August 13, 2019

Hello Friends, welcome to our second vlog I’m cuddling Mandelito because he doesn’t come with us for this trip. We’re headed to Lyon with Malcolm where we’ll discover the offices of Croquetteland.
(French site of equipment for animals which Malcolm is the muse) Emie & Amanda will pick us up on the station platform, I can’t wait to see them ! Then we will leave Lyon city for La Grande Odyssée Let’s go ! We’ve just left Croquetteland office and arrived at the hotel. So now let’s discover our room ! Welcome, in our room Come on Malcolm ! Wow, it’s so lovely Haha, you’re so happy … Guess who stole this toy from Croquetteland ? Malcolm acts like he isn’t a spoiled dog What are you doing ? He’s proud of him So, we received a heart warming welcome from Croquetteland. It was great to meet the whole team, even though I already knew some of them. We were able to talk about 2019 projects with the team, we’re preparing some very nice things that I can’t wait to show you guys. Now we are going to the « Parc de La Tête d’Or » to relax Malcolm after this long train ride. This park is a very nice place close from the hotel. Mom, are you tired ? Do you want to rest or come with us ? Grandma : « I’m coming with you ! » Grandma :« Wanna see the park ? » The park ? Who is it ? Is Auntie jenny ? Look, it’s Jenny Lmao, he literally doesn’t care about you ! I think they’re not friends anymore … I think they’re not friends anymore … We are with Jenny, Damien and Najiko, it’s been a long time ! How old was Najiko the last time I saw him ? Jenny: « uhh … he was 6 months » 6 months He was the puppy who ate Malcolm’s tail in old video You’ve seen that between Najiko and Malcolm it’s a bit complicated, but we knew it in advance. We didn’t put them in contact because it’s not useless… So we will walk around and you’ll see that they will slowly begin to tolerate themselves. You can see that after walking a little straight line they’re starting to relax. That’s all we want, even if they’re a distance that’s already cool. We’re back from the park, the ride was great with Najiko As you saw in the video, it was not a heart warming welcome between our dogs but the more we wandered and the more the dogs mutually accepted each other. They tried to fight once but we controlled this moment well. Jenny : « No kisses  …  » Yep, No kisses between Akitas ! And now, I feed Malcolm because we have a diner at the Brasserie of Paul Bocuse, it’s on the opposite street. We’re going to the restaurant, I’m so hungry ! Oysterrrrrr !! Jenny there’s some oyster ! Let’s try the Chef Bocuse restaurant with Margaux She has an Instagram account too called Sacreliptonandmilka with her two adorable cats. Margaux : « Hello !!! » Go Malcolm … Enjoy your meal friends !! Okay, so now we’re going to bed because tomorrow we drive to the Great Odyssey. We will leave Lyon around 8am, there’s about two hours and a half of road and we will finally see snow ! Enjoy your breakfast ! Let’s see what’s good It looks tasty … We are Saturday morning and it’s time to leave Lyon ! We are with Emie & Amanda from Croquetteland, they’re filling the rental car with all the luggage. It’s like playing Tetris with all our stuff. We’re ready, let’s go !!!! Gimme five Yaaaaay ! We’ve just arrived and met the rest of the team. Justine, Gauthier and Montana (Bernese Mountain). Celine, Aurélien and Yukaa (Akita inu) are coming. The weather is very nice, it is very cold but also very beautiful. The weather is really great ! TOURIST OFFICE / LUNCH WITH THE STAFF Grandma : Hey May ! We shared a good meal with the team of The Great Odyssey. We’re going to the hotel to discover our rooms and the presents that the girls have prepared for us. ARRIVAL OF YOANN LATOUCHE (Malcolm’s agent) Hello Yukaa, nice to meet you Look who it is ! It’s my Cocolm ! Oh my Cocolm ! It’s been such a long time (a week) Yoann : Do they get along well ? They do but from a distance … (Thank you) Amanda : Get comfortable in your rooms ! Yoann : I hope you are not too tired girls (…) Amanda : Fortunately that concealers exist … Yoann : I agree I spent my evening reading books and drinking soup, I was full of energy this morning, I didn’t need any concealer ! It’s huge … we could come with 40 people ! Wow, it’s huge ! Wow nice !! Nooo , oh no ! Tatouuuuu Sorry … You suck with your camera Wow We were very spoiled ! Look our friends’s room is next to us Hey you ! We are ready for the race Amanda : May you have too much class ! Yoann : I think it’s fashion week, we really put a high level The race is about to start ! We all settled in the VIP area with the Croqueteland team. I walk Malcolm before the big departure because he certainly wanted to pee. Listen how great the atmosphere is ! LET’S GO TO THE ARRIVAL OF THE MUSHERS AT THE POLAR BASE (top of the mountain) I’ve got 3 coats on me, two pairs of gloves, trousers and tight … and I’m still frozen Keep your head up, your back straight And squat, squat We go to the top of the mountain Justine : At the Polar Base At the Polar Base we are very scared with Justine because the chair lift work very fast ! It’s like Space Mountain in Disney Like Disney World ! Amanda : Do a squat position and wait for the chairlift to arrive under your butt. Céline : You’ll be 6 by chairlift and you must keep a light source with you Okay Okay, it’s time to take the chair lift ! Justine : i’m scared ! I’m so scared Man : We’ll meet you in 10 minutes, I hope you won’t be stuck Emie : Quand te reverrais-je pays merveilleux ? french song) Yoann : We are currently on an extreme mission. Perched on a chairlift, where we absolutely see nothing. It is – 20 degrees and we are heading soon to the polar base. I’m not sure of seeing you again, I loved you friends ! Yoann : Do you feel good about the chairlift mission ? Are you happy to see the Polar base ? I can’t tell you how cold it is … I can’t even … My cheeks are literally rigid, we’re like we have facial paralysis it’s crazy ! You okay Justine ? Amanda, how do you feel ? Céline where are you ?? You okay Chatounette ? It’s like a peeling ! Wow you’re red, Red like your shirt ! Yoann : I’m like twenty years younger … Look at my hair and lashes, it’s crazy ! Look that’s an ice bar A piece of cake and a hot tea … Thank you Congrats dogs ! it’s amazing, congrats Malcolm ! Hey my love, here you are … Grandma : He waited for you behind the door for hours I just meet my dog, his grandma kept him during my absence. It went well, it is true that I rarely leave Malcolm alone. They were at the hotel and they picked us down the path. Malcolm is exhausted Look at this view when you wake up We took a nice breakfast to take some energy because we’re going to do … Snow shoes !! Malcolm is very excited We are at Bessans where we will do snowshoeing. It is about -13 degrees, but we warm up while walking. The team is almost ready for the hike Grandma: Where are all your friends Malcolm ? Man, you are sinking into snow Go Cocolm , slowly Slowly Malcolm , Slowly Ahhhh , ohhhh (Okay it’s fine, thank you ) it’s all good , wow I just fell … And i’m not the only one Cheers ! Cheers Céline ! We’re having a drink, everyone tells Malcolm that there’s a cat so he looks at the camera. Mouahh, we fell so good, this trip is great During the start of the ride I put dog shoes in Malcolm. He was very cold on his feet, he seemed to be in pain. He was constantly raising his legs, as if the snow was bothering him. It worried me a little bit, Yukaa had the same thing However, Akitas are very resistant to cold temperatures. Finally, we kept walking and Malcolm was getting better and better. Now he is frolicking, he is super happy. Do not stand still if you are cold, you have to move a lot I would put some balm to soothe his paws back to the hotel Everything will be okay, look at him he’s so excited He was puling a lot, he will sleep a lot tonight ! You’re so beautiful, so muscular Yukaa, hello girl You’re jealous Did you like snow shoes ? Yaaaay Let’s go have lunch in this restaurant. Look at the sun Croquetteland has thought of everything the dogs need. They even planned mattresses in case the dogs are wet. Look at that view It was such a nice meal, now let’s take a break with a coffee under the sun This is Bonneval-sur-Arc, one of the most beautiful village in France We just finished dressing up for the trophy, let’s go Here we are, the arrival of the dogs will be held at this exact same place Yay, we are so well placed here That’s great People are coming , we are right next to the arrival arch Such a cool place, we’ve just come out of the Croquetteland Trophy celebration and we ran fast to the spa before it closed Tonight, we’ll have dinner with Annabel and I’m so happy She is the director of this amazing race, so it’s great to live this moment and talk about La Grande Odyssée with her. It’s the end, don’t wanna leave …

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