VR Glove Video 6 – Hardware is a go.
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VR Glove Video 6 – Hardware is a go.

August 30, 2019

Hello guys. I have an update. I have the elbow in place and a tilt sensor in place on the elbow and everything else
hooked up. So this is almost everything except for
joystick for the thumb and maybe some magnetometers for drift compensation. I… We’ll see about that but if I put this
out here now the hand still needs work because it’s
not offset properly from the elbow and for shoulder
at the same time, but as you can see besides the hand
itself it’s working pretty good and hand works
pretty good when you tilt it inward. So, each finger still
individually done. So it’s pretty cool like it is. But, there you have it. I’ll do another update as soon as I get the hand working properly. But as you can
see it’s pretty responsive so… ehm… obviously the hand is a problem We’ll fix that. So, Thank You for watching. Subscribe if you
want to see more, All that stuff aaaand, Goodnight!

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  1. Nice, looks like you are using metal strips which are pushing 'sliding switches' to measure the finger extension, I'm guessing this cannot measure sideways movements of the finger such as spreading the hand out,  or curling the finger tip without moving the base of the finger ( knuckle joint ), you could solve that by adding another strip per finger which is half as long and attaches near the base of the finger.  

    The finger spread could be detected using some sort of magnetic field to figure out the distance between adjacent fingers, giving a scalar distance which you can resolve using the extension data to find the absolute position of the fingers.

  2. It works as a mouse cursor? We'd still need games to support it, for finger movement or hand, etc, right?

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