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  1. I'm trying to figure out why they don't eat the bat when they're done testing it. I mean, it passed the test, right? Or they wouldn't be releasing it, right?

  2. Outbreak In Calicut, Kerala, India…
    Please contact Health Ministry of India if you could do something to control the virus spread..
    As per report..All are panic, near by families are abandoning their houses..
    Kerala Govt is trying to control it with the coordination of Central Govt..
    If you can provide some help :
    Feel free to contact our Collector.
    Calicut district collector number :+910495­2371400
    Mailid : [email protected]

  3. Now its spreading in kerela, 11 died and it spread fast is there any antidote… please share important info peopleare panic

  4. so kill all the bats, what is the use of bats it spread the virus
    if there is no medicine, so solution is kill the bats

  5. Now(25/05/2018) spreading in Kozhikode district In north Kerala the southern state In India…
    We need help..

  6. sir I have a doubt
    there is any chance to create a medicine for virus by molecular scissors to digest the RNA or DNA present in the virus

  7. sir I have a doubt
    there is any chance to create a medicine for virus by molecular scissors to digest the RNA or DNA present in the virus

  8. I'm from Kozhikode , Kerala. We'd a recent outbreak of Nipa virus in our place, however the lab results in bats and other animals tested negative. Government having hardtime finding the source. Your knowledge might help. The outbreak is well controlled now.

  9. Simple research proved that bats are the reservoir of Nipah virus. So it time to be bats free…. Humans are precious than the bats.. I might very rude stating like this… However think about it…

  10. if the bats containing nipah virus don't get affected by it, i hope then v can find antidote for this virus from these bats itself….

  11. Kerala is trapped with nippa no fruits are selling in shops if someone help us from this we will make them new Kerala Gandhi

  12. Appreciate your work and that respect towards animals and nature. Every Individual should be aware of this balancing of nature subject, Killing isn't the solution to the problem. very much appreciated

  13. Sir, my mom has eaten bats in her childhood. I guess she has developed the immunity against this virus. You can collect blood samples from those ppl who have comsumed bats. BTW my mom is a nurse from India. 🙂

  14. ദൈവമേ എല്ലാരേയും കാത്തു രക്ഷിക്കണേ ??

  15. Its fake, there is no such virus… They juss explode such propaganda to sell and boom their pharmaceutical industry, if so i challenge bring me a tube of nipa virus, u heard it right there isn't any virus, u may not believe me but its true no doctor ever say nipa virus, if so name him…. I challenge..

  16. So, you want to kill the bats? If you kill the bats? Where you can sell lots of things in Indian market??? The bats are helping pollination, eating deadly insects,Mosquitoes well. For that you need to kill them.Save farmers for the god sake.

  17. I am staying in kozhikode where there is an outbreak of this virus…hmm…guess what i dont see many people outside my house now…in the beach..its empty everywhere..hope this becomes all right

  18. Praying for Kerala and her people from the US. Remember prayers are being offered in church to protect people from this deadly virus. Gods own country where all people irrespective of religion live in Peace and Brotherhood.

  19. Now in Kerala. … death toll increases to 16 now 🙁
    any medicine to prevent this virus spreading ?

  20. Is there any antivirus for this disease…It has spread to West Bengal in India too…I am very scared ???

  21. I imagine from which is half eaten at night by bats gets taken by villagers the next morning to eat or make juice these people come (infected) carry then the virus in their bodies and the mosquito comes bites the carrier and spreads it to other living creatures or humans. I see so often in Indonesia the bats at night spitting out the pips or stones of fruit, which is in a way good for the Eco system, but others including humans feed on the rest saying it will make no harm. I strongly recommend not to eat fruit that looks like it has been eaten or bitten by an animal, also I would not recommend drinking fresh fruit juice at market places unless it has been heat treated before consumption.

  22. Let's just say this: "A virus is a closet case waiting in the dark." Give me a ^5 🙂 Until you break down its psychopathic origin; it's simple RNA/DNA. Now the real human greed in Wall Street among the many monsters, Trade Pharmaceutical warfare and bid best dollar stock and boost sales to save their wallets … Like I said, "A virus is a closet case in the dark."

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