Volvo Trucks – Ski-waxing truck for Swedish biathlon team a success
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Volvo Trucks – Ski-waxing truck for Swedish biathlon team a success

November 17, 2019

The day before the final
World Cup biathlon competitions- -a feeling of calm
had descended on the biathlon arena- -in Holmenkollen,
outside Oslo in Norway. Appearances can however be deceptive. We’re in the ski-waxing trailer. This is were we keep the competitors’
skis, and our test skis. The ski-waxing team
for the Swedish biathlon team- -have to put in a top performance
prior to every competition. The correct glide can make the
difference between success or fiasco. This explains why Volvo Trucks
is proud to be sponsoring- -the Swedish biathlon team
with a ski-waxing truck. You apply ski wax to reduce
the friction underneath the ski. If you rub two panes of glass
against each other- -you get a lot of resistance. Soapy
water in between makes it easier. Hi. Without properly waxed skis,
you’ll never win a competition. Johan Wåhlström
has redesigned the truck trailer- -to make it into
an ultramodern ski-waxing workshop. The trailer contains everything
needed to create a perfect glide. These are the fans, where we
work with hazardous products. We use fans with
quite a lot of excess capacity. The air in here
is replaced ten times an hour. The ski-waxers inhale flourine- -and working in the vapour that rises
from waxing irons can be dangerous. For this reason, the ski-waxing team
wear protective masks. The trailer has revolutionized
the way in which the ski-waxers work. Previously, we would move all
the equipment in two minibuses. We’re dealing with 350-400
pairs of skis, the waxing tables- -as well as all the ski waxes. We now have everything set up
in here. It makes things simpler. During this season, the ski-waxing
truck has travelled 7000 kilometres- -between World Cup venues
in six different places in Europe. Before the season, Peter Blom
obtained a truck-driving license. In spite of the long journeys,
he’s pleased with the truck- -a Volvo FM with a Globetrotter cab. It makes things very simple. It’s almost easier to handle
than a regular car. Once the skis are waxed, the bi-
athletes test them on the ski track. The Swedish competitors say that the
trailer has been a bonus this season. It’s worked out well. Equipment-wise,
it’s been the best year we’ve had. It’s helped the team a lot. They now
have a good working environment- -and it’s safer for their health
in the long term. It’s also made the work
more time efficient- -and we’re able to
bring along more equipment. It’s all good�

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