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WalkinVR and online games

October 8, 2019

This is Greg from WalkinVR. Some of you are concerned about potential ability to cheat in online games with my Driver. I understand that you are worried about other players flying over everybody’s head or going through walls. You mighe be also concerned to be detected by potential anti cheat system. I did some tests on Pavlov VR and it looks like this game is protected against such situations as you can see on my video. I also contacted Dave who is author of Pavlov VR, he likes my project and he said there is nothing to worry about. I have seen other tools that can do similar effects and I really think this is really most simple case that online game needs to deal with. I think even if we find any problem, then it is better to keep games available for people with disability and in same time fix the issue. I don’t think really this can be the case. If you have any questions, please leave the comment, contact me on the Facebook or on the project webpage. Thank you for watching.

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