Walmart BOWHUNTING CHALLENGE! Archery Deer Hunting
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Walmart BOWHUNTING CHALLENGE! Archery Deer Hunting

August 12, 2019

all right it’s gonna get weird alright
guys were in Northeast Wisconsin and Logan and I have been hunting the last
couple days on public land up here but I remembered I wanted to do something
before the season even started now that I at least shot a buck in Iowa we want to
do a Walmart challenge one of our goals when we started the hunting public was
to get more people into hunting and we just kind of want to show how easy it is
nowadays to get started in bow hunting so we’re gonna go to Walmart get what we
think is the bare minimum to get started and see how much that cost not gonna be
too picky we’re just gonna go out and try to shoot a deer I don’t know if
it’ll be a doe a small buck or what but it should be pretty fun to just go out
try to kill a deer so we’re gonna go to Walmart today maybe go to the bow shop
get the bow set up so it fits me and then hopefully go out and hunt all in
the same afternoon here so something that a lot of people probably don’t know
is that hunter numbers are actually going down and it’s pretty scary how
fast they’re going down we want to get new people into hunting if you’re
interested in hunting we just want to show how easy and affordable it can be
nowadays at least get proficient with the bow we’re not saying it’s gonna be
easy to go out and kill a deer but with the equipment nowadays it is somewhat
easy and affordable to go out buy a bow sight it in so we’re pulling up here
we’re gonna go in and see how much cost to get started in bow hunting hopefully i have enough money in my bank
account to do this that would be ideal I think this is the one it’s only 20 20
bucks goes the 31 inch draw so she should put
me all right I think I got a new bow it’s got a three pin sight whisker
biscuit it’s all set up looks like it’s ready to go I just got to buy some
arrows broad heads and maybe release I think and then can you guys think of anything
else I’ll need don’t have a bunch of options here 388 dollars and you could
probably find one cheaper that’s either used at a bow shop or I mean I bought
them off eBay before and stuff like that it’s just important that we take it to
the bow shop after you buy something so they can kind of inspect it and help you
get it set up so it’s fit to you this bill is really adjustable though so some
youth hunters could probably pull it back it goes from 40 pounds all the way
to 70 pounds and I mean I’m pulling 70 pounds on the bow that I have now so
it’s highly adjustable you got 21 inches all the way to 31 inches so if you’re a
beginning hunter this would be a good bow for you to get just if you wanted to
try to get into bow hunting and I mean a kid could grow into this bow over a
course of 10 years and use it for the rest of their life really I mean I’m
sure we can get this thing shooting pretty proficient up to 20 yards and
hopefully kill something within the next couple days here so you’re gonna look
through what they got for arrows broad heads a release and some practice tips
and we’re probably gonna head to the bow shop then and get this bad boy set up so
I’m just gonna grab the cheapest release here I’m sure this will work just fine
it’s 14 bucks and just like most things we’re gonna be buying today you can buy
something that’s more expensive it might make you more proficient there might be
easier to use but I know that we’re probably gonna be able to get by with
this release got some field points for just under three dollars here and then
one thing that I’m not gonna buy real cheap is broadheads I’m gonna get the
cheapest ones that I’ve seen used before these are slick tricks this is what Zack
shoots I know they’re super sharp and pretty good quality I don’t want to
spend $10 on broadheads there’s so many different broad heads out there and you
can read reviews to help you out but I’ve seen these use before and if I’m
gonna splurge on anything today it’s definitely gonna be these they’re still
only 30 bucks you get three of them probably gonna designate one practicing
with just to make sure they’re shooting like the field tips and then the other
ones will still be razor-sharp when we go out to hunt tonight
so can’t get the cheapest arrows just because my draw length is too long so
they’re eight bucks apiece I think got to buy some tags here and then
we’ll head to the archery shop hi there how are you good are you yes I do I’ve never done no I’m just things are going good awesome good I
don’t know if I’m gonna be able to shoot it with that on there good okay see your
ID look like me but it is me we’re just filming the bow the moment
of truth here see if it works she work it’s kind of surprising actually thank you yeah 489 dollars and 63 cents
to have all the fun in the world some complications up there up front I always tackle bait shop and motel have you help me set this up alright
doing a YouTube video or we just went to Walmart and bought everything I just got
like the cheapest stuff I could find there gonna try to kill a deer with it
actually kind of seems nicer than the one I got right now all my wal marts got her dialed in huh yeah that’s how close we want the deer tonight it’s much further missed him high see consistent at least
alright yeah the thing rippin em like it’s going pretty fast actually had it on
backwards different won’t work we had a different issue at the Walmart this
morning lady the cashier can’t figure out how to get the security lock or whatever
off of it makes you have a bit of a meltdown
she was really whipping that funny so here’s tonight’s tools I got a I
don’t know I think it’s a five-gallon bucket you’re supposed to blend right in
with the snow and I got the Walmart bow again obviously it’s a couple months later
still wearing the same shirt though it’s in the middle of January right now
and when I was here last it was the middle of October so obviously some time
has passed didn’t fill a tag last time we’re here got close a couple times
and got really close actually in this exact spot I was drawn back on a couple
does right in this cornfield that’s cut now but the deer are still coming
out to it so I’m gonna get back in the same area where I drew back on those
does last time I was here by myself tonight so gonna make things a little
bit challenging maybe but I’m gonna find a spot maybe sit on this five-gallon
bucket get tucked into these junipers in these Cedars and get set up over a trail
that’s coming out to this field so I’ll get in there and talk a little bit more
about it but I got to get going I’m over to be late all right before I do my opening
interview I just want to do a little tip we’ve been doing this one all year but
we don’t think we used it in an actual video when I’m sitting on the ground I’d
like to have my arrow obviously knocked on my bow and then I’ll take another one
out of my quiver and I’ll just set it within arm’s reach
that way if I were to have to make a follow-up shot or just flat-out miss and
the deer sticks around I have an arrow that I can quickly grab that way I don’t
have to get it out of the quiver no matter what kind of quiver it is I
forgot to buy an actual quiver at Walmart so I just found an old one in
the closet that you just slide the arrows into but I mentioned I’m a little
late and the reason for that is last time in October we’re up here with the AP Bassin crew and those guys came up here again and I was actually doing
some fishing with them for the last couple days so we’re out on the lake
today I caught some brown trout they got some sweet videos coming out they had
their buddy along named Murray he’s also got his own YouTube channel so we’ll
leave the links down below they got some really cool brown trout fishing videos
that they just made as well as some cool videos from last time there I paired
October so it was fun to meet up with those guys but I’m gonna start watching
i’m set up over a couple good trails I can see the tracks and the snow where
they’re coming out onto this field looks like they might be staging up in this
open area just kind of following these paths and they’re browsing a little bit
on these trees they recently cut down to make this opening so I think I’ve got a
good enough hide it’s just gonna be tough getting it on film on the ground
like this was not a ton of cover but I don’t have a ton of time left so I’m
gonna shut my mouth and start watching here it’s exactly what we wanted think I
made a perfect shot I know that’s only a doe fawn but I haven’t been shaking
like that all year I heard him coming through the ice from over a hundred
yards away when I first heard them I thought that there at 20 yards or so
loud them breaking through the ice but they are really far away and it just
took forever because I could hear from so far they can smell over there where I
walked in and they just followed my ground scent right up to this opening I
mean I I know some people are gonna say oh you shot a fawn great job but that
was awesome Walmart bow perfect shot as far as I
know I think it crashed right here and I don’t know what more you could ask for that thing is gonna taste delicious might be a buck fawn might be a doe fawn
I don’t know but it’s dead it that was a lot of fun but that was tough I guess if
this Walmart challenge is proved one thing it’s that it might be easy to get
into bow hunting and be proficient with a bow and get to shooting real good but
at the end of the day getting a deer within range with a bow any deer is a
trophy and that is gonna be a trophy that was a lot of fun there’s been a lot
of mishaps along the way I’ve been drawn back on several deer but I wanted to do
it on the ground basically as minimal as we could sitting
on a five-gallon bucket in a flannel you don’t need camouflage you don’t need
a high-dollar bow obviously all those things help having a nicer bow helps
having camouflage helps but if you want to get into bow hunting you can go to
Walmart you can pay I can’t even remember what it was because it was so long ago now
but it was under 500 bucks you could use this bow that your whole life is one
easy to take care of it and you have that much fun that’s
awesome I’m like don’t look I have daylight I’m
sure there’s gonna be blood everywhere pretty sure the deers right here but I
may just go look at the blood mark it I’m gonna call my buddy get him over
here and we’ll probably frying up some backstraps tonight so that was awesome so this deer came right down this trail
here she was standing somewhere right in here on that shot now it’s sitting right
back in there and those junipers never really even looked at me until I drew
back I think she probably heard me draw a little bit but I can see right where
the deer took off oh I can see blood already that’s perfect
awesome I wasn’t sure if I was gonna make it happen this year with the Walmart
bow most of the state of Wisconsin has actually closed right now but the county
I’m in is still open so I’m just gonna follow a little more blood but what I’m
seeing right now it doesn’t look like we’re gonna have any problem so I’m
gonna back out pretty sure the deers actually just dead right back there but
go get my buddy Tony and I will see you in about an hour all right well I got my buddy Tony here
he’s the one that helped me sight the bow in and everything when I was here
last probably just gonna make a short track job out of it and then we’re gonna
try to get back in the warm weather I think it’s like 10 degrees so let’s go
find this we got a Walmart doe or doe fawn down
up ahead i think there we go big fawn people say when they shoot fawns alright well
we’re gonna keep this short because it’s freezing out but basically things went
perfectly the objective was to get a deer on the ground with that bow from
Walmart and make a good shot at it didn’t matter what size deer that was
gonna be the challenge is just getting a deer in range and getting a shot at with
that bow that’s exactly what we did I know several people that still need deer
meat we could still use some more deer meat but I’ve got a buddy in mind that
has four kids that didn’t get much time out the woods this year said he needed a
deer so I’m gonna drop this off at their house tomorrow after we get it quartered
up and him and his four kids and wife will really enjoy it
those deer were still going to that same cut cornfield but Logan and I got a
close chance at some dose earlier in October when we were here last time so
we’re pretty much on the same pattern I just had to tweak the setup a little bit
got set up in those junipers and those Cedars just sitting on a five-gallon
bucket in the middle of the woods late season so that was pretty fun I had a
lot of fun tonight it was really fun because I could hear the deer coming
from so far away and I couldn’t see him at all pretty much until they were
within range right before I shot him so I had no idea what was coming in could
have been a big buck for all I knew so my heart was really racing when I saw
him step out that first fawn that stepped out was pretty small not saying that
this is a big fawn or a big deer by any means but this one was bigger it’s a
decent size doe fawn it’s gonna taste pretty good but the point being is went
to Walmart bought a bow sighted it in the same day and even though we didn’t
get something on the first time out which is definitely the case a lot of
times in hunting we were able to stay persistent came back up here again for a
couple hunts listened to her fall down so that’s gonna be a wrap on the Walmart challenge
and this is probably gonna be the last deer hunt that you guys see on the
hunting public channel until next fall so hope you guys enjoyed the fall we had
a ton of fun bringing it to you we appreciate all the great feedback all
the comments I’m cold we’re gonna get this thing
dragged out of here and maybe fry up some backstraps either tonight or
tomorrow let’s get out of here the biggest one I’ve ever got in this county
hopefully we can change that next year

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  8. I think for a lot of people it's a lack of resources on getting started. Think of it this way, most of us had a relative or parent that took us hunting and basically laid the groundwork for us. Most kids these days have no one in their lives that hunts to show them the ropes.

  9. My very first bow was a 55lb Bear. It was a wonderful piece of equipment. I used it for 10 years and have passed it along to a friend of mine. I now shott a Hoyt helix ultra, but I'll always remember that bear.

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    But in the past you always bought your bows at discount stores.
    I don't think he even said what kind of bow he bought.
    It looked like a Bear Pledge
    But great video,….your gear don't have to cost much.
    Ask your self,…what would it take to stop you from hunting? Man eating monsters**
    And you can be in your back yard.

  14. Not a fan of the compound bows.. Sure it makes things easier, but a 40 lbs draw on compound is like 15-20 on traditional.. If I used a compound I'd need like a 125 lbs or something to make it feel right for me. Plus for a "bare" setup it's probably going to be more expensive. I guess it's probably easier to shoot for newbies…

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  19. Ive said the same thing for years. I think that shooting a bow accurately enough to kill a deer at 20 yards is only 25% of Bowhunting. the other 75% is getting one within bow range and all the small details that have to come together to make it happen. you have to spend the first couple years making and learning from mistakes. I can get a new person shooting 2-4 inch groups at 20 within an hour of practice. But, that aint gunna bring that deer into range lol

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  21. I've told people for years you don't need a fancy bow to have fun and hunt , I have 3 compounds, 2 crossbows , and 5 longbows I've made and I prefer the long bows ,
    The reason I have so many bows is because over the years I've found I enjoy minimalist light hunting better than packing a bunch of gear around, I hunt pheasant ,squirrel, rabbits ,deer and turkey with my long bow

  22. Everyone that's not just a Walmart bow.. its a Bear archery compound bow, great old running company and made in USA. If it was a Genesis or Barnett woulda been slightly different. Great video, doe kill and message.

  23. last year we had guy that got stationed down in Albany, GA who wanted to get into bowhunting. he bought a the bear pledge from Walmart and started hunting el model wma in southern Georgia. its about 400 acres of bow only hunting and is mostly dove fields. he ended up harvesting a very nice 8 point there. very unusual for down here deer. harvesting deer on management land in south Georgia is quite a feat.

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    (No not a loaded LAW but a LAW non the less)

  30. Great job on your kill. Nothing wrong with how cheap your hunting gear is or even if it's not too of the line. Person can spend $1000 on a bow but put just because somebody has to have to of the line hunting gear. Doesn't mean there gear are going to bring the deer by or even bring it down, it's the one behind the bow

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  33. What a good dude! Just giving the deer to a buddy. Thats incredibly kind of you and awesome!! Thats gonna be some good eatin'!!

  34. What a good dude! Just giving the deer to a buddy. Thats incredibly kind of you and awesome!! Thats gonna be some good eatin'!!

  35. What a good dude! Just giving the deer to a buddy. Thats incredibly kind of you and awesome!! Thats gonna be some good eatin'!!

  36. What a good dude! Just giving the deer to a buddy. Thats incredibly kind of you and awesome!! Thats gonna be some good eatin'!!

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