WAKING UP IN A POOL!! **CRAZY PRANK** (24 Hour Overnight Challenge)
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WAKING UP IN A POOL!! **CRAZY PRANK** (24 Hour Overnight Challenge)

August 25, 2019

So it’s two o’clock in the morning Morgan’s outside on the air bed, thinking he’s gonna stay there all night But this is where team dad gets his own back. So first thing I’m gonna do is Knife. The second thing. I’m gonna do is go out there. I’m gonna destroy the air bed with the knife… Hello Team Morgz and welcome back to another video today It’s being a while, but the challenge king is back yo I should make some Challenge King merch and today I’m gonna be doing another Overnight challenge however this one is gonna be a bit different to the rest because it’s not just gonna be an overnight challenge it’s gonna be a 24 hour overnight challenge. Boys I’m going for the full 24 and this one is gonna be a little bit different because it’s gonna be in a pool and Instead of doing it on like a float I went ahead and got a full on blow-up mattress So I am prepared for this. Now this challenge is gonna involve me waking up in the pool, going to sleep in the pool, having my Breakfast in the pool having my lunch in the pool. It’s gonna involve me Urinating in the pool (probably not in the pool), but I’m gonna have to urinate somewhere during this challenge Okay, I won’t urinate in that pool Okay, so yes boys and girls your in for a treat today, but this also requires a lot of preparation But guys if you’re new to the channel and you’ve never seen my face on your screen before hold on I’m gonna give you guys a little bit of a challenge for this video seeing This is a challenge video imma challenge you guys imma give you only five seconds to go down there Subscribe hit the like button and turn on notifications Starting now five, four, three, two One **BANG** guys comment down below if you did it if you did those Three things why as I said guys these challenges require preparation I could just jump straight into this But I don’t want to be like swimming in a pool for 24 hours guys. I need to be prepared I need food I need water I need entertainment. I need places to urinate BRO imma be in there for a while so guys. Let’s go and Get prepared for this ting bro Hey, so if there is a team dad out there Don’t know if there is but if there is you’re gonna like this So today Morgan came to ask me if I would help him with another one of these 24-hour challenges usual thing is going to probably get on it sleep on it through the night And then you know it’s gonna get up in the morning. I’m thinking that’s too easy I’m thinking that you know he claims to be the prank King his mom’s the prank queen What about me? At the end of the day I’m still the senior Hudson as far as I’m concerned And if there is a team dad out there what you think let’s prank him So I’m gonna help him gonna like think it’s just a normal one at the end get ready So we’ve just got the mattress guys, and, um, oh it’s not weeks We started panicking because we thought we needed batteries, but it does it comes plugged in by the way dad Thanks for the help today, bro. I need you on this, bro. I need your help so guys as you can see here We have the air mattress this ain’t even like a blow-up like floaty for the pool We are literally getting an air mattress and sticking it in the pool guys. We’re not playing about today, bro I’ve said it many times. We ain’t playing about today. Dad so what have we came to the conclusion of you have bought an indoor use Ahem double mattress the kind of thing similar by perhaps for their spare room in case they’ve got visitors well It certainly can’t go on a pool can it? It’s got a plug on it But maybe not bothered about it ruining it ruining if it might sink probably Well, I could make a good video Maybe but I mean I guess we got to just plug it in and see whoa do the honors get it switched on bro I’m trusting you to do the honors, bro. Can you do it successfully? Employed I’ll do But I don’t have a clue Oh you got it. Oh. I only took you to charge bro. Letting the team down a bit there With that And I might want to break this too, but that’s not exactly waterproof part of church Life will sometimes you’ll go to the shop You’ll be like I want to get some orange juice and it’ll just give your lemons, and I’m like Brad I don’t want lemons, but I don’t want. I’m is the one flipping. Oh, it’s bad, but what are you gonna? Do you gotta take the lemons and you gotta make juice you’re gonna take the oranges you gotta make juice if life gives you lemons You got to make juice and this is just life giving me a lemon, but I’m about for it And I’ma make some flippin juice brah. Oh, yes boys and girls. I think we are gonna be in business I think I just made some flipping juice because guys this is coming on well honestly I’m gonna need some good look from you guys though, so go down. There. Smash me like on this video Let’s get 10,000 likes. I need some flippin walk guys. We’re gonna dump this in the pool right now Then we can gas snacks on our stuff, but guys let them do it But guys now we’re gonna go get the snacks get the preparation get this stuff. Let’s do it so boys and girls right here I’ve got my bag. We’ve ventured inside to the inside world what I spend all my time right now We’re gonna get some snacks and fill up this bag because obviously we need to survive We’re gonna be in here for 24 hours, so this ain’t a joke so the first thing we’re gonna get guys I’m sorry, but everyone knew it was coming. We’ve got It’s got that round it, but we’ve got literally a quarter of watermelon Sophia cares Let’s just stick it in the bag second thing we’re gonna get boys and girls We need to stay hydrated and the best way to stay hydrated is with coke crying I know Okay, let’s get some water to them, bro the next thing we’re gonna grab Next draw here, we’ve got the toy, which is basically the phones all right. We’re gonna grab some Mentos Maybe for new a little die cuts Still I mean you boys still Isis Mentos and then maybe guys if I want to throw a bit of like a party I Get some friends going on the boat on the water Next thing I’m gonna get it may not be the smartest I get an ice cream So one thing we all gonna get guys I’m gonna know the back of my First thing now. It’s a little bit chilly outside, okay? I know we’re on hold on everything, but at night it can get chilly so I don’t want to be freezing, bro I’ve got my nice warm coat nice camera coat Feeling good next guys the most important things in my life The iPhone X basically this has got you know all my girlfriend’s on it. Oh my oh my Make them believe it that’s not very believable bro, and it’s got all my other friends on there I’ve told you about this before all right, but bro. I think That is about everything. We’ve got a few other bits in here, but bro for real I’m just gonna be texting all my friends throughout the day and your face time in everyone all my girlfriend’s and everything so yeah Boys and girls there we go. We’ve got my bag. Let’s go on an adventure boys An adventure nice what we’re gonna. Do is kind of just get my bag on there, so like oh Great well honestly no one can touch me in this well This is my lol Island. This isn’t a boat this isn’t a mattress. This is an island This is my Island. I mean my I’ve got my boat I’ve got all the peasants around the island stood watching me what and bro, I just I’m loving life Also one more thing could you pass me a pillow oh? No, you know that sort vinaya you really want one of the peasants to pressure a pillow. Yes, okay, bro Low-key boys and girls I’m kind of loving life right now like for real. I was thinking is this challenge gonna Be hard, but like I don’t see how it can be the time starts now guys. It’s about midday right now It’s like 1:00 right now Obviously it’ll go dark about sevenish shuttle be the first day And then obviously We’ll fruit sleep through the night wake up and then Have a little bit of time on there then we’re good if you remember the last one of these videos I did on holiday I actually got sabotage by mum when she came and popped the bed obviously this one is Resistant this one can’t pop so I’m happy right now. I’m pretty sure nothing can stop us I’m pretty sure everything is gonna be good guys look at this. We’ve got the pool We’ve got the bed a bra could just go asleep right now guys. I’m not gonna lie. This is gonna be the easiest challenge ever Okay, so guys It’s been about like an hour now not I’m putting on an hour probably about thirty minutes right I’ve literally just been laying just Admiring the sky, I know it’s pretty grey right now. It’s not the best day, but like low-key. I’ve just been chilling I’m just I’m at like I’m in bed But and this is literally just a bed to me like people sleep on these things so like I’m good But I am getting a little bit hungry, so guys I do need to crack into my first Lack of the day obviously I packed a lot of snacks in this bag and man has got to eat That’s all I’m saying. I mean you may be asking me Morgan. What are you gonna eat and to that? I just say it’s obvious, bro Look at this look at this thing, bro Have you ever seen a watermelon looking more juicy and tasty in your life. Sorry wait wait hold on guys. I’m getting a phone call Yeah Yeah, I’ll call you back. Okay. I’m just doing it. Just doing it overnight challenge right now yo Let’s crack this thing open bro. Let’s get let’s get some food in my belly obviously guys when you’re the challenge king You’ve got to eat You know we ain’t good tonight brah mmm tastes like a meat and love right now bro. Oh Wow That’s probably disgusting but yo That was good Yo, so guys I have just been scarfing down that melon for like the past hour Little not our. I’m obviously exaggerating, but like literally that melon was so flippin good I it doesn’t like I’ve eaten that much of it, but like ah Mmm. It’s just so flippin go School oh no oh No, oh, no. Well oh No There’s been a melon murder look guys. It’s all over everywhere I’ve just killed a melon but dad’s in the window dad quick out me go. He’s all about the Bulls viewers in there, bro I’ve just murdered an innocent melon, and I can’t do anything about it, bro That was my only food sauce and you can’t even help me because the challenge is started Oh Guys yo, I just literally napped off, bro I’m not even gonna lie. I kind of napped off right there like it ain’t even late right now It’s actually about 5:00 right now, but I’m out he goes dark about 6:00 So we’ve actually done about four hours of this challenge, which is literally not. It hasn’t felt like that at all I’ve just been like on my phone a little bit. Just you know eat in the flippin warm El before it What guys everybody calm down below? Rip watermelon 2k 17 because he had a good life, bro Had a good life But guys right now before it goes dark the Sun is actually started to set I’m gonna do I think I need a little bit of like someone to Talk to I’m feeling a little bit lonely. You know I don’t really trust dad right now I don’t know what I talked to dad said he’s all about to talk to a bloody holiday Come on, Cara. Please don’t let me down girl come on bro. Come on bro. Don’t let me down, bro Come on, bro. The entire Internet is watching this world make him think I’ve got four Yeah, I’m sure she was just busy come on one more time one more time for good look yeah, bro Hey, bro, how many likes should we smash on this video Kara? 69 thousand bird smash that like tellin Kara, yeah If you want only if you want You know uh I do our friends guys, and I’m sure she was just a little bit busy Check this out, bro. We are kind of deep into the night right now. We’re not that deep into the night I think dad just went out He literally just woke up as he got back like he was shouting and stuff, so it’s 2 o’clock in the morning Morgan’s outside on their head and thinking he’s gonna stay there all night But this is where a team dad guess his home back so first thing. I’m gonna do is And I the second thing I’m going to do is go out there. I’m gonna destroy Lee hair bed with the knife completely deflate so Basically, I reckon. He’ll just kind of sink into the middle of it and oh they could be expecting that his bag will probably get where He’s definitely gonna get wet and that is gonna be what you call Me team dad getting my own back on team walks Watch your space It’s gonna happen very soon not gonna film it because I reckon team which should that might be a little bit you know Weird, but get ready he’s going down five minutes later Bro where’s your iPad gone? I’m thinking the same thing What the flip flip what What why I only see one question why the size is it simple very simple because Your team orbs and this is for team dad team dad that currently consists of one man sabotage team old spawn yeah There’s really not fond of them God Sarah said you want to know the reason for this I do I do It’s very simple 1000 1000 all beings Do you want to explain I should I Do you want to explain Asha don’t do it, bro. I don’t know if it will show up its patio and this pool this afternoon consisted of 1000 or these balls that broke from water Morgan’s fantastic ideas Who spent three hours picking them up individually So what was my challenge now, bro, tell me what happens to my 24-hour challenge. We don’t do half of What is Who I am simple you have to stay in there in a deflate? You know the usual stuff you’ve got to leave a like and you’ve got to subscribe and I think I say I’ve been that he’s been Mardi Morgan, which I think should do is new name Marty mobs yeah, but either way, it’s That’s that, peace out!

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