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VR Grip First Look

August 24, 2019

the VR grip what is it and how does it
work, let’s jump in and see what Cirque corporation will be showing at CES 2018 VR gaming controllers just got an
upgrade we call it the VR grip and it uses
proximity sensing on the entire controller so in addition to tracking a
user’s hand and fingers on the controller surface, proximity sensing
also tracks finger position in the open space above the controller surface in VR
there are some games that would be great with glove controllers so you can
actually use your hands: point, press a button, grab an object, high-five you know
that sort of thing. Then there are those games where a physical device is needed
in your hands, like a first-person shooter, a sporting, or a Sabre like
object well the VR grip gives you the best of both worlds. It allows you to use
your hands as if you’re wearing gloves while still giving you the physical
object in your hand. VR grip can sense your fingers as they hover and come in
contact with controller this demonstration program allows you to see
how it’s sensing each individual finger and thumb as it gets closer and further
away from the surface. This technology uses custom design flex sensors that can
pretty much be fit to any type, size, or shape of controller. Then using our IC
chip we are able to get proximity sensing in multiple areas with one chip.
Demo kits will be available for purchase on our website soon. In the link below
you can find out more information about the VR grip and get in contact with a
sales team member with any questions you might have, and again we’ll have some VR
grip demos at CES 2018 for a hands-on look if you’re there swing by the Alps
Electric booth and see what Alps and Cirque technology has to offer. For the
most up-to-date info please subscribe and follow us on social media keep an
eye out for our next video.

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