Vlog #1: Facecam and Lighting – ITS Gaming
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Vlog #1: Facecam and Lighting – ITS Gaming

September 17, 2019

So, we’re going to be introducing a
facecam into the mix for the videos. It would be really cool to have that in
there because it would add extra value videos like Happy Wheels and if we do
any horror games. Which we’re going to be doing a survival horror game here real
soon called The Final Station. You guys may have heard of it; may have played it
before. That’s coming soon to the ITS Gaming
channel and we’re getting set up for it because it would probably be more
entertaining to see my expressions as I’m playing that. The first thing that I’m
going to need to get set up for the face cam… Is the lighting! These things are
huge. And they’re also very bright, which is a bit of a problem because they are
in fact too bright. So I’m going to find some way of diffusing the light.
Reducing how intense it is… I don’t really know how I’m going to do that yet.
Maybe, um, hanging paper in front of it or a white sheet. Maybe bouncing the light off
the sheet. I’m not entirely sure just yet. But I’m sure I’ll come up with something!
And we are using 5000 kelvin bulbs because it is easier to work with the
footage that way if it’s white light instead of colored blue or orange. Uh, I’m
also going to be experimenting again with this little guy: It’s a tripod
mounted light, which is really cool. It’s battery-powered and there’s a few
different filters on it. I have a 5000 kelvin filter applied to it. Hopefully
that will work out well. Alright! And so now I need to figure out where to place these. Uh, I’m
thinking a three-point lighting system: Hair light, main light, and a fill light over
there. That’s what I’m going to try first. We’ll see how well that works out.

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