at Helena archery stores

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